1 What is the Cult? And is it necessary or not? Perhaps Moses knew how Workship God

Understanding the Bible together there are many questions and answers that we become and many Sometimes we do not have those answers who or clarify these doubts we have, for us to make these studies invite everyone, so they can understand that it is the purpose of these studies, there is no question that we must answer existed sacrifices in the time of Abraham and Noah’s time, whether there were sacrifices, there the burnt if existed the burnt when Moses hiba to be released from Egypt He knew he had to sacrifice and burnt offerings to God, but he did not know how He could worship, worship, besides the sacrifices, besides the burnt offerings, holocausts means all burned, then the laws established with the Levitico Book, the Judaic Law, the first books of the Torah, which are being Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers Deuteronominos these five books and determine the law that will carry out the Jews remember that Jesucrito being a Jew, Peter Jew, Paul being Pharisee, Matthew being Republican Samaritans who were being a mix between Jews and people living in Samaria were mixed among them and so there was a hatred between them because they they had cast sin, then at the end, those who rejected the law in the most sinners, the more x could say were the gentiles, which is where we come from, nor Jews and proselytes were those who believed in the law was within the same synagogue, There was the High Priest, the Sadducees, who were the highest rank, the Sadducees not believe in the resurrection and that we will see later, the Pharisees were also carrying the law, Gamaliel was the teacher who taught the law of the torah and Paul taught, then they were well aware of the law before it was called in place of Paul, Saul of Tarsus persecuted Christians then there is a separate Mezcala those who They were in the synagogue were somehow the elders, and also the scribes, all those who wrote the law, there were a number of people involved in that circle, which to operate all these functions but all had to know the law, that’s the main point of all this and something very important, one thing were the sacrifices, it was for that people would offer offerings to God, to intercede Priest before God, for the puediera withdraw the sins of the people and the people but it is very important apart he had to worship God and that is the law of Leviticus, and So I invite you to know the law of Leviticus, the law of Leviticus, shows the 600 laws Moses, which show how to behave should a Levite and all the laws that must be just to please God, it is very important to us when we say Moses did not know how to worship God, we have to check, by not only must say, he knew he had to give sacrifices, he knew that he They had to offer holocausts, but perhaps He knew El Hiba him to worship God is something very important because the law said that every firstborn male born and everything woman was consecrated to God, and consecrated means to be pure, it is clean and to God, then they had to do, so in the plague when, after pests that was in Egypt, the same King Egypcio not allowed to let them out and why Moses says Pharaoh should let me go with my people to render sacrifices to my God and give holocausts that is found in Exodus 10; 24 to 27 And he called for Moses and told him to go worship Yahweh your God go with you also just let their families their sheep and bulls stating that he is going to to worship, but leave their sheep and bulls, Moises respiondiendo Pharaoh surely you will have to give us animals for sacrifice and burnt offerings to the ofreszcamos to Yahweh our God, or had to give a sacrifice to God and burnt them, then nothing but we are saying let’s go people, we need to offer sacrifices and burnt offerings No need to give, they are going to offer to Yahweh, Moses said to Pharaoh We are certain you will have to give animals to sacrifice and burnt offerings to so that we may serve Yahweh our God, our anger also won us not stay here not a hoof of them, since we take them for worship redir Yahweh our God, Moses is saying here that the need to establish and give Yahweh cult they have to give their forefathers Noah and Abraham Sacrifices and burnt offerings, but He will not know how to worship Yahweh, by esi says Exodus 10; 27 we do not know that we will worship Yahweh, until we come there. Levitical law of God established atravez no law of Moses, God gave the word Moses to be established and how it will order had to do the laws to follow, says that’s why our anger earned eachother not stay or a hoof of them as take them to worship Yahweh our God, we we do not know that we will arendirle worship Yahweh until we get there, right there He recognizes Moises does not know, he does not know of any way going to worship Yahweh, and on the other side when and Moses covenants with God and God him out of Egypt, estonces there is a new covenant in which they cua is setting them the obligation of the people Israel and the sack, and that is in Exodus 19 confirmation of the covenant of Yahweh, Exodus 19 the third month after the departure of the Israelites out of Egypt that same day came into the wilderness of Sin And having departed from Rephidim, arrived in the desert Sinai and camped in the desert, facing the mountain, Israel encamped there, then I went up Moses to God and God called him from the mountain saying, Thus shalt thou say to the house of Jacob children of Israel, and tell You saw what I did unto the Egyptians also like take them to you as on eagles’ wings to bring them to me. Now if listen carefully observe my voice and my covenant will my loved above all nations of the earth, that land is mine and estedes will be a kingdom of priests and a holy people, these are the words you say to the house of Israel, God establishes a covenant with Moses and tells the house of Israel turneth from all nations and make a village Priests and a holy people, which will establish THROUGH Laws of Leviticus. what they should do to worship Him Yahweh, that’s the introduction to the book the Levitical I thank you and I invite you to study.

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