10 Most BIZARRE Genetically Modified Plants EVER

Welcome to Top10Archive! Think it’s scary
that geneticists are altering the genetic code of animals to make them glow in the dark?
Then you’ll love knowing that you’ve probably been ingesting and cohabitating with genetically
modified plants without even knowing it. While some have practical purposes, others aren’t
quite what we’d consider a “necessity.” 10. Bug-Killing Corn
The corn-borer is a nightmare insect, specifically for farmers specializing in growing maize.
Thanks to genetic modifications to regular corn, corn that may be in your refrigerator
right now, the corn-borer is no longer a big issue. This genetically altered crop produces
the Bt protein, which acts as an insecticide against the crop’s biggest enemy. To avoid
the borer from evolving a natural immunity against the protein, crops are required to
be a ratio of 80% of the GM plants to 20% of regular corn. Introduced in 1996, the modified
corn has benefited farmers in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska and Wisconsin, saving
an estimated $7 billion in total. 9. Non-Browning Apples
Ever cut into an apple and set it aside for a minute? By the time you turn back to your
fresh fruit, it’s already started to look a little worse for wear. The browning process,
or oxidation of the apple is very rapid, but there’s a cure-all in a genetically modified
version produced by Okanagan Specialty Fruits in Canada. These specially created Arctic
Golden and Arctic Granny apples are developed through a gene-silencing process that negates
the chemical reaction responsible for the browning process. As of 2015, the US Department
of Agriculture decided to deregulate the engineered apples, starting a long road to consumer consumption
in the future. 8. Flavr Savr Tomato
It’s hard to ignore the very “informercial-esque” name of this genetically modified tomato,
and there’s a chance it had something to do with the eventual failure of this long-lasting
version of the popular vegetable.. or fruit. Flavr Savr tomatoes, developed by the now-defunct
Calgene, were created to have a longer shelf-life and a stronger exterior, which would allow
them to be harvested without worry of damage to the product. In the end, though the tomato
proved to last longer, it still retained its softness and had to be handled as any other
red tomato. An advancement in flavor down the line caused a jump in Flavr Savr pricing
and, over time, both Calgene and its staple product vanished.
7. Super Bananas Despite popular belief, household bananas
are not genetically-modified, despite looking nothing like their wild counterparts. That
doesn’t mean there aren’t GMO versions of the fruit out there, tough; in fact, scientists
have moved forward in creating what is being dubbed a “super-banana”. Though they look
like their untouched common, household fruit, the engineered end product has increased levels
of vitamin A. The modification was done in hopes of helping the thousands that succumb
annually to fatal vitamin A deficiencies. By 2020, researchers hope to have the product
in Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, pending trials in the United States.
6. Cancer Fighting Tomatoes Though the tomato has been associated with
helping stave off prostate cancer, a series of genetic modifications have produced something
that may be quite a bit more beneficial. The purple tomato, initially grown in a Leamington,
Ontario greenhouse, has been altered to produce a higher level of anthocyanins, an antioxidant
typically found in blueberries, plums, and blackberries. Anthocyanins is not only responsible
for the purple color of these fruits, but is also believed to fight off cancer. Initial
testing of the purple tomato performed on mice had shown a lifespan increase of 30%
than those on a diet of plain red tomatoes. 5. Pollution-fighting plants
High levels of pollutants are a growing concern for much of the world and part of the answer
may be in an unexpected source. Scientists and researchers have begun to look at grass
and trees as an alternate and inexpensive means of battling toxins; but to do so, a
little genetic modification will be needed. The process of using plants to cleanse the
environment is not a new one, but phytoremediation is considered too slow and clean-up is too
costly. The engineered plants have shown quicker processing of the carcinogens, leading to
the hope that phytoremediation will be a suitable means of pollutant clean-up in the future.
4. Venomous cabbage It’s going to be difficult to market cabbage
spliced with a scorpion venom created virus, but that is one of the many genetically engineered
plants on the horizon. While we’re conditioned to fear getting stung by a scorpion, the venom
being interlaced with heads of cabbage will not be harmless to humans… or so we hope.
Instead, the target in this scenario is caterpillars. The scorpion make-up will rapidly introduce
a nerve poison into the dining caterpillar, causing it to become paralyzed, allowing the
virus to kill it. Early trials showed that the engineered virus was fatal to dozens of
species of butterflies and moths, leaving many to question just how ecologically safe
venomous cabbage really is. 3. Genetically modified trees
Trees are far from exempt from human tampering. Take, for instance, rubber cork trees and
trees used for paper. For the rubber cork tree, it was all a matter of consumer desire.
Wine enthusiasts, displeased with the introduction of the rubber cork, sought an alternative.
SABIC innovative plastics modified the rubber tree, which rubber corks were made from, and
spliced them with the cork tree. The product was a tree that produces a cork that falls
in-between rubber and cork. In regards to paper production, scientists at University
of British Columbia, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Michigan State University have engineered
trees that are easier to break down for the creation of paper and biofuels, leading to
less pollutants during production. 2. Super carbon-capturing plants
As carbon-producing lifeforms, we humans need a counterpart to help absorb the 9 gigatons
of carbon that we produce annually. Of that 9, approximately 5 is absorbed by plant life,
leaving 4 gigatons of carbon left to pollute our atmosphere, leading to fears of global
warming and the greenhouse effect. To take care of that remaining 4 gigatons, researchers
have turned to genetically engineering plants, focusing specifically on creating bio-energy
crops with large roots to capture and store carbon. Compared to the leaves, branches,
and flowers of plants, the root can house carbon for a much longer period of time, greatly
reducing the amount left over. 1. Land Mines Detecting Plants
While wars may end, weaponry used during them don’t just vanish. Specifically speaking,
landmines are still found during times of peace from wars that have long ended. Danish
researchers at Aresa Biodetection claimed in 2004 to have developed a plant that changes
color when introduced to compounds often leaked from landmines. The current cost of detecting
and clearing landmines is upwards of $2,000 per mine, but the introduction of such a plant
could reduce the value greatly. Coupled with new drones that are designed to seek out signs
of landmines, these plants could help save both lives and money.

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  • To know more about scientific basis of how GMOs affect crops, food products and ultimately your health, please visit


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