100 solutions to reverse global warming | Chad Frischmann

Hello. I’d like to introduce you to a word
you may never have heard before, but you ought to know: drawdown. Drawdown is a new way of thinking about
and acting on global warming. It’s a goal for a future that we want, a future where reversing
global warming is possible. Drawdown is that point in time when atmospheric concentrations
of greenhouse gases begin to decline on a year-to-year basis. More simply, it’s that point when we take out more greenhouse gases
than we put into Earth’s atmosphere. Now, I know we’re all concerned
about climate change, but climate change is not the problem. Climate change is
the expression of the problem. It’s the feedback of the system
of the planet telling us what’s going on. The problem is global warming, provoked by the increasing
concentrations of greenhouse gases caused by human activity. So how do we solve the problem? How do we begin the process
of reversing global warming? The only way we know how is to draw down, to avoid putting greenhouse gases up and to pull down what’s already there. I know. Given the current situation,
it sounds impossible, but humanity already knows what to do. We have real, workable
technologies and practices that can achieve drawdown. And it’s already happening. What we need is
to accelerate implementation and to change the discourse from one of fear and confusion,
which only leads to apathy, to one of understanding and possibility, and, therefore, opportunity. I work for an organization
called Project Drawdown. And for the last four years, together with a team of researchers
and writers from all over the world, we have mapped, measured and detailed 100 solutions to reversing global warming. Eighty already exist today, and when taken together,
those 80 can achieve drawdown. And 20 are coming attractions,
solutions on the pipeline, and when they come online, will speed up our progress. These are solutions that are viable, scalable
and financially feasible. And they do one or more of three things: replace existing fossil fuel-based energy
generation with clean, renewable sources; reduce consumption
through technological efficiency and behavior change; and to biosequester carbon
in our plants’ biomass and soil through a process
we all learn in grade school, the magic of photosynthesis. It’s through a combination
of these three mechanisms that drawdown becomes possible. So how do we get there? Well, here’s the short answer. This is a list of the top 20 solutions
to reversing global warming. Now, I’ll go into some detail, but take a few seconds
to look over the list. It’s eclectic, I know, from onshore wind turbines
to educating girls, from plant-rich diets
to rooftop solar technology. So let’s break it down a little bit. To the right of the slide,
you’ll see figures in gigatons, or billions of tons. That represents the total
equivalent carbon dioxide reduced from the atmosphere when the solution is implemented
globally over a 30-year period. Now, when we think
about climate solutions, we often think about
electricity generation. We think of renewable energy
as the most important set of solutions, and they are incredibly important. But the first thing
to notice about this list is that only five of the top 20 solutions
relate to electricity. What surprised us, honestly, was that eight of the top 20
relate to the food system. The climate impact of food
may come as a surprise to many people, but what these results show
is that the decisions we make every day about the food we produce,
purchase and consume are perhaps the most
important contributions every individual can make
to reversing global warming. And how we manage land
is also very important. Protecting forests and wetlands safeguards, expands
and creates new carbon sinks that directly draw down carbon. This is how drawdown can happen. And when we take food
and land management together, 12 of the top 20 solutions
relate to how and why we use land. This fundamentally shifts
traditional thinking on climate solutions. But let’s go to the top of the list, because I think what’s there
may also surprise you. The single most impactful solution, according to this analysis,
would be refrigeration management, or properly managing and disposing of
hydrofluorocarbons, also known as HFCs, which are used by refrigerators
and air conditioners to cool the air. We did a great job
with the Montreal Protocol to limit the production
of chlorofluorocarbons, CFCs, because of their effect
on the ozone layer. But they were replaced by HFCs, which are hundreds to thousands of times
more potent a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide. And that 90 gigatons reduced
is a conservative figure. If we were to account for the impact
of the Kigali agreement of 2016, which calls for the phaseout
of hydrofluorocarbons and replace them with
natural refrigerants, which exist today, this number could increase to 120,
to nearly 200 gigatons of avoided greenhouse gases. Maybe you’re surprised, as we were. Now, before going into some details
of specific solutions, you may be wondering
how we came to these calculations. Well, first of all,
we collected a lot of data, and we used statistical analysis
to create ranges that allow us to choose reasonable choices for every input used
throughout the models. And we chose a conservative approach,
which underlies the entire project. All that data is entered in the model, ambitiously but plausibly
projected into the future, and compared against
what we would have to do anyway. The 84 gigatons reduced
from onshore wind turbines, for example, results from the electricity
generated from wind farms that would otherwise be produced
from coal or gas-fired plants. We calculate all the costs
to build and to operate the plants and all the emissions generated. The same process is used
to compare recycling versus landfilling, regenerative versus
industrial agriculture, protecting versus
cutting down our forests. The results are then integrated
within and across systems to avoid double-counting and add it up to see
if we actually get to drawdown. OK, let’s go into some specific solutions. Rooftop solar comes in ranked number 10. When we picture rooftop solar in our minds we often envision a warehouse in Miami
covered in solar panels. But these are solutions that are relevant
in urban and rural settings, high and low-income countries, and they have cascading benefits. This is a family
on a straw island in Lake Titicaca receiving their first solar panel. Before, kerosene was used
for cooking and lighting, kerosene on a straw island. So by installing solar, this family
is not only helping to reduce emissions, but providing safety
and security for their household. And tropical forests tell their own story. Protecting currently degraded
land in the tropics and allowing natural regeneration to occur is the number five solution
to reversing global warming. We can think of trees
as giant sticks of carbon. This is drawdown in action every year, as carbon is removed from
the atmosphere through photosynthesis, which converts carbon dioxide to plants’
biomass and soil organic carbon. And we need to rethink
how we produce our food to make it more regenerative. There are many ways to do this,
and we researched over 13 of them, but these aren’t new ways
of producing food. They have been practiced
for centuries, for generations. But they are increasingly displaced
by modern agriculture, which promotes tillage, monocropping and the use of synthetic fertilizers
and pesticides which degrade the land and turn it into a net emitter
of greenhouse gases. Regenerative agriculture,
on the other hand, restores soil health and productivity, increases yield, improves water retention, benefits smallholder farmers
and large farming operations alike and brings carbon back to the land. It’s a win-win-win-win-win. (Laughter) And it’s not just how we produce food, but what we consume that has a massive impact
on global warming. A plant-rich diet is not
a vegan or a vegetarian diet, though I applaud any
who make those choices. It’s a healthy diet
in terms of how much we consume, and particularly
how much meat is consumed. In the richer parts of the world, we overconsume. However, low-income countries show an insufficient
caloric and protein intake. That needs rebalancing, and it’s in the rebalancing that a plant-rich diet
becomes the number four solution to reversing global warming. Moreover, approximately a third
of all food produced is not eaten, and wasted food emits an astounding
eight percent of global greenhouse gases. We need to look
where across the supply chain these losses and wastage occurs. In low-income countries,
after food leaves the farm, most food is wasted
early in the supply chain due to infrastructure
and storage challenges. Food is not wasted by consumers
in low-income countries which struggle to feed their population. In the developed world, instead,
after food leaves the farm, most food is wasted
at the end of the supply chain by markets and consumers, and wasted food ends up in the landfill where it emits methane as it decomposes. This is a consumer choice problem. It’s not a technology issue. Preventing food waste from the beginning is the number three solution. But here’s the interesting thing. When we look at the food system as a whole and we implement
all the production solutions like regenerative agriculture, and we adopt a plant-rich diet, and we reduce food waste, our research shows that we would produce
enough food on current farmland to feed the world’s growing population
a healthy, nutrient-rich diet now until 2050 and beyond. That means we don’t need
to cut down forests for food production. The solutions to reversing global warming
are the same solutions to food insecurity. Now, a solution that often
does not get talked enough about, family planning. By providing men and women
the right to choose when, how and if to raise a family through reproductive
health clinics and education, access to contraception and freedom devoid of persecution can reduce the estimated
global population by 2050. That reduced population
means reduced demand for electricity, food, travel, buildings
and all other resources. All the energy and emissions that are used to produce
that higher demand is reduced by providing
the basic human right to choose when, how
and if to raise a family. But family planning cannot happen
without equal quality of education to girls currently being denied access. Now, we’ve taken a small liberty here, because the impact of universal education and family planning resources are so inextricably intertwined that we chose to cut it
right down the middle. But taken together,
educating girls and family planning is the number one solution
to reversing global warming, reducing approximately 120 billion tons
of greenhouse gases. So is drawdown possible? The answer is yes, it is possible, but we need all 80 solutions. There are no silver bullets
or a subset of solutions that are going to get us there. The top solutions would take us
far along the pathway, but there’s no such thing
as a small solution. We need all 80. But here’s the great thing. We would want to implement these solutions whether or not global warming
was even a problem, because they have cascading benefits
to human and planetary well-being. Renewable electricity results in clean,
abundant access to energy for all. A plant-rich diet, reduced food waste results in a healthy global population
with enough food and sustenance. Family planning and educating girls? This is about human rights, about gender equality. This is about economic improvement
and the freedom of choice. It’s about justice. Regenerative agriculture, managed grazing,
agroforestry, silvopasture restores soil health, benefits farmers and brings carbon back to the land. Protecting our ecosystems
also protects biodiversity and safeguards planetary health and the oxygen that we breathe. Its tangible benefits
to all species are incalculable. But one last point, because
I know it’s probably on everybody’s mind; how much is this going to cost? Well, we estimate
that to implement all 80 solutions would cost about 29 trillion
dollars over 30 years. That’s just about a trillion a year. Now, I know that sounds like a lot, but we have to remember that
global GDP is over 80 trillion every year, and the estimated savings
from implementing these solutions is 74 trillion dollars,
over double the costs. That’s a net savings
of 44 trillion dollars. So drawdown is possible. We can do it if we want to. It’s not going to cost that much,
and the return on that investment is huge. Here’s the welcome surprise. When we implement these solutions, we shift the way we do business from a system that is inherently
exploitative and extractive to a new normal that is by nature
restorative and regenerative. We need to rethink our global goals, to move beyond sustainability towards regeneration, and along the way reverse global warming. Thank you. (Applause)

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    In order to effectively act on climate now all nations, states, and countries in the entire world must try and pursue the climate targets outlined in the COP21 Paris Climate Accord. Green City Times has independently developed a guide of aspirational policies and strategic actions for the global public-private sector to pursue to try and achieve an effective sustainability agenda. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), reflecting the international scientific consensus on the issue, has set the goal to keep global warming under 2° Celsius (3.6° Fahrenheit) by mid-century, and recommends pursuing an even lower warming cap of 1.5° C (2.7° F). The list of measures outlined here is a guide for the entire planet to achieve in order to limit greenhouse gas emissions, and prevent catastrophic anthropogenic climate change (Green City Times would  like to see as many points as possible in order to most effectively fight climate change, but only 10 points total are needed):


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  • nobody will follow this we are all dead because certain people don't care enough

  • Drawdown is the new eugenics .

  • THE MarketDrivenSolutionForClimate/Pollution is agricultural….. HEMP. Stop laughing. Hemp removes MORE atmospheric carbon per square foot of ag- space than ANY other crop…it provides for MOST human need…. BETTER than ANYTHING else…..period. Even internal COMBUSTION fuel…diesel AND gasoline…. replaced by hemp oil and hemp-a-hol…at scale…to the tune of 1000gl/acre EACH…from ONE crop….two crops ANNUALLY south of the Mason-Dixon…at LEA$T…. grows on marginal soil with fractionally fewer input$ including water……FUNCTIONAL graphene analog manufactured from bast fiber at 1% of CO$T….all of this CARBON NEUTRAL….incredibly durable pla$tic…BIO-DEGRADABLE….extra stout and double tough….hemp oil is THE finest nutritional fat….leaving a COMPLETE seed-protein… morph-able into whatever YOU want….the longfibre burlap to silk product$ more durable than ANY other fiber products…natural OR synthetic….more paper pulp per acre than pine trees…. grown in no-till rotation builds soil carbon reserves for as long as the grass will grow and the rivers flow….hemp $UCKS carbon out of the air….sequestering more carbon than ANY other crop…….I…… have to quit now…it's getting late and alla you brainiacs bailed at 'stop laughing'….did I mention that HEMP is THE market-driven solution for climate/pollution? Now all we need is people with ….brains……and money……..and …… serious INTENT.

  • un résumé en français à : https://www.facebook.com/GreenkraftExpertise/

  • I don’t understand why countries are spending billions to know the ways by which we can colonise moon or mars.
    Instead, they should spend on saving the earth instead.

  • The fact that this only has 140 odd thousand views is a disgrace

  • Number 1 greenhouse gas is water vapor! Research it people!!! Mars has an atmosphere that is ~94% CO2. So why is it not "warm"? Because it has essentially no water vapor!!

  • Great solutions, but where is buying local food?? Or reduce flights ??

  • There's a really cool search engine that plants trees, called "Ecosia ". It lets you know how many trees it has planted on the main search engine page. And if you get the app, which is free, it shows you how many trees your searches alone have planted. In a year I have planted about 2200 trees, so the app is always my browser. Tell more people! Here is the link: www.ecosia.org

  • If Pewdiepie Sponsered Ecosia imagine the product!

  • This "climate change" narrative is the biggest Scam perpetrated on humanity second is 9/11 wake up people

  • We can use a tiiiiny bit of DW7

  • Be Vegan, Don't have kids and Tax Carbon.

  • SO COOL ?????????? tysm ❣️

  • Talk talk talk all we do is talk we don't do do do.

  • Like this so that everyone sees this. I have an Idea for a Magnet Motor that works with magnets and superconductors nothing else ,It wouldn’t spin forever (so its not a perpetual motion machine) because magnets loose its power after like 300-400 years ,if this would work we could built a lot of these magnet motors to produce enough energy and destroy all coal-fire-stations so we have 0 emissions : )
    The only problem is that I don’t know if this could actually work and I can’t Build it to Test it because I don’t have enough time… :/

  • Let's all do all of these at once, that way Climate Change will be no more

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