13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Let’s talk about the science of climate change.
Don’t you mean Global Warming? How’d you get in here?
I’m the Internet, I never left. Now why’d you change the name? Global warming wasn’t
happening so you had to call it “Climate Change”? The overall average temperature of the planet
is increasing so Global Warming is technically correct, but that doesn’t mean it’s going
to be warmer everywhere all the time. And that leads to some confusion, like on
a cold winter’s day, you might say… So much for global warming!
Exactly. So the term climate change indicates that
the problem is more intense storms, droughts and floods, ocean acidification, not just
that the globe is warming. But it’s not.
What? The globe’s not warming.
Since when? 1995
Um, that’s not how you draw a trendline through data.
If the slope is nil, the climate’s chill. Y’know thirteen of the fourteen hottest years
occurred this century and the graph you’re using is old, it doesn’t include satellite
data. If you take that into a count, the trend is obviously continuing upwards.
Oh, so now you say it’s warming. In the past scientists told us it was cooling. Why can’t
they just admit that they have no idea what’s going on?
It’s true in the 1970’s there were some papers published predicting cooling, but over that
same time period there were six times as many papers predicting warming. So scientists really
haven’t changed their tune. Well just judging by temperatures, I say they’re
wrong. The Earth is cooling. But you don’t just have to go by temperatures.
There are plenty of other signs that the globe is warming, like sea levels are rising three
millimetres a year. That’s an indication that the oceans are getting warmer and so are expanding.
Ice on Antarctica and Greenland is melting at unprecedented rates and arctic sea ice
continues to decline. Nuh-uh. Arctic sea ice increased forty percent
in the last two years. That last little uptick? That’s what you focus
on? What about the general downward trend? It could mean anything. You know if the Earth
is warming the most likely source of the problem is the sun. The sun is getting brighter. Did
you ever think of that? The sun was getting brighter, in the 1930’s,
and it probably contributed to some warming then. But since the 50’s the sun has been
getting dimmer and temperatures continue to rise.
Oh, so you automatically assume it’s man-made CO2.
You know humans only emit a tiny fraction of the CO2 released into the atmosphere every
year. That’s true. People emit about 30 gigatonnes
compared with 780 gigatonnes from natural land and ocean processes.
So you admit it, humans aren’t the problem. No! Before us the system was in balance with
the land and oceans absorbing that same amount – 780 gigatonnes a year.
This balance kept the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere between 180 and 280 part
per million for 800,000 years. Now it’s at 400 parts per million and still rising.
But our small contribution couldn’t have caused that.
Well the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is increasing by about fifteen gigatonnes or
two parts per million every year. But how do you know that’s man-made CO2?
Because the isotope carbon-13 is less common in fossil fuels than it is naturally in the
atmosphere. And over time we’re seeing the concentrations of carbon-13 are decreasing.
But volcanoes emit way more CO2 than humans. No they don’t. They emit about 0.25 gigatonnes
annually. That’s less than one percent as much as humans.
OK, well even if we are responsible for the rise in CO2, it doesn’t matter because water
is by far the most potent greenhouse gas. Yes it is.
I win. No you don’t!
Water in the atmosphere is increasing as well. But that can’t be due to human activity.
The only way for the atmosphere to hold more water vapour is if it gets warmer. So…
Hang on, you’re not saying… Yes! It all comes back to CO2. A doubling
of CO2 on its own would increase the temperature of the globe by one degree Celsius. But that
warming means there will be more water vapour in the atmosphere and ice will melt reducing
the reflectivity of Earth’s surface. So it’s a positive feedback loop, which a bunch of
different sources of evidence all indicate will lead to about a 3 degree Celsius rise
in temperature. But if this is true, why have all the predictions
failed. In actuality most of the predictions show remarkable agreement with observations.
But you’re probably thinking of the model from 1988, back when we thought climate sensitivity
was higher. If you re-run that model with 3 degrees of warming for every doubling of
CO2, the predictions match exactly the warming that we’ve observed.
But the Earth has warmed and cooled in the past. So who was releasing CO2 then, aliens?
We understand that past changes in the climate were triggered at regular intervals by Milankovitch
cycles, that is the periodic oscillation of the Earth’s tilt, precession of the tilt,
and stretching and squishing of Earth’s elliptical orbit.
During every warming cycle, CO2 and temperature rise together.
Ah, but if you look closely at that graph, you’ll see that CO2 lags behind the temperature
rise, so it can’t be causing the warming. The CO2 doesn’t cause the first warming. The
Milankovitch cycles change the way the sunlight hits the Earth and that causes a little bit
of warming decreasing the solubility of CO2 in the oceans. So some of that CO2 is released
and that is a positive feedback loop, which amplifies the warming. In fact over 90% of
the increase happens after the CO2 starts to rise.
Let’s say you’re right, and the CO2 we’re releasing is warming the planet. What’s so
bad about that? The planet gets a little warmer, big deal.
I’m not claiming it’s going to be some sort of crazy catastrophe, but we are going to
get more intense storms, more droughts and floods, the oceans will become more acidic,
sea levels will rise and my point is it would be better for all species on this planet and
probably cheaper for us if we just started reducing emissions now than if we wait and
pay the consequences later. No thanks.
Why are you wearing sunglasses? Global warming.
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  • 3:03 looks very linear for some reason. Climate reform started in the 1990's and there were way more unsatisfactory practices happening in the early 50's and 40's within the industrial sectors. Despite this, the graph to me doesn't show enough correlation to the radical large-scale technological and sociopolitical trends we have achieved and pursued (as a detriment to, or in pursuit of helping climate change) and the exponential shifts (that I assume would have been associated with them) in the graph that would indicate a sturdy argument for pro-manmade climate change. (although it does seem to be consistently rising which may be a bigger problem altogether). Just saying, shouldn't the trends be variably sharper and stabler across the board in specific areas? brain fart.

  • Let's see whose side I'm on that argument. Some people that don't have degree in science or even if they do it is not in the sphere of climate and weather on the Internet or approx. 97% of scientists in that climate studying department across the world? Yeah I believe there is a climate change and if you ignorant pricks don't so you don't have to feel obligated to change my or any of the scientists opinions. I wonder if you (not believing in climate change people) put your hand in an oven when it just started and you set a temperature of 60 degrees celcuis lets say, would you keep your hand there for much time.

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  • Wow I’ve been pretty ignorant for about 4 years in this topic, believing about 50% of the misconceptions. I am ashamed.

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  • Co2, emissions, deforestation, pollution all comes down to Human population. Lesser people means lesser demands.


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  • We only have data of the past 50 years at best! We are Drawing a conclusion from a very limited data and constantly extrapolating it ! Yes the world is getting warmer recently (from 1990-2006 DU archive published in 2008 ) but the data is insufficient to say that Climate is changing! Its a fact that Global warming is increasing recently but we no nothing about the past 20 centuries maybe its fluctuating , maybe it keep on rising ..No one knows!

  • How about the elephant in the room AIR CONDITIONING. use over my lifetime has gone up probably 100 times. And why dont the liberals talk about this. it would disrupt facebooks business model. Plus Why arent the democrats talking about us all putting plants in our houses to combat co2. It is because the government is more worried about getting revenue than actually fixing the problem. making people buy new cars creates tax revenue. making people buy solar panels creates tax revenue. Changing stuff creates tax revenue. Stopping using air conditioning stops tax revenue because people want to work in offices. WTF. The dems are a bunch of liars trying to get your vote to do nothing about the problem but raise your taxes. DONT YOU SEE IT..

  • Earth's climate fluctuates. Don't get lied to by saying life will end because of temperatures, and God promised not to flood the earth again, so just move if it rises! The carbon is relatively low compared to passed ages, so don't worry about a thing! Don't let the left use these fear tactics!!!

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  • I'm just curious where you get these numbers. How could you possibly know the amount of CO2 released by volcanoes in the past decade. You have no idea. Nobody else does either. Somebody gave you some numbers and you're rolling with it. You also failed to mention how the CO2 levels have been really high and really low in the past. Wouldn't that suggest that these phenomenon are natural. The planets going to do what it's going to do. We're just along for the ride. By all means reduce your carbon footprint, but don't have the audacity to think that mankind has any control over nature. The planet could fart tomorrow and we're all gone.

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    sea ice graph starts at 1979, the coldest yr since.
    if you look at the big picture, pre 1979 sea ice was much lower in the 1930's, expanded till about 1979 & has declined slightly since
    go out and buy some integrity as its clear you have none

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    Just a sad side effect of social media and the tribalism it promotes. You catch a lot more flies with a drop of honey than a gallon of gall.

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  • Actually, increased solar activity should be associated with lowering of global temperatures, not the other way around. this is because the solar wind given off by the sun is a catalyst for cloud formation. Clouds increase Earth's albedo and thermal radiance (since water vapor condensing to liquid droplets in the atmosphere gives off heat which is radiated away into space). This means that the decrease in solar activity leads to less cloud formation and more heat absorption.

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  • It is natural causes – not human activities mostly. The Co2-gas that is supposed to be bad for the climate is a natural "gas" that exists with or without people activities. It is a gas that is A MUST for alll life to exist in this world – it is the gas of life. The atmosphere has very little of this gas in the atmosphere – less than 1 percent of the total "gas". And the atmosphere has had different levels of co2 during different times. Historicly we have had great up and downs in the climate temperature. And the serious scientists know this – it is just the politicians and journalists that change the facts and give wrong information to the people. Many scientist might also live on feeding this lie to the people – because if they do – they get more funds and money for research. It can not possibly make a great difference with a gas that is so tiny in the atmosphere.

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  • "We didnt listen." -Randy Marsh

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  • The irony is that BOTH alter egos are YouTube and both are giving out faulty info. This just goes to show that someone may be extremely intelligent in a narrow field of studies (e.g. physics) and quite misinformed and perhaps downright stupid in other areas (e.g. climate change – global warming).

  • Looking on 2019 and I'm like okay. #FridaysForFurture

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    It's a complicated issue and it seems you don't have the first clue on much of anything. Good luck i guess.

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    2015 mmmmm. Next year
    2016 no
    2017 just a bit longer
    2018 wait
    2019 k now
    2020 well wait again
    2021 more waiting
    2022 AGAIN!!

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    Research water!
    Start here 100 reasons water is not H2O by Peter Peterson
    Free eBook

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    These CO2 issues are mitigated by TREES…(and us not being such fukwads)

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