20,000 Scientists Sign “Warning To Humanity” Letter About Environmental Destruction

With Rex Tillerson out as Secretary of State
and Donald Trump nominating former CIA Director Mike Pompeo to take his place, let’s take
a look for a minute at who Mike Pompeo actually is. According to an article on Think Progress
this week, Mike Pompeo happens to be the number one all time recipient of Koch brothers campaign
money. In just four election cycles that Pompeo was
involved in running in the House of Representatives, Pompeo received more than $900,000 from the
Koch brothers from their companies, their employees and their front groups like Americans
for Prosperity. $900,000 on one congressman in one small district
over the course of four elections. So Pompeo number one Koch guy of all time
could now be running the State Department as Think Progress points out. What Think Progress failed to mention in their
article however is that that’s not the extent of the ties to the Koch brother that Mike
Pompeo has. Mike Pompeo during his career in the private
sector started two separate businesses one after the other and in order to keep those
businesses afloat to get the capital needed to run them, do you know where that money
came from? It came from the Koch brothers who came in
with both of his businesses made lofty investments to make those businesses successful. So Pompeo before he even ran for Congress
was already in the pockets of the Koch brothers and completely dependent upon their money
to sustain his lifestyle. So it’s no surprise that he received all that
money from them when he decided to run for Congress and I wish Think Progress would have
gone back a little further and covered that aspect of his life because to me that’s an
even bigger part of the story. Pompeo has been in the pockets of the Koch
brothers for decades now. He has been dependent upon them in his private
life, in his professional life and you can’t tell me that he is not going to reward them
when he becomes the new Secretary of State. What’s even worse is that you’ve got a Democratic
leader Chuck Schumer who announced that he is not going to tell his Democratic members
to just block Pompeo and CIA director replacement Gina Haspel. He’s not going to tell them to just outright
block them. Instead he just, he wants to hear from the
other Democrats. Let’s see what they have to say before we
make any rash decisions. No, that’s the problem with the Democrats
today. You don’t need to sit and wait it out and
see what your members have to say. We know who Pompeo is. We know who Haspel is. She is the woman who was in charge of CIA
black site torture in Thailand during the war on terror under George W. Bush. There is no reason to even consider having
either of these people in charge of the CIA or the State Department. So Chuck Schumer needs to get his ducks in
a row here and say, “I don’t care what you have to say about it, these are horrible human
beings with horrible connections who’ve done horrible things including war crimes in their
past. We’re voting them down no matter what.” Mike Pompeo will use the State Department
to repay the Koch brothers because they have funded his entire life. Don’t think that for a second that he won’t. He is going to use it to approve pipelines. He is going to use it to go out there on behalf
of the Koch brothers and work out deals with other countries for them. He is going to put more money in their pockets
because they’ve spent decades putting more money in his pockets.

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  • It’s all for money but I do t understand what they expect to do with that money once they wipe every living thing from the planet.

  • Don't be so naive. Didn't you know that 20,000 scientists got together in secret in a grand conspiracy? Wake up!

  • this is a big deal and a serious one however the republicucks will use this form / letter / warning and use it as toilet paper.

  • What is wrong with people? For fucks sake, wake up!

  • Blame the religious nuts who believe they don't have to (don't want to) do anything to fix it because God is coming back to fix it. Those kooks have joined leagues with the Corporate Capitalists who don't see anything except making money for themselves and that no matter what happens they are set above and ahead of the rest of us to weather it out AND STILL make a lot of money out of the disaster and misery they are helping to cause. There is a third group who sides with all of this simply because they think that the world is over populated and they see this as a way to cull the herd or humanity … "survival of the fittest" and what not.

    The best thing to do is vote these people out of office who are being influenced by either (or all) of these groups. For the most part that means Republicans have got to go, and there are also several Democrats that have to go as well.

    Change for the better begins with us at home, in the way we shop and in the voting booths worldwide.

  • And this crazy president donald duck got out climate change.

  • The world should have looked into alternative and cleaner power sources a long time ago. We should be replacing the power stations and putting in major water wind and solar powered systems now in fact a couple of decades ago. Use the current power system to set up its replacement before its too late. I was told around 20 years ago fossil fuels where almost depleted and only had a few decades left if we don't start replacement of fossil fueled power now it will be next to impossible if they run out. Try building huge wind and water plants using horse drawn carriages and powerless tools because the fossil fuels have run out and the world has no power. We need alternative power sources now including proper research into electric cars the oil won't last much longer that is also a fossil fuel. Also if the fossil fuels run out and the power goes off so does the world's computers that control everything we have become computer reliant.

  • Last chance to evacuate earth before it is recycled.

  • Humanity, is going to be destroyed, and all because that dumbass in office!!

  • One thing to watch for is Big Energy putting roadblocks in the way of green energy. It's happening in FL under the republican corporate bootlick Rick Scott. Solar is getting purposely stymied there in The Sunshine State.

  • we must use hydrogen internal combustion

  • Okay liberals, go sell your cars and start walking! You can save humanity!

  • People want jobs, not a habitable environment!!!

  • Is it time for a coup yet? Let's hope it's not necessary, but if that's the only way to get money out of politics . . .

    Let's try voting them out first, but this is our last chance, we can't wait for another term.

  • Love ROF (from UK) but you have to stop sugar coating the calamity we have knowingly created for humanity worldwide. On current trends, nothing short of a wartime stop and reverse of industry, energy, resource depletion, atmospheric pollution and plastic poisoning – and I have not even mentioned the probable (not possible) 20 metre hike in sea levels in the next human lifetime (100-130 years). That’s three times higher than tide ranges exist around the globe (7.2 metre average 24ft). That’s a disaster for poor, and bankrupting cost for the rich to defend against.
    In my opinion, tech to shade earth from high orbit or tech to recapture green house gasses might mitigate but will not prevent the coming suffering for 80% of the 10+ billion people soon to be on this world.

  • Would need QUADRUPLE that amt. for anyone just to pay attention…?


  • The captions don’t match the audio.

  • Capitalism is about infinite growth on a finite planet. Humanity won't reverse course unless the working class is able to mobilize and take political power during the next revolutionary crisis away from the capitalists. From there, we can create a new system to move to a planned economy, a use based economy that only socialism can obtain. That is humanity's only chance.

  • The industrial capitalists don’t care. Short term profits are what they value.
    The only solution is for masses of ppl to rise up and shut down the system by refusing to participate in capitalism.

    If 10% of the population stop paying bills and spending money for just two months then the system comes down and we have bargaining power.

    Otherwise the capitalists are going to drive humanity and 95% of life on the planet to extinction.

    We kill the system or they kill us.

    What is your choice to be?

  • About the only thing the right does these days. Lie and deny.

  • Bu..But Dump & the ratpubliklans say there is no global warming. Do you think they lied to us??

  • If we had decent, viable "humanity" in the White House, we could continue trying to find a solution to slow down the damage. But we don't, so we won't.

  • Tango doesn't count as human so you can guarantee he'll ignore it

  • If interested in this issue check out Cowspiracy on Netflix, a documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Yeah, keep votin' for them Republicans, folks.

  • good video.

  • Fake news!! That’s what our moron Führer will say. It’ll be during his reign of terror that we’ll see more environmental disasters than ever and the aftermath of his absolutely insane environmental policies, or the total lack thereof, will impact generations to come.
    This man is not only the biggest threat to our national security, he is also the biggest threat to our environment! When will someone do something about this? All the talk about how bad he is and so on if fine and dandy but how much longer must the American people and the world at large tolerate this scourge of incompetence, ineptitude, corruption, greed and malice? Somebody, anybody….the clock is ticking. This needs to stop.

  • Drumpf will witch hunt every single one of them! Watch!

  • Shithole Trump is gonna kill us all.

  • What has Shaun done this time…..oh wait….humanity…..

  • The captions are from the Mike Pompeo story instead of the featured story. Just thought the RoF staff should know.

  • Danke trump POS! Guys like you w absolutely no understanding of science will DESTROY the Earth. $$$ wont help your dead kids!

  • We are already doomed since nothing is going to change. It's just business as usual. 🙁

  • Well, when sea levels are rising
    and coastal cities are flooded,
    I'm sure Donald Trump will do
    his part for humanity by tossing
    them rolls of paper towels!

  • Hey Republicant's, If you completely fuck up our environment, all the money in the world won't help you.
    "So Sad"

  • Guess what? The bible tells us time is running out and almost at an end. I mean that's great the scientist are fessing up but GOD fearing believers already know what scientist are finally brave enough to say. GOD was at the beginning of creation, so HE certainly knows when its going to end. I suggest folks trust in the Heavenly Father, REPENT, PRAY DAILY and live righteously, not like them devils running this country. They have earthy treasures and wealth but spiritually their dead. The bible says "It is easier for a camel to go thur the eye of a needle then for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of Heaven". Believers in CHRIST need not fret about this new evidence scientist have admitted to, GOD said there is a "time" for everything, when its over, its over. Worry more about your soul and where we go from here once our physical bodies give out. Heaven or hell? Which will it be for you?

  • Dude… too late. I blame the race that dominated the whole Earth for centuries and stealing of it's resources in it's damn near entirety.

  • sorry my friends,but thats too late.. damage is done,now…we can break the pollution,but not stop it…

  • I guess Trump doesn't care about his precious Mar-a-Lago being underwater soon…I would think he'd at least care about his property even though he don't give a fuck about us

  • Yep, reality is grim…

  • It's true that the sea level rises, but look at Netherlands and north Germany. This established coastal fortification will prevent land loss.

    Naturally it is necessary to use cyclical techniques to solve the human supply issue.

  • Stupidity is not as valuable as Knowledge and Intelligence. Yes everyone gets a voice, but damnit Liberals… That doesn't mean we have to listen with equal weight to idiots and stupid people when ALL the Smartest Minds on the Planet say we gotta go because these idiots dun fucked this planet up, we told you when you could do something about it… But Nooo… You had to let every stupid idiot have a say, and thus we get Trump.

  • Spot on, thanks. ??

  • Trust me folks… we're ALREADY Fucked and there's no turning back!!

  • Most people will ignore this.

  • Edgar Cayce wrote about this remember?

  • The oil industry actually know this back in the 1950's but chose to ignore it for the sake of profit. This is not the first time the oil industry put profit ahead of human life. They used to put lead in gasoline to cut cost and raise profits. They knew lead is a poison and will end up in the environment. The put lead in the air that we breath, lead in the water we drink, lead in the soil we grow our food and in the oceans. Lead is now found from the north pole to the south pole and why certain foods you should not eat to much of. The oil industry has been lying as they always have done.

  • Wow u hate the world no ur screwed the humanity is not underwater jeez were not even dead so ur so URGGGGGGGGGGGG

  • TRUMP a fucking clown!?

  • WE ARE SCREWED! Look who’s in the White House, and who’s running the EPA.

    Think that colonising Mars would help? NO, because the rich will be moving to Mars and leaving us on this sh*thole planet.

  • Fossil fuels are run by the same freaks as the military and your health care, all of which is only death, most americans NEED to die for they have no clue how to act on a natural planet dependent on natural to exist… Maybe some things ARE important to teach children in school…

  • All you have to do is love your self, all things work perfect when love runs the show. Love destroys all wrongful mistakes to the real.

  • This is rediculous. Trump claims he wants to make America great again? We are far past that, he's making america worse. He really is, him and his lackeys think god is going to save us all. Guess what…if a god does exist, trumps moronic party are the last people god would save because they are a huge part of the reason that our planet is going to shit. This is no longer about democrats or republicans this is about our survival as a species and if trump and other republicans don't get their heads out of their asses, they will be soley responsible for the destruction of the human race. These people need to stop caring about money so much, what's the point in having all of that money if we all end up dieing because we are killing the planet.

  • And one more thing. All of you idiots in the comments saying that global warming is fake and made up by democrats…are you kidding me? Have you people not noticed the difference in temperatures the last few years. Just watch, all of you non believers are gonna get a rude awakening. We were put on this planet to preserve and protect it, its our home and without it we cannot survive. No more money no more tax cuts, no more fancy cars or fancy dinners, all of that will be GONE forever.

  • Sucks that so many of us are stuck in the losing end, with little to no power to stop this!!! What a shit show mess we are in!!!

  • Donald Gump doesn’t care cos he’ll be dead in the future… it does not affect him therefore he does not care.

  • Meh 20,000 gender studies professors signed an open letter about rape culture. You know the problem that is claimed to have more rapes on campus than most war torn countries? People will sign anything to virtue signal.

  • WAR on SCIENCE intact in the USA

  • The craziest part is the Maimi real estate keeps selling like hotcakes. This just proves that people in the US don't think past a year or two, or even a quarter of a year.

  • 20,000 leagues under the sea

  • They are all wrong, trump can tell them that, he listens to fox news, because he'e too damn stupid to read….. ANYTHING !!

  • Signing a warning is clearly not enough to wake up the morons on Earth.

  • Make no mistake, the moneychangers rule, get rid of that, humans can create kinder more peaceful life.

  • Yet the moron and chief still believes the few people who say don't listen to the scientist they don't know what there talking about it is only there lives work. Get over the stupidy of this administration become informed and involved get registered and demand better with your vote

  • The only way we’re gonna stop climate change is if these scientists were to stage a coup de tat against the Trump regime, otherwise we’re screwed!

  • Very soon Russia will begin raining down nuclear warheads on american cities. People will be vaporized by the millions. Your children will be transformed instantly into smoke. Donald Trump will live safely above the clouds in Air Force 1. Watch the short I made about it months ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RoufrIP7OY

  • About the twenty five year old letter that you make reference to in this video.
    I'm all for reversing the damage already caused by human activity but this twenty-five year old letter that you mention, er, do you have a link to a pdf or some other means of verifying what you are saying?
    Just playing Devil's Advocate. I hope you understand.

  • PEOPLEThis is not a political issue….This is a HUMAN issue….. we are all to blame and we will DO NOTHING….despite the warnings! What can we and half the world do…when our main focus is staying alive…ie putting food on the table and paying our bills….what can we do? Give up fossil fuels? What will we eat..? ……..OIL is in everything, OIL is our lifeblood….and it will be our demise… STOP BLAMING TRUMP or Republicans…….this is a human problem and we have built our lives on a foundation of OIL and without OIL….the global population would not be able to be sustained….BILLIONS would die… so STFU and continue living your lives…stop the blame game and accept that we have built our house on a foundation which will not last and will eventually take the species down….! We could have done something 200 years ago,, but now…. all we can do is to make minor changes and prepare ourselves for what is coming…!

  • The Republican solution is probably to give everyone guns so as to shoot at the tornadoes and tidal waves/tsunamis.

    and blame rock music loving hippies (yes, some Republicans confused hipsters for hippies)

  • By the time it starts raining fireballs and being super obvious that deniers are wrong, it will be too late. Big Oil has made it abundantly clear that they would rather cause literal Armaggedon with their empire intact before they allow any of us to live with clean air, water, land, forests, and animals.

    They must be destroyed.


    I fully believe in the power of humans to heal as much as I believe in their power of destruction. When we help the Earth and work to heal the land, plants, air, water, and animals…life EXPLODES in incredible and beautiful ways.

    I know humans have the power to become symbiotic to this planet rather than parasitic. All you can do in life is make that decision for one person which way you wanna be, and that is yourself.

    My husband and I are learning to grow our own food and working to eliminate fossil fuel dependence from our lives. We believe in you.

  • We gon die.

  • You know. I find myself thinking about an episode of the "Problem Child" cartoon, where Junior's adopted grandfather was boasting about how his massive dumping plan would make him rich. When questioned about all of the damage it would cause, he countered, "Who cares? We'll all be dead by then!" This is the exact attitude held by the Gross Trumpkin and the rest of the Greedy Old Pricks. They don't care about how their actions impact the lives of others or those that are yet to come. They don't care that they're already incredibly wealthy. All that matters to them is getting more. More wealth, more power, more prestige. And they'll condemn the rest of us to unfathomable suffering and worse, including their own families, in order to feed their insatiable hunger for more.

  • There is more energy raining down on earth from the sun than we could possibly use.

  • We need to secure our election processes. Only then, our vote will actually be counted and only then, will we rid government of criminals.

  • Why are we warning humanity, & not warning big companies.. it's cool blame it on usage rates..

  • Stop breeding!! It isn't the other guy's kids causing overpopulation.

  • So long as puppets of the fossil fuel industry are in charge like Pruit and Trump.. NOTHING will change

  • But but but flat earth god woo woo profit margins rewards in heaven…

    And 20,000 people on a US watch list somewhere because they show concern for our survival on the only place in the universe – that we're doing our level best to fuck up – that we call home. I've long considered the reason we don't see a galaxy full of aliens is probably because they don't pass the stupidity test. I don't have the conceit to consider we're alone in the cosmos, so it stands to reason that there have been and likely are others. Like us, a number of them will have become industrialised with little understanding – and later, regard – for the place they call home and eventually destroyed their environment and themselves with it.

    How long has it taken people to realise (even with evidence literally shoved in their faces) that something as simple as filling your lungs with tobacco smoke is harmful? When are people going to understand that Teflon isn't all it's cracked up to be? How many tonnes of toxic chemicals do you have to find in the water supply before you say "Fracking? Nah, I'll pass." Will people get the point when the seas are nothing but a soup of microscopic particles of plastic and dead fish? Don't get me started on the mental cases we have running governments the planet over, mostly lining their own pockets – some with weapons manufacturers money – and preparing the way for an armageddon even the various writers of so-called holy texts couldn't envision.

    We humans are all one species; we all bleed the same colour, no matter our ideologies or colour or language. It's time we stopped being tribalistic and started working as a species to make our planet great again. We consider we're the most intelligent on the planet so we should have dominion over everything on it – even to the point of hunting animals to extinction because someone said a particular animal part can make your dick harder. No, I don't think we're going to pass the stupidity test and looking at the people running the world today from politicians to corporations – they're going to make sure we don't, although they'll have nice fat bank accounts (so that's something).

  • You cannot tell Trump any thing , He reckons He knows it all, don’t forget he an intellectual genius , the dumb ass even thinks you can wash coal to make it safer to burn. You cannot tell him that all these storms and hurricanes, are caused by global warming he thinks it’s a made up story,he is just a fking idiot.

  • Well but Trump. And making a dollar.

  • This is what happens to you put profit before people 🙁

  • Time to forcefully take over Antartica. XD

  • Then we are most definitely doomed.

  • That's another reason to IMPEACH that inept! He's dangerous to the globe, especially America, with ALL his deregulations!!!

  • He's allowing China to take the lead in investing into global technology to protect the planet, when it should be America taking the lead once again. With that punk 45, we're going backwards instead of forward!!!

  • gg, they know they can't flip governments like a swtich, why even bother signing,

  • 40,000 scientists signed one stating the 20,000 scientists are full of poop.

  • Do what assholes? The United States is responsible for 15% of global emissions… so if we all committed suicide tomorrow would that 15% fix your imaginary problem? No.. climate change cult members are getting increasingly hysterical… meanwhile if you haven't noticed it's kinda cold every where…the glaciers where I live have been growing for at least a decade.

  • Conservatives have to go; that's all there is, they HAVE TO GO!!

  • 3/26/2018 Per: ? FoCzNews.com ? & ? Humanitys-Choice.com ?
    THE HeatRise & METHANE ESCAPE continues! Co2 passed 410 PPM!
    Students! HEED Obama's Message! STORE ALL personal VEHICLES!
    Enlist your Teachers! ? ObamasMessage.com ?

  • 2 bad 2 sad & 2 Late 2 minutes 2 doomsday, preaching to the choir because the bulk of humanity is dumb downed, drone, zombie, knuckle dragging hairless ape that as soon as the gas is gone they will come for you in a cannibalistic way.

  • The sad thing is you can see no one cares or even knows about this problem…. look at the views… we need to push this video

  • Hell ' s storms are inbound. All because of ignorance. Time to get people to wake the fuck up. By force.

  • The environment has already been destroyed why so concerned now. The ocean has been filled with trash for years now you care.

  • Environmental and Climate change issues…warning out again today in the media…but not clear enough statements of TRUTHS about COMMON SENSE EASY FACTS that ANIMAL AGRICULTURE causes MORE effects than motor cars and transport systems ! MUCH more effect ! Governments afraid to tell the TRUTH to protect big business interests just like they did for decades the tobacco industry ? Pharmaceutical companies definitely don’t want people to stop eating meat and dairy. The cholesterol reducing Statins industry is worth around $20 Billion dollars a year on its own!

    Oh warnings about Climate change effects again today in the news…Go vegan…animal agriculture is the main cause of climate change…we have managed 70 percent reduction of all wildlife and even hedgehogs in the past 40 years alone due mainly to animal agriculture…takes at least 10 times more land alone to grow food for farm animals than if we ate it directly ourselves instead…

    1 football pitch PER SECOND is currently being deforested for animal agriculture, an area 3 times the size of Denmark per year , forests are 30 percent left of the world surface, 20 percent of the world oxygen is produced by the amazon forest, uh oh hey …

    1000 gallons of water to produce 1 meat burger…1 cow drinks 30 liters of water per day and then comes the water for their plant foods needs…never mind taking shower instead of bath water savings hey…not eating 1 beefburger saves more water hey…

    The amazon forests are being destroyed mostly for planting farm animal feed for the rich pig burger etc eating populations of the world……(While the chief importers of Brazilian beef were previously Europe and North America, nowadays Asian countries such as China and Russia consume more Brazilian beef than the European market. So, the demand is increasing day by day.

    With increasing population and increased per capita meat consumption, the rate of deforestation is increasing every day as well. It is expected that by 2018, the beef export will increase 93 percent, thereby increasing Brazil’s beef market share of world exports to 61 percent. Beef is the most carbon-intensive form of meat production on the planet.

    The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization finds that beef production gives rise to more greenhouse gases than the transportation industry)

  • 20,000 geniuses ha ha iv known about this since the 1970s and these 20,000 all drive cars or other man made vehicles all wear nylon or rayon all use food in packaging and they tell me what iv known for years and as the modern world cuts back the 3rd world country's like India france Spain middle east burn fuel in a attempt to catch up,tell them not us tell them,

  • Are you gullible? Check here to find out →[]
    In other news…
    Show of hands… How many of you rode the short bus?

  • Trump has special knowledge about this subject via his genetic code handed down to him by an ancestor that taught at MIT. For him it is innate, intuitive, bred in to his perspective to understand the climate off the top of his head, in a way that scientists with all their scholastic credentials, data, graphs and experience cannot match. It's a miracle.

  • For those slow on the uptake, my earlier post is sarcastic.

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