3 New Years Resolutions (for the Environment)

Happy New Year. I hope you’re recovered
from whatever frivolities accompanied celebrating the earth successfully orbiting the sun. I
am still working through an ice-cream sandwich hangover so if that gives you any idea of
how cool i am. you’re probably right. But, this is the season of making and breaking
resolutions so in that spirit I’ve got 3 resolutions that might actually help heal
the climate crisis. Now, there are loads of little things you
could pledge to do this year for the environment, but the eternal self-sacrifice, don’t eat
meat, be more conscious about what you buy, turn off the lights, don’t fly etc. etc.
And don’t get me wrong, lifestyle changes are important, they signal to those around
us and to ourselves a commitment to the environment — but they are hard, and honestly in this
great big world we live in — they don’t do that much. So what can you actually do? What’ll make
a real meaningful difference? #1 Vote And this doesn’t just mean in the 2016 presidential
campaign if you’re in the US. While national elections are incredibly important — your
senators, congressman, and other officers at the local level can be lot more hands on.
They’re the ones voting on what power plants get built, on the zoning ordinances for new
solar power plants, how garbage and recycling is sorted, or whether or not your city introduces
composting solutions. Not to mention, oftentimes your local ballet
will have citizen initiatives and other measure that decide if money is allocated to more
parks or nature preserves — so it is import to know when you vote, where you vote and
how you vote. So if you’re able to, register, and get to the poles. #2 Direct Action Direct action can be anything from signing
a petition to protesting a new coal plant, or calling your representatives about the
bills they are voting on. Now if you follow resolution #1, you elected them, they represent
you, and it is important that both you and them, don’t forget that.
Direct Action works. The proposed KXL pipeline will never exist to pump tar sands out of
canada down thru middle america, microbeads aren’t going exist in our soaps in the U.S.
anymore, almost 200 countries signed on to combat climate change at the Paris Climate
Talks, shell pulled its arctic drilling plans, coal plants are increasingly being shuttered
and countless schools, people, even countries have divested from fossil fuels.
A cynic might say these are financially motivated — but that’s not entirely true, we put
bodies on the ground, and we got results. There are loads of great organizations out
there running campaigns day in and day out to make it easier for you get involved in
local, national and even global politics and actions. #3 Educate For me, to truly participate in direct action
I need know what and who I’m voting for or what I’m protesting.
Which is why the third resolution, while it probably won’t have any direct affect on
the quantity of dissolved carbon in the atmosphere it is probably the most important to me. Educate means, knowing who is running for
office and what they stand for. And educating yourself on the science of climate change.
Understanding how policy, human psychology and the science all fit together to describe
our behaviors. Where is all the carbon coming from, how are
average atmospheric temperatures warming, why does it feel like no one is doing anything
sometimes and what does that mean for our future? And you’re like woah, hold up. That sounds
like a lot. That’s like four masters degrees. Which fair, i may be setting my sights kinda
high on this resolution — but the best part, you only gotta do what you have time for and
what you’re interested in. So if you’re all about reef health and keeping ocean pH
and temperature stable so all those polyps don’t die. AWESOME. learn about that. Or
if you’re big into policy and want to know how the zoning for renewable energy sources
or the tragedy of the commons. Boom do that. Which is where my New Year’s resolution, for
myself, comes in. I want to help answer some of those questions. So if there is anything,
you want to know, or already know and want to make someone else explain it to your friends
with fancy graphics, let me know and i’ll make a video. Otherwise I’m just going to
start going through my old college textbooks. So to refresh — environmental resolutions
to make 2k16 the greenest year yet. 1. VOTE.
2. Direct Actions. 3. Educate yourself and others. As always there are loads of links down below
for some of my favorite organizations offering rocking campaigns, some resources for figuring
out all of the complicated voting stuff and some great places to start if you’re down
for learning all the things about the environment. Like the video if you liked it and subscribe
if you wanna hang out with me this year. And I hope your 2016, is off to a great start.

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  • If every private citizens of the planet did all that they could it would accomplish about 10% of what we need to do to fight global climate change. You are correct that the politicians and corporations need to be the ones that carry this. Unfortunately the former is controlled by the latter.

    The Canadian tar sands oil will still be drilled and transported. It's just that without the pipeline it will go by tanker truck and railroad car. Methods that are less safe than the pipeline could have been required to be. The oil will be moved. The pipeline was a safer option.

  • I'd love a video about windmill farms.

  • Jeeze people are coming round to care about earth. Huzzah!

  • Happy new year! 😀
    Ice cream sandwiches sound pretty cool… not to say cold…
    Great ideas! 😀

  • Fantastic video! Very interesting and informative. Happy New Year! (also, you can never have enough ice cream sandwiches)

  • I LOVE your t-shirt!!

  • Teach me about nuclear fusionnnnnnnnnn

  • This is such a great video! Loved it. I found you through women of youtube, and your video quality is seriously on point. Subscribed!

  • I have so many questions about the environment, but I don't even know what I don't know so I can't ask them!

  • I would love it if you would make a video with basic lifestyle things that can keep an individual's footprint at a lower level (even obvious things like veganism or recycling) so we can see if there are any glaring things we have over looked! I really love these videos, thank you so much for taking the time and energy to make them!

  • PLEASE EXPLAIN VERTICAL FARMING IN A SHORT AND FUN VIDEO!!! It is the answer to the overpopulation crisis, and not enough people know about it. There is a full book, but here is an essay on the topic: http://www.verticalfarm.com/?page_id=36 . Both are written by the "face" of Vertical Farm, Dr. Dickson Despommier.
    Thank you so much for your contributions to the planet, and I hope you consider making a video on the subject. :]

  • Have you seen the documentary Cowspiracy? I'd love to see a video on your thoughts of the meat industry and it's effects on climate change 🙂 Also, ice cream sandwiches…the bomb!

  • Dang this is some heavy-hitting advice. I feel my embittered old spirit thinking "yeah…maybe I shouldn't give up on effecting change already and try out some of these things!" Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Amazing video, and really well edited! I learned a lot and was thoroughly engaged – and considering I've always sucked at politics, nice work!

  • what about videos about new clean energy projects and technologies, and what challenges are keeping them less competitive (by now) compared to fossil fuels?

  • Hi. Sub4sub. Thanks?????⭐️?

  • hahha great video the big key in changing the world is change yr self , just a little about me and this is just how i see it climate change be happening for a very long time ( if you up for a challenge look at www.youtube.com/channel/UCTiL1q9YbrVam5nP2xzFTWQ just a different way looking at it I not say the right way ) live in a dome home ( 30% cheaper to heat and cool ) i grow lot of my own food milk goats for milk , cheese, ice cream i do aquponics ( it use only one 10th of the water as a garden would ) got horses that can pull a wagon solar power and ( i think the best battery you can get nickle iron ) there been making these battery for about 100 year and thay can last about 40 to 100 year lot longer that any battery on the market that i now of . No lead and easy to build ,and we make bio gas and cook with the sun too there more we do here you get the how i live why do i love living the simply life on my little farm it not because i worried about globe warm. but l am my own boss ( no the misses is the boss ) we save $ so i do not have to work as hard to have the thing i have
    my feeling is if were told people what a great life it is to make yr own power food bio gas and the like you have a lot more people on board to helping the world but no we got doomsayer telling us that the world going to hell hahahhahahahhaha well may be that was a little over bored. my dad would say you get more fly's with honey that you do with vinegar

  • Inducing precipitation. What are the effects? When developed countries induce precipitation, does that worsen the drought in other drought prone countries. Should there be legislation against it. Is is even successful? I wanna know, please and thank you.
    PS, i think you're super cute.

  • Divestment! 😀

  • Personally, I believe you are one of the coolest people I have ever watched.
    I love your energy, honesty and SUPER easy to understand talk.

  • my resolution: make memes

  • I just found your channel and im going into environmental engineering and im so happy i found you! <3

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