A lot of us, when we’re done with using certain things, in our work, in our daily life, of course, we use them, like for example, these are used for shooting, we throw them away. When we’re done with things that we’ve been eating, we also chuck them out. And the thing is that all these parts are completely out of our life and were completely clean, but that may not be the case, do you know why? Because all these products require some environmental, some carbon footprints to make and to dispose of. Disposing of this chair also requires an enormous amount of environmental footprints. As long as these products are still in the environment, they’ll still affect our life right now or in the future. And of course today’s topic guys, is definitely environmental protection as well as climate change. Follow me to the studio. We’re back here in the studio and we’re with the person, the first Vietnamese person to explore Antarctica. And this is the fabulous Ms. Hoang Minh Hong. Welcome to the studio. Thank you. How did your your Antarctica trip start? And this was 1997 if I’m not wrong, right? In 1997, there’s no Internet, how could you even get information that there was such an expedition? Yeah, it was in 1997. I didn’t have any Internet, no Facebook. But we hanged out with a lot of people. Among those people, there was one working with the ABN AMRO Bank at that time. One day, she called me and said “Hey Hong, do you wanna go to Antarctica?”. I said: “WHAT?” I didn’t have any idea what Antarctica was and why I had to go there. At that time, I was not aware of the environment protection or anything like that, I was just thinking like “Oh, it’s another challenge for me”. So I joined the competition and I went there. So the first step that you put on Antarctica, how did that feel to you? We came to Antarctica seeing everything was so calm, so quiet and everyone was like amazed at how beautiful the nature was. Ice berg and penguin and seals and whales. Oh my God, you have to see them. The first step that I really made on the continent, I felt like “Oh my God, who am I? Why am I so lucky?” All that feelings mix, feeling kind of like really overwhelmed. So what did you see exactly in Antarctica that major thing, environment is my thing, you wanna do something to protect the environment? I suddenly met with those scientists and environmentalists, activists never would have heard of that before. And they were fighting for climate change, the world and I was like “What?” “Why you are like that?” You want to do something that even cannot measure if you’re successful or not. Suddenly, I saw real passion. I never had real passion in my life. At that moment, somehow, it changed everything I believed in. I thought “Ok. I have to join this crazy force of people trying to do something…” And just because the nature was so amazing, how people interacted no matter how different they were, really made me “Probably, I wanna do the same thing”. When it comes to environmental protection, a lot of us, some of us do it because we want to protect ourselves, the human race. Some people do it because they feel they have a responsibility towards animals, towards wildlife. Where is this for you? What responsibility do you feel? Actually, environmental protection for me is to save human. Looking at the people who say we’re doing this for future generation. So it’s for your children, it’s for your own health. If right now, everyone’s talking about climate change is happening, horrible thing is going on, it’s all about human, it’s all about people. So back to the Antarctica thing, it changed me because I saw how we can do something, the thing is so big like environmental protection. Everyone has to be aware that this is my thing. It’s not a job anymore. It’s a choice. What is your environmental muse, environmental love right now ? What environmental thing is on your head? I have so many things going on in my mind right now, things like climate change, wildlife. And I was like, “we have to do this” “That’s so urgent.” Everything I really wanna have actions on. That’s why I’ve just set up my organization to have more people like me, have the same love, the same passion, to the same desire to take action. That’s the only way. Because you cannot act on yourself. That’s why my love is now spread out in the small organization that I set up, with 14 people. Young, much younger than me. They also got out of university, always be offered beautiful salary but this one, protecting the rhino is probably cooler. So I have those people. This is the big improvement I see compared to 1997, when I came back and nobody cared about the environment. Right now, young people are really concerned about the environment. I feel like my love is spread out evenly and I’m happy about that. That’s awesome! So we gonna move onto the next section and it gonna be the YAY OR NAY. Ok Alright, let’s have the YAY OR NAY coming up. Ok we gonna have the game of the YAY OR NAY. You gonna answer YAY to all the things that you say yes to. And NAY to all the questions that you do not believe or agree. So we gonna start. Number 1, nude for the environment, I will do it. You will do it. Have you ever done such a thing? We can do it in Vietnam. We almost did it in Antarctica. In fact, we really, as I told you, just did the photo jump into the sea It was freezing. We photo being totally naked. But then because we have to send it to the UN after that, and Ok, let be polite. So we put on our bikinis. Incense burning, I agree to incense burning For religious belief, would agree to one incense burning in important family event like the death anniversary of your family members. But the massive incense burning in pagoda and they way they burn it and chuck it in pile. I don’t think that it’s the right way. And especially, some I think that, I have seen articles about religious like Buddhist’s leader, who would go up and say this is not the right way that you pay your tribute and respect to your…. It totally emisses so much gases, greenhouse gases in the environment. I do feel and I do believe that tradition can be changed and adjusted to the modern life. It doesn’t have to be completely, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be changed, it is a lot better. Cockroaches. My enemy. You don’t like cockroaches. I hate them also. I hate them and I’m scared of them. I think they are probably the biggest challenge of my life. I can’t overcome the fear of them. I would go anywhere. I would not want to be with a cockroach. Alright, thank you so much for entering our YAY OR NAY. Ok, what question do you want me to ask? No, no. Just kidding. Before we move onto the next section, would you like to give us a little song? I heard that you guys sing a lot of songs during your campaign. That’s what I hear from the producer. Or he might not be saying the truth. Yeah, we sing a lot of songs, but I need music and the lyrics and all the crowd that sing with me. I’m a crowd person. I need a big group of people to sing with me. Let me see if i can give you the crowd, ok? Do we have the crowd and do we have some music? Thank you for the amazing song. Thank you. Now that you’re here, we’re ready for the IELTS MARATHON challenge. And you’ve got the whole team to support you right here. Alright. Let’s move on over. Welcome back to the studio and we are here with 8 IELTS MARATHON. Miss Hong Antarctica or Hong Nam Cuc has agreed to participate in the IELTS MARATHON with us. Alright, what have you done to prepare for this challenge? Should I be worried now? You shouldn’t, because that common ground of all participants. Alright, we gonna start off with the first challenge. It’s called DEVIL’S SPACE. But first of all, you gonna close your eyes. Alright. Close them, don’t open them, I’ll be right back. Ok, for how long? Until the mess magically appears. Alright, the mess is ready and you can now open your eyes. Oh my God, it’s like my room. And now you gonna find the passport, the key as well as the information letter. Make sure you check all nooks and crannies, all bags and all things that can be hidden inside something. You might wanna check every single little crackle. You found one, even though you turn the bear upside down. That may be not suitable for TV. You got one! Passport! Passport! Two more, two more! You’re so close, so close. Is there? Come on, the key. One last thing, one last item, the passport, where can it be? Basket. Basket? Oh, there you go. You’ve got three items. Congratulations! – Oh my God, the first challenge. – Is that adventurous? Much more difficult and challenging than environmental protection, definitely. You’re gonna go onto the next one, which is a lot simpler. Please work the camera. You have to turn it on. Alright. What’s next? Let’s go on to the next section, the FINGERPRINT challenge. Please move over behind the pillar and get all ten of your fingerprint printed. Do you ever get your fingerprints printed? Yeah, for my ID, what do you think? For your ID, when you travel as well. And when I go to apply to US Visa, I think. What Visa applied to go to Antarctica? Argentina, and that is. Alright, please wipe your hand. And you’re up to the next challenge. But before that, you have to put on the headphones. Congratulations in the previous challenges. You gonna go on to series of IELTS-worthy questions. Starting off with the HEADPHONE challenge. Are you ready? Number 2 is D. Number 3 is true, is it correct? You’re absolutely correct! Please find mistakes. So I would just have to pick out the wrong one, Ok? So Danco and deception island are definitely not the right ones. So number 8 is the wrong one. You’re absolutely correct. Number 3 is true, is it correct? You’re absolutely correct! You’re onto the PARAPHRASE challenge. Please find synonyms for the underlined words. The graph, the chart below. The chart below, that is accepted. A person for human being. Human being for person, person for human being. That’s absolutely correct. You need one more. Reasons, causes. That is absolutely correct. You’re onto the PRONUNCIATION challenge You’re onto the PRONUNCIATION challenge, where you will have to read the paragraph and our voice recognition system will recognize your sentences. You’ll have to get one sentence 100 percent correct out of the whole paragraph. You’ve got one sentence correct. – Please move on over here. – Oh my God That’s some amazing performance. I failed all the exams in my life. Are you serious? I’m serious. How did you fail all the exams in your life? Why did that happen? I was not a great student, I guess. With exams, I always had that kind of weird feeling like “Why I have to do the things that the teachers who are definitely more knowledgeable and much better than I am give me, I have to do the challenges that other people of the same peers give me, someone like the authority give me.” So you’re one of the rebel children. My teachers, they know. So you’re onto the last challenge. The last challenge, I think you will love the name. It’s called the SNEAK OF SHAME. SNEAK OF SHAME. Over here, you gonna sneak between the lights, make sure your shadow not get in the lights. And you gonna find six letters. When you get those six letters, you gonna form a word with those letters. Alright, you agree to our SNEAK OF SHAME. Are you ready for the challenge? I am. Let’s speak to the camera and say SNEAK OF SHAME. Light out please. Your hand can be in the light, just not your body. Really? Thank you. She’s fast and furious. Oh my God, so much. You’re good. So close. Lower down. Two out of six. Ok you got four more. My hands can be in the light? That’s your 50 percent done. 50 percent. Come on. Here you go, one. Two more, just two more. There you go. You’re almost there. I think you’re one of the fastest and one of the most strategic contender of this game so far. Get the last letter. You have it. You got it. Is it counted? It’s totally counted. Congratulations. Oh my God. Thank God I have all the six letters. What is this? You’ve got an N, R Another R. Too many R. I need some vowels. U. You’re so close I see something there. What is turn behind? What is there? What do we have? What is turn behind? And then we have…. Return! Return, there we go. Thank you for all the suggestions. So basically now that we talk about the environment, what are some of the key vocabulary words that you think audience can take away, when it comes to environment and climate change Climate change, so let’s talk about greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases. Basically greenhouse gases are CO2 and a lot of some other gases that cause global warming. Then we should talk about sea level rising. It’s one of the bad impacts of climate changes in Vietnam, something that we should be worried about. Another word, I don’t know if you know, but it’s a concept, more like concept. It’s 350. 350. Interesting! I did not know 350. What is 350? So you know that the global warming, the warming of the planet is caused by the green house gases, CO2. So the concentrate of CO2 in the atmosphere decides how warm it is. The safe limit of CO2 concentrated in the atmosphere is 350 ppm (parts per million). 350 is like the safe limit right now because of all the burning of coal, fossil fuel. Right now, we’re experiencing 400 ppm. So we’re well above the safe limit! All around the world. All around the world. This is global number. That’s why our whole mission is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, so we can reduce from 400 down to 350. So 350 is a number that everyone should remember. Absolutely! Guys, please remember greenhouse gases, 350 and as well as sea level rise. Thanks so much for taking part in all of the challenges and talking to us about you and your stories, you and your environmental passion. Of course, next up is one of our passion as well, our personal passion. It is the IDIOMS OF THE WEEK section. So would you like to take the honor of introducing IDIOMS OF THE WEEK section? So next up is the IDIOMS OF THE WEEK section. You gonna love it, so stay tuned, don’t go anywhere, we’ll see you again soon. Welcome back to the 8 IELTS studio We’re here with the lovely Daniel Ruelle Thank you for coming back. And of course, he’s going to be the one that’s going to bust all the IELTS myths and tell you how an IELTS examiner make things during an IELTS exam. So thank you for agreeing to give us more tips this time. Thank for having me back. Today, our celebrity of the week is actually An Japan. An Japan ís going to speak a little bit about what she likes. Let’s take a look at what she has to say, shall we? Alright, take it away, An Japan. Good morning, nice to see you again. Nice to see you again. Can you tell me your full name please? Le Ngoc Hoai An. Can I see your Identification please? Thank you. Ok, that’s good. Now in this part, I would like to ask you some questions about yourself, ok? I’m talking to you about giving gifts, when do people give gifts or presents in your country? I think in my country, people usually give gifts on a birthday, the wedding ceremony, on their special days. Do you enjoy looking gifts for people, why or why not? Yeah, I enjoy because I want to make people I love happy, because I care about them. I want to show them how important they are to me. That’s why I love to do that thing. Now I’m going to give you a topic and I would like you to talk for one to two minutes. One minutes to make notes if you wish. Do you understand? Yeah. Ok. Here’s your pencil and some paper. And here is your topic. You have one minute to prepare. Ok, let’s see what the topic is. Something I did that was new or exciting. Ok, I’ve got it. Ok, that’s one minute, alright. Remember you have one to two minutes. I’m timing you, I’ll tell you when to stop. Don’t worry if I do. Ok. Please start speaking now. Ok, I’m ready. One of the most exciting journey that I’ve made, it was a few months ago while I visited a friend’s hometown. All of the sudden, they proposed to go to a picnic into the forest. This plan was proposed by my best friend. Four of our friends agreed to do so. It was a little bit dangerous to go into the forest. We have heard many different scary stories from local people. But we decided to do so. Our main attraction was an abandoned house in the forest. We plan to have a picnic there and take a photo of wildlife and that of abandoned house. We thought that the guardians of my friend won’t permit us to do so. We planned not to let them know about it. On the Thursday morning, we left the friend’s house with necessary ingredients: vegetables, food and the thing that would be required to do the picnic. It was a bit little difficult to reach nearby the abandoned house. Let me stop you there. Thank you. We’ve been talking about new things and new experiences, I would like to have a discussion with you now. I’ll ask you some discussion questions. Let consider, first of all, why do you think some people enjoy or like doing new things? I think that’s a part of human nature. If we never trying doing new things, we would never make any progress through our history. Personally, I think that because doing new things is something very interesting. We can meet new people, know new places and learn something. And I think that people don’t usually enjoy doing new things, but it’s good that we do something we’ve never done before. Maybe people are curious. That’s why they do it. What problem can people have when they try new activities for the first time? I think they’re nervous, have problems doing new things. Something needs a little bit skills and practice to do well. Ok. Thank you very much. This is the end of the speaking test. Ok, thank you. What do you think about her performance? I’m very impressed actually. The thing that really struck me the most, compared to other guests, is something collocation. Collocations are when certain words go together. So for example, we say “ride a bicycle, not “go a bicycle”. She worships so many examples of those. For example, “an abandoned house” in part 2. “Part of human nature”. All of these are really good phrases, which truly spot on. That’s the thing really impressed me the most. And her pronunciation, I thought, was very natural. The only comment I would give her to improve is her speed. She’s a little bit slow. But all of her other categories are outstanding. That’s awesome! So in term of speed, how can a person speed up the way they speak. It’s quite difficult. If people speak too quickly, then your pronunciation will get worse. If you speak too slowly, your pronunciation will get better. But it’s a little bit difficult to listen to if it’s too slow. So my advice for students practice is record yourself. You really need to listen to yourself again, because some people don’t realize how quickly they’re speaking or how slowly they’re speaking. But if you can do a bit practice at home, record yourself and listen again, I think it gives you idea of if you’re speaking too quickly or too slowly. That’s some great advice! I also remember something that my teacher told me, back to the day when I was learning how to sing. My teacher said it’s really good to enunciate the consonants. That can potentially help us separate the words and also to make the speech more clearly. Do you recommend this method for people learning English? Absolutely! It’s a very tricky thing to do, because the English pronunciation is much different from Vietnamese. But one thing that’s really important in English is the sound, consonant at the end of the word. If you chop them off, it could change the meanings, which might confuse the listeners. However, it just takes a lot of time to practice really. There’s no shortcut. Absolutely! Let’s see what she thinks about her performance. An, this is your second time doing this, what do you think about your performance? I think I did it better than the first test, because I had some experience from the first time. I was more relaxing and better prepared. So now this is your second time, do you have any tips at all to share with our audience at home? I think you should take it twice like me. Just kidding. I think we should extend our answer by giving more examples and details to make our answer more interesting. I think we should practice more with our friends to feel more comfortable and relaxing. I can see why she’s a hot girl. I think she’s very charming. Yeah, she has a very nice personality. Looking at her in the video, I want to talk to her. Yes you are. I think those are quite some good comments. Good advice! I like the idea of practicing with a partner, even if through Skype or some other video servers. I think it’s just great to get the feeling of being in the interview. Absolutely! So we’re going to be going on to the next section and it’s our TIP section. Tips guys, you guys love tips, don’t you? Do you love tips? I love tips. The thing about IELTS is it has a lot of tips that can really help you to improve your score. So we gonna go to the TIPS TIPS TIPS & TIPS section. Ok, Dan, how should we deal with pie charts? The things about pie chart is that they’re more complicated than they seem. They look very simple but there’re little tricks and and difficult things that make it challenging. For example, the first thing is there’s not always a trend. So a lot of people say, for example, the amount of increase or decrease. But in a pie chart, it might not actually be changing over a period. So the first thing to notice is “Are these pie charts changing over a number of years?” And if there’s not, don’t describe any changes, because there are none. Absolutely. The second thing to be careful of is it’s not always 100 percent. The number in the pie chart might not equal 100. Sometimes, they might be out of 150, out of 200. Just be very careful. It’s not always 100 percentages. The third tip that I have is make a lot of comparisons, things like which is larger, which is smaller, larger than, smaller than. Pie chart, you really need to make a lot of comparison. Thanks so much for those tips. They’re very very precious tips. And we gonna go onto our favorite section of the week, VOICE OF THE WEEK section. So this week, we’ve looked to our Facebook and YouTube pages, and we found somebody who’s going to be very cute and you gonna love her. Take a look at the VOICE OF THE WEEK. The most beautiful location in the water in my opinion is my hometown city of Hai Phong. It is the most beautiful to me, not because of the many tourist attractions that it has or the variety of activities that you can do there but for the sentimental values that it has. When I was in second grade, my family had to move to Hanoi due to my dad’s work. But Hai Phong always has a place near and dear to my heart. Now that I’m studying in the United States, I can no longer visit Vietnam and Hai Phong very often. But every time I do, I will visit my grandparents, first thing first. When I was younger, my most favorite trip is the one we take to Do Son beach, which is about thirty-minute drive from where I’m living. Even though Da Nang’s beach was voted the most beautiful beach in Vietnam by many people, in my opinion, Do Son beach is still the most beautiful. I have made many beautiful memories with friends and family at Do Son beach. I won’t never forget. Unlike most beaches, the water in Do Son isn’t a deep sea blue or a crystal clear turquoise but more an earthy pink tone to it. I still think it’s beautiful, nevertheless. After having fun in the sun and splashing around in the water, my family would go to the shore and enjoy the abundance of seafood that Do Son beach has to offer. All the restaurants are wonderful. I have tried eating all restaurants. I love all these memories that I was able to make with my family. I wish I can go back I make some more in the near time. Thank you for listening. Bye. Did she write the whole story and then remember it to speak on video? It seems more like a prose to me. I was wonder if she’s reading cue card and then memorize it. But I was very impressed. She said that she studied in the US. Before she said, I was thinking she has a very nice American accent. That’s exactly explaining why. It’s really natural. She said “crystal clear turquoise water”. Very visual. Lots of really visual. “Fun in the sun, splashing around in the water”, “abundance of seafood”. Really really outstanding vocabulary. Anything for she to improve? I think perhaps her speed again. It seems that maybe, she has practiced the rehearsals a little bit too much. So there are parts where I noticed maybe she could have connected a little bit more, sort of pausing. But I mean very very small criticism. I think she’s outstanding. She’s very outstanding. And she’s amazingly cute. People gonna love her. To sum up on the topic of environment and climate change, what are some of the vocabulary as well as phrases that you think people can remember. I think one of them is to “go green”. Go green means you really try to be environmental friendly. Another thing you might say is “An environmentalist”. An environmentalist is somebody who’s really concerned about the environment and try to make a difference And what’s the third one? This is often used in the past, for somebody who protest against issue, “A tree hugger” In the past, there were force companies who try to cut down tree. People would form a circle around the tree and hug it to avoid a tree from getting cut down. It’s a bit out-of-date now, but you could say somebody is “a tree hugger” if they’re really hardcore about environment. – So thank you Dan for sharing with us some for the very useful tips. – My pleasure And of course, you know, we all should play a role daily. Say no to plastic bags. No to plastic bags and reuse, reduce, recycle. So guys, that’s it for this episode with Dan. When we think about the environment, of course we think about way to save it To protect ourselves, and also But through this episode of 8 IELTS show, we hope to really inspire you to, while you’re studying for the IELTS, to save energy, electricity. To also drink a lot of water but definitely drink it in a sustainable way. And of course, to always save paper as you study. So guys, good luck studying and we will see you again soon on the next episode of the 8 IELTS. Ciao ciao ciao ciao ~ Here at the 8 IELTS studio, we always try to conserve energy and of course we drink water in a recyclable and reusable cups. And of course we always have our scripts printed on double-sided paper and we always recycle paper. And of course, very importantly, every time we’ve done with the show, we always turn off our light. Can we have the lights off please? Thank you for helping us to protect the environment.

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