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So if you didn’t know I was going through a style crisis Now, you know, I didn’t know what I like to wear. I didn’t know what I wanted to wear And I finally figured it out guys. Take this video Do you own with it take inspiration from it, you know, maybe buy some of the pieces for yourself. So let’s get started first I got some jeans from the denim shop in Melrose, and I really like the denim shop in Melrose Hence why I bought the jeans from the denim shop in Melrose. I’m gonna stop saying the denim shopping mall ropes First pair is just a little pair of shorts. They look like this. I have been loving this length. It’s like Mom, but like not quite and I liked them so much that I got them in a darker shade as well These ones just have a little bit more of a different vibe. I like them both That’s why I bought them then I got these black jeans These were actually in my last video and I wore them behind the outfit. So check that video out I want to show you guys some bags that I got. So the first one is this a Gucci a saddle bag It says Gucci and then it says made in Italy and I really like this bag. I actually got it at Goodwill I just think it goes with everything that’s really cute and It is I also want to show you guys my folks’ll bag I’ve showed you guys this bag many times and when I first got it, I was like, yeah, this isn’t really my style But this is easily become one of my favorite bags I wouldn’t recommend it if you have to carry like a lot of papers and stuff But if you need a purse slash backpack, this is your girl. I’m gonna stop talking Okay, I’m gonna stop talking about this bag so much But I really like I take it to all my auditions and it’s just my handy-dandy Backpack. Yeah, okay. So my friend Olivia recommended this place called a good SIA and we went together and I found so many cute things First thing I thought was this basic little bodysuit. I think it’s really cute and it’s basic. It’s a body stew I’m gonna wear it a lot then I got this little dress and it is just like a bodycon dress This is something really casual I mean maybe who are Beach like whatever you’re feeling really it’s flattering So I got it next we have these bicycle shorts and I love these bicycle shorts They’re like a spandex, you know athletic material. That’s my really really like them They didn’t have a lot my size so I kind of just grabbed what they did have they had purple and they have leg so I got both these are definitely a staple for back-to-school But not if you have dress code because you will get dress coded before you even enter the classroom So I got you another pair of jeans from her at SIA and these ones are flared at the bottom Ooh, I think these are definitely gonna be a staple in my closet. So I’m excited to wear them next I have something that I’m really excited about. Okay, so it’s rush Shorts the like Bermuda shorts. I feel like it’s something I could even wear with like this outfit Maybe not but you you get what I’m trying to you know, you get the point I’m trying to make it last thing. I got from Earthsea. Yeah, is this little pink top? It’s actually not pink It’s purple. I thought this was so so pretty. Oh my god, look at it. Like I’m so cute already I think I was having such a good time I didn’t see it because all of these things are on sale and I was really having the time of my life moving on. I Got a few things from Urban Outfitters. You guys know I like go crazy go stupid or run Outfitters I’m trying my best not to buy to just buy like I really want to be intentional about what I’m buying with that being said The first thing I got was this little crop top. I wore this in my last vlog. Yeah my last vlog I wore this it was I burning up in the heat. Yes I was this isn’t for the heat, but it’s a tank top so it’s not for the cold so it’s like When do you wear this? I don’t know. The next thing I got was this large men’s Kermit tee. Like are you kidding me? He’s thinking wait. Is he thinking the consumer in me just like jumped out. Did I need this? No, I just think this is amazing like Kermit. I Move moving on. I’m gonna so Josh talked about that shirt The next thing I got from Urban it was this little dress and I wore this to a paragraph event Actually, it’s just one of those little black dresses, you know Then I got this pair of orange pants and I can see this with a black crop top quality feels really good So I think I’m gonna get a lot of use out of them. So yeah, there’s that. I’ve been on a bucket hat Um crazy, okay This is a bucket hat that I got on the line and um, it doesn’t fit my head This would be so cute. Even right now. I’m just like But I did get this bucket hat. I think it’s from a lid like that’s brand name This one’s from Brixton and I really like this one and then I have this one from urban the pink ones gone But they came out with like a tan and a blue one So I’ll make sure to link that down below for you guys You guys have been asking me about this pair of shoes for so long. I got this pair of white sneakers They’re kind of dirty. Sorry. This pair of sneakers is from windsor-smith. I can’t remember how much they were I showed these in like every single video breaking these in was one of the worst experiences of my life Not really. Let me stop being dramatic. These are my go to shoes and besides the breaking in part I highly recommend next I got these rare shoes. I got these because I needed some new heels I’m not necessarily a heels girl, but I feel like these are low enough for me to function You know, I went to the store in LA. It was called KITT and I’m obsessed these sweats I’m wearing right now are actually adidas sweats I love them so much turn for me to show you right now, but you’ll see the try on part. I also oh Definitely gonna be wearing this together. Oh my god. I’m just like ten times cooler You know, you can’t tell me anything in this you cannot tell me anything got this pair of Adidas shorts now These are just so adorable. I think I could wear even this with this. I’m just like my style Also, I got this suggestion for my stylist and by my stylist, I mean Jordan has I’d Chaney you told her I was having trouble With my Styles she sent me like ten links of things This was one thing she sent me. I’ve actually never heard this brand before. I did want to try though So I got this little jacket, is it a cropped? Jacket, I mean hey next up I’m gonna show you guys some workout gear that I got actually the first thing I got was just a no crop top from Aloe and I like this because you can wear it to the gym But you can also just wear it out. Like it’s a cute. It’s a cute top The next thing I got was just a new pair of Lululemon’s and these are actually different than the ones I have I think I have like the wonder unders. Yeah, like I said, these aren’t the Wonder unders. Wow This is just black black black black black These are from set. Do it the first step. It’s just this pink one I got the leggings and the little sports bra you’ll usually catch me wearing these to the airport as opposed to working out But you can’t work out in them. I also got a black one. This top is a little different It has a little bit more coverage, which I like. Hello. What’s up? I actually got some super comfy clothes from this brand. I found an Instagram I’m just gonna show you guys the stuff in a little montage because I definitely forgot to do it in the actual haul So cute this is one of those things that’s a little bit more trendy and a little less, um, you know You know I’m saying I got us a neon set like I didn’t even there’s no explaining with it I feel like this is perfect for back-to-school because like it sweats, but it’s like a Minute stop trying to justify it like just let me live my life Then I went to mush me and I just got to it basic tank tops this one. It’s black one And this one is a white one. These will definitely get you dress coded. So I don’t recommend unless you’re like a college student but cute nonetheless Oh and here Oh This corset top is probably one of the most flattering things you will put on your body have this in white and I really wanted It in black and came back in stock. So Yeah, I got a new pair of Air Force Ones and I recommend these for back-to-school I feel like they don’t get dirty as fast as other white shoes. These are in kids sizing I just get a five and a half since I’m a 7 in half and they fit perfectly so Yeah, next we have this brand called for love and lemons. Now. This stuff is very expensive and it’s very pricey I got it because of my birthday coming up and I thought I was going to Hawaii But these pieces are definitely a little less basic a little bit more like niche That makes sense or am I just like kind of making up words? I don’t know This is like a little cardigan top. I think it’s so pretty and dainty and I think I got it All right mouth all of this stuff I got from here was on sale if you think I’m buying for love and lemons at full price. I Also got this little set to the top It looks like this super delicate dainty, you know, whatever and then the bottoms look like this. It’s just a little skirt next nasty I was actually kind enough to send me something So I’m gonna show them to first thing I have here is just this little white top this ties in the front You can’t see now, but you’ll see in a second in like two seconds. You’re actually probably seeing it right now This top is definitely my favorite thing. I got last, you know, this one is I just love it because I Know it’s just so pretty look Eddie So I found this online store called mistress rocks And I want to try out some of this stuff favorite thing that I got was Actually at this dress and I really like it because it’s the way it like cinches you in. I think it was in sale I think everything I was into honestly I don’t I don’t really know next I got this kinda like utility jacket ish Thing – better on the model, we’re gonna see that’s the only thing about online shopping. It’s like you can find so much more but Sometimes it doesn’t look good on you. Lastly. I just got this huge jacket I thought this would be good throw over pretty much anything I feel like having a huge jacket during back-to-school is the go I don’t know if you guys experienced this but like Sometimes you wear something to school and then you regret it because you’re so uncomfortable or you’re sweating or like whatever it may be I feel like you have this near Locker or like your car just throw it on whenever you feel like that She’ll save lives so I only have two more places to show you guys and this is actually one of my items Look at this they sent this huge Jacket guys. Look at this. Are you kidding me? Haven’t tried it on but I got it in a size large and I’m like you can wear this way bicycle shorts You’re like leggings This is just a really fun piece to have next thing I got was two spare pants and these just like cute, you know pants Thank You Jenna for that explanation like to go with mantle jacket I got this little hat but Way too small for my head like my has a way too big for this Yeah, you know it’s definitely a bummer but these are just big head problems and we go through this all the time I obviously have this bag from there. I think it’s so funny and wow This prop clothes is just growing the last story I want to show you guys is or information first thing from information I got was just this little top and it comes with these pants I thought this would be really cute for like a comfy fit and it’s a sustainable clothing brand this stuff will last me for a Really long time the last thing I have to show you guys this is hot is this pattern pants? I think this is probably more of a leopard print bush. Yeah, it is. I don’t know what accent this is It’s actually really bad. These are the parents and They’re great. This means the haul is over. I hope you guys enjoyed this video I also hope it gave you some style inspiration Or maybe something you want weird vibe to school If you guys like this video or me You can follow me on my social medias or you can hit the subscribe button or you can like the video like it’s your choice But yeah, thank you guys so much for watching much love. Love you all. Okay. Bye

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