A Field Work Field Trip: AP Environmental Science Class visits Nature Gardens

(gentle music) – Our school, Ánimo Jackie
Robinson Charter High School, we’re probably seven blocks away, and we were a brand new AP
Environmental Science class, and so we were literally
looking for places in and around the city
that we could get to that didn’t cost us a lot of money, where the kids could
still get some experience doing field work. We got this great idea, can’t
we just come, do some science, we’ll stay out of
everybody’s way, we promise. And we found eutrophication in this pond the very first time, so
it was like right away, our kids got to see like real science, and because we’ve been
coming to the same spots year after year, we’re able to sort of
graph this data over here, so we can see that the pond
has gotten even more healthy, and also we’re watching the
biodiversity of the plants and animal species as
things start to fill in, so it’s great for me to be able to see, year after year, how
different this place looks even though we’re like in the
middle of the city, you know? So I feel like we’re really
lucky that at any time throughout the year, we can come over, we see different things,
different plants bloom different times of year,
so different birds, different insects, and
that’s not something that we would expect to get
from such an urban setting. – I took a class taught by
Ms. Lee my sophomore year, and it got me really
excited about science. Ever since then, I was very
interested and invested in science, so it made me wanna take one of her other classes,
and so when I heard there was an AP class, I took it. It’s very nice how we get to come out and have a place where
we can do these projects and test out different environments. The class, I guess you
could say, is crowded, and it’s closed, and then being out here, it’s an open space and you see the sun, the air, natural environment. – Because at my school,
you don’t see green grass, but right here you see green
grass and plants growing and well enough sunlight,
and there’s beautiful water that we have that’s
giving the plants support.

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