À l’État Naturel – Le Monde à L’Envers

Hello my name is michael and i’ve got 45 years old And i’ve been named the biggest traveler of the universe I’ve undergo threw the most terrify attack from the most dangerous animal in the world wide And i’ve done a lot of travel more dangerous by the time and today i’m gonna share my knowledge with a celebrity Who litteraly doesn’t live in the same world as me Hello my name is Sydney i’m a famous celebrity but i think that you already know me Because i’m a reality tV show celebrity Me personally , i’m scared of nothing except United state’s President Because he has orange skin and it frightened me It looks like an E.T from the moon I’m someone who doesn’t like nature it frightened me The tree are scary They can eat us I decide to participate to this show in order to show the inner of my body and not just the plastic Oh I assume i’ve done it just for the money

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