Abenezer Zeleke Aklilu, Environmental Economics and Management

Since I was a child I have always been
interested in mathematics and math related fields. As an Ethiopian, where the
country has been growing very fast the last few years I have heard and read a lot about environmental friendly development and environmental
consequences of economic activities. In addition my family always had small
farms around our home, so growing up I have been very much in touch with nature.
For this reason I have always been interested in environmental economics. It brings together economic theories and the natural aspects of our planet. Unlike other fields of economics,
environmental economics focus on balancing benefits from economic
activities and their environmental impacts to achieve sustainability. The best thing about this education is
that it enables to analyze environmental and economic aspects of projects
starting from a small farm or local scale to large global scale such as
projects in the European Union. The subject is important because as everybody knows climate change is happening and we need to understand the environmental
consequences of human activities and develop policies to control it. Studying at SLU is exciting because
the university has rapidly become a world acknowledged university. We are in
a new environmentally ISO certified very nice campus that is highly motivating to
work in. I have colleagues not only from Sweden
but from almost all over the world Studying at SLU also have a
lot of opportunities to get involved in projects either as a research assistant or
a PhD student. Also you’ll get to be part of the famous Uppsala student life. The job possibilities are wide, you can work in government institutions and environmental protection agencies. One can also work in private organizations
that want to study the environmental impacts of their projects or consulting
firms that advice other agencies. It is also possible to work in
environmental activist nongovernmental organizations. There are plenty of
chances internationally. I have a friend who did an internship
in the European Union in Brussels after graduating. If you care about the environment and
want to do cool things in the future then it is the right department. From my point of view you can change the world by being part of the decision-making
process of huge environmental projects that will impact for generations to

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