Accelerating a greener energy future with the help of AutoML

Global warming is one of the big challenges
of our times, if not the biggest
challenge of our times. Now we really do
have the technology to address the issue of carbon
footprint greenhouse gases from the electric sector. AES Corporation is
one of the leaders in new technologies for
renewables and energy storage. It’s a Fortune 500 company. Our mission is accelerating
a safer and greener energy future. ASSEL AYAPOVA: Right now, we
have around eight wind farms. Each farm has
different capacity, starting from 50 turbines
up to 300 turbines. NICHOLAS OSBORN: They
cover large spans of geography and land. They’re spread across
hilltops and mountainsides. ASSEL AYAPOVA:
All these turbines need annual inspections. Originally, it could take up to
two weeks to do one inspection. We partnered with leading
drone service company measure. Right now, with drones,
we can do it in two days. And this is safe and quick. BRANDON TORRES DECLET: For
a wind turbine inspection, we go out with our pilots. And what we’re looking for
is cracks or defects, things that may need to be repaired. NICHOLAS OSBORN: On
a typical inspection, we’re coming back
with 30,000 images. Then, in four weeks,
we’re viewing images. I don’t think anyone’s
going to argue that that’s the best use of a
highly trained engineers time. BRANDON TORRES DECLET:
How do we speed that up, and how do we make it
10x more efficient? That’s where machine
learning and AI comes in. NICHOLAS OSBORN: We’ve built
a great end-to-end solution using Google Cloud’s
tools and platform. With the AutoML
Vision tool, we’ve trained it to detect damage. We’re able to eliminate
approximately half of the images from
needing human review. The remaining 50% of
their time can now be very focused on
identifying that damage and really determining
the right course of action to remediate it. Moving from reviewing images
to training machine learning models, it’s a much higher-order
employment opportunity for people, and one where we’re
trying to develop our team. Google Cloud has
been a great partner. Their technology is consistently
among the world leaders, and they’re just a great partner
to work with, person to person. At the end of the day, we won’t
reach the cleaner energy future without advanced tools
like machine learning. ANDRES GLUSKI: Technology
will allow renewable energy to be cheaper than
conventional energy. Artificial intelligence,
robotics– this is really what the
future is all about.

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