AH Animated – Mountain Monsters

[ intro music ] There’s a show that he has seen, that I’ve never heard of called, uh, Mountain Monsters. So this show, it stars the A.I.M.S., right- the A.I.M.S crew which is the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, right? And they are six born and bred West Virginian boys, right? You know, big ass beards, sweet ass hats. There’s like one or two youngers dudes. We’re out here, ‘THERE’S BIGFOOT!’ and like, immediately, there he is. they find him every time, and it’s always like, it sucks because the camera just misses ’em! like, they literally, in the show, they’ll have the camera filming something and then and then trap will be like, ‘OH MY GOD!’ and then all of a sudden like he’s in a lake. they eat shit all the time there’s an episode where there were trappers talking about bigfoot and, according to him, this particular bigfoot is in this one clan, but now he’s over here and he doesn’t know why. and then he literally says, like, outta nowhere, he’s like, ‘well I think what happened is,’ he’s like ‘this bigfoot here, he was reckless, and he kept venturing out,’ ‘and he kept being seen by humans, so the other bigfoots got pissed off at him.’ ‘and they kicked him out of the clan.’ ‘so now he migrated here,’ and he will literally say shit like that and everyone else is like ‘aw man yeah you’re right trapper.’ like ‘i’m gonna get this guy!’ they’re in a house and he goes ‘AHH!’ and it cuts to a window and you see bigfoot in the window! it’s like, he’s really there! like you can see his face for a second! and you’re like WHAT? they’re all in the middle of celebrating about catching chupacabras, right? and then, wait, they hear howls and they’re like ‘OH SHIT THERE’S MORE COMIN!’ ‘AH WEREWOLVES!’ nonono! it gets even better! so they run to the front of the trap, right, and there’s more chupacabras comin’, cause they only have, like, three inside the thing, and they’re like, ‘WE GOTTA LOCK THIS DOWN, BOYS!’ and they all like stand up and get in position and they all have their rifles out they are like howlin in the distance but wait, oh my god, a crash and a boom behind them they run back to the trap, the side of the wall was ripped open and the chupacabra’s they caught got out! oh no! they escaped! so then, jeff- so jeff- with a j- jeff with a j, he’s the, he’s the researcher, he takes the notes, and he’s got the thermal camera so he takes the thermal camera out and you see across the lake like a small little chupacabra type thing and a large thing and that’s when fuckin trapper deduces ‘holy shit, they weren’t howling for other chupacabras to come save ’em, ‘they were howling for bigfoot to come save them!’ bigfoot came, ripped the fucking trap down, let them out, because bigfoot uses chupacabras like we use hound dogs! [ outro music ]

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