Air pollution crackdown expands with fine dust monitoring drones

the uses of drones is expanding even to
the point of monitoring air pollution it’s a far easier and faster way to
inspect emissions from the factories and there’s twice as effective in finding
those who break the rules our Ted on reports a drone with
equipment that absorbs air pollution flies into panner industrial complex an
area with many textile plants that emit smoke the drone stops at one of the
smokestacks sucks in air and measures the amount to fine dust the
concentration of fine dust Ward from a 24 micrograms per cubic meter to a 300
as a drone approached the top of the smokestack it takes just a minute for a
drone to collect and measure one liter of air much faster than sending a person
to collect a sample manually which takes three to four hours the drone measures
and analyzes more than 60 types of air pollutants it’s expected to make
enforcement much more efficient at hard to access places using drones the
detection rate of illegal emissions doubled to 42 percent Korea’s
Environment Ministry plans to implement the drone monitoring system to all
regional environmental offices by the end of the year Choi Jong un arirang

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