Algonquin College DARE District Grand Opening

It is my distinct pleasure to be the
first one to say welcome to the grand opening of the DARE District! The DARE District is a place to wonder,
to dream and, of course, to dare and more than that it’s a place where the dreams
of our learners will take flight. As students we have awaited this with great
anticipation, we all appreciate our beautiful campuses
that really are our second home and this building will be no different. The DARE
District building creates a truly pan-
collegiate model that will be a pilot
for colleges across Canada. It is now home to a new library and learning
center, an Indigenous Commons, a space for students to access the newest technology,
a cybersecurity center and more. This is a very great day for not just Algonquin
but for the City of Ottawa and I’m very very proud to be in this beautiful
building to say thank you for a job well done!
Algonquin is building on and reinforcing its unique culture and character, of
caring about every single student and the city and region it serves. Algonquin
College is leading the way in indigenized programming and spaces and
we have this wonderful opportunity for all of us native and non-native alike to
move into the future. As we guide our students they learn to transform hopes
and dreams into lifelong success. We think that’s a daring mission. We’d like
everyone to think this is a daring mission for Algonquin.
Thank you very much, Miigwetch.

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