All About The Secrets Of Rudraksha Beads | Neeta Singhal

So how many of you know about Rudraksha
already? Little bit. It’s said Rudraksha memory is
in everyone’s DNA. Today even in foreign
countries people are surprised. They have never seen their
grandparents wearing Rudraksha but even they always come and touch, when they see some one
wearing Rudraksha…’What is this?’ And they find it very
familiar. So Rudraksha is something that when a person looks at the Rudraksha,
a curiosity arises within him, what is it? It’s a very mystical bead and it’s
very attractive bead. and a very enchanting
bead. It has attracted saints, Gurus, Gods to
wear it as an ornament ..on the body. More and more people have
realized that Rudraksha is not
an ornament. Today Gods and Gurus they
don’t want to look beautiful. Why are they wearing Rudraksha? Because it is giving them
a certain power. But they have used the power
basically for empowering themselves. Basically for enhanced meditation. To Enhance their spiritually. But today in modern times
we realize we also need the power. Even we need this power. That they used. So my journey with Rudraksha
began when I was in Indonesia. I was there for 10 years from
year 1990 to 2000. So that time, you know, I used
to source the Rudraksha beads and send it to my father, who used
to maybe distribute among his friends, do a small business. So I used to just be a media,
where I used to take the Rudraksha from the farmers and I used to give
it to the couriers to send it to my father. Then what happened was in year 2000
when I came back to India So that time what happened was, I
searching for what I should be doing… in my career and if you remember
in 2000 there was an IT recession and I am IT person so that time
I didn’t have many openings in IT. So that time I was looking for
different fields …and that time this bead attracted
my attention. When I started looking at it,
I found that it was very mystical I realized that I use to keep on
cleaning the bead to see whether it can
be cleaned further And I realized that people were
not cleaning it very well It has a covering which has to be peeled
off after soaking it in the water. And be a science person I even
dissected the beads. To really understand exactly
what is there inside it? And you know I found so many
things which people who were doing Rudraksha
business since generations did not know about it. I came to know who a fake bead is made
and how the real bead looks. And why is it different from
all other beads? Why is Rudraksha different
from any other fruit? So when I started looking at it I got
a lot of information. …which I’d like to share
with you all today Because everyone is very curious
to know what is so special about Rudraksha Why don’t we wear any other
beads? What is so special about
Rudraksha? So after that, what happened,
I read all these religious scriptures If you are science student you’re
curious to go deep to know what is written
about Rudraksha. Slowly my house was surrounded
by all types of books. There was Devi Mahatmaya somewhere..
Somewhere there was Janamo Upanishad Somewhere Shiv Puran Any book that had even the mention of R of
Rudraksha was in my house I wanted to read all the books
even those written in very ancient times and even the writers who
have written 20-30 years back also so I read everyone’s books just to
know what is the reality of Rudraksha. Because I’ll not believe anything
just like this If Modern books say, girls don’t
wear, non-vegetarians don’t wear the Rudraksha I’m not going to believe,
I’m going to read authentic scriptures. So when I started to read
authentic books… I was very surprised When I started comparing modern
books with authentic books what was written in the
ancient books …verses what was written in the
modern books I found lot of disparity. I found that information
has been twisted. It has not been conveyed
Properly. If you read the Shiv Puran they have stories
about women who are wearing Rudraksha… There is a story where there was a woman
who was a big devotee of Lord Shiva …she used to all the time chant
his mantras… …and even her dog was wearing
Rudraksha and both were so immersed in chanting
the mantras of Lord Shiva. So basically when I came to know all
these types of stories… …then I read stores like, there was demon who
had done so many misdeeds in his life …but when he died, there was a Rudraksha
underneath his grave …that’s why the Pushpak Viman (a flying chariot from heaven)
came to fetch him That was very surprising I thought that demon We always say, if you have done
a bad Karma you have to pay for it ..and somewhere it’s written that
if you wear a Rudraksha… …and even if it touches you at the time
of death, you’re going to go to heaven And I know that ancient books like
Shiv Puran, Jabalo Upanishad… …they never lie, there is some
truth about it There is some truth in it. So I went deeper into the subject So after I gained knowledge after
reading so many books So I realized that every Mukhi
is a representation… of a particular god. You worship so many different Gods, right? You worship Goddess Durga, Laxmi,
Lord Ganesha, Brahma. All the energy of all the Gods
it’s inside Rudraksha Rudraksha is a manifestation of
divine energy! Today if you wear 8 Mukhi
Rudraksha on your body Ganesha will activate within you
to teach you his lessons. He will activate within you
to align you to himself. But of course it’s your choice Today if you wish for alignment and if you
decide no, I don’t want to align… …again it’s your choice Related to Ganesh if you wear 8 Mukhi
Rudraksha Ganpati is Lord of the Muladhara (root support) So all fears
relating to Muladhara, he releases them And it attempts to align you
to the energy of Ganpati… So every single Mukhi of Rudraksha
represents a God and represents… …a planet which is ruled by the god
and represents a specific Chakra… …which is ruled by that God
in that planet. So ultimately every Rudraksha
rules a Chakra To achieve Chakra balancing there is
nothing more powerful than Rudraksha. When Shiv has said Jabalo Upanishad
‘I’ve become Shiva because of Rudraksha’ I’d like to say, ‘I’ve become
Neeta Singhal because of Rudraksha today’ So this class today I’m taking
Actually… …to honor this divine bead which has
brought me where I am today. What is the birth of Rudraksha? When Lord Shiva saw that people
in this world are suffering… …because of demon Tripura.
Now this demon Tripurasur Now what do you mean by Tripurasur? It’s like three golden words. Its three illusionary words. What are three illusory words? Body Mind and Senses Today the Being is trapped
in these three words Mind Body Senses. Today why people are suffering because
they are split within themselves. Mind Body and Senses When Shiva saw that human
beings are suffering …we are born as creators but today
because of Mind Body Senses… …you are so trapped. Unless you
realize yourself… …unless you achieve Yog to merge the mind,
body and senses within you… …you can’t be the creator. Yes or no? So when Shiva saw how much the
mankind was suffering… …he started meditating to reveal the
Aghor form within you Because when the Aghor form
develops… …within mankind he is able
to come out of mind. So he was meditating for many years. And then when he opened his
Lotus eyes… …out of a lot of compassion
for the people… …when He saw their sufferings
he cried tears… And these tear drops when they
fell on the earth… they became Rudraksha trees. Now Rudraksha is a fruit… …which is naturally bright
blue in color… …when you see these fruits on tall
trees, you’ll see that…’s such a beautiful fluorescent
Fruit. It’s called Blue Berry. The genesis is Elaeocarpus ganitrus. It’s
basically produced in Nepal… …as well as in Indonesia in
complete variety. It’s possible that Rudraksha is
there in very limited form… …in India, Sri Lanka, Australia,
even in US… … But those trees are producing only
five Mukhis. They are not producing the
entire range of Mukhis. So basically this fruit is blue
in color… …and when it ripens it falls
down… …and when it falls down the
skin in time… …becomes dark blue or dark brown
in time. And what do you do,
you take these fruits… …the farmers, you know, they basically
clean them… …they clean the skin off. To clean the skin off, they
use sand. They use sand mixed with
little glass pieces… …so when they scrub it with sand
and glass pieces… …the whole skin comes off… …and then what is revealed
Is the Rudraksha. The same tree can produce all
types of Mukhis It’s not that there is a
five Mukhi tree… …or there is four Mukhi tree One single tree can produce
all different Mukhis. But basically older the tree the more
it can produce the rare Mukhis Now what are Mukhis? Mukhis means every single
Rudraksha has got a specific property. It has got a natural hole
through it… through and through I will show you a Rudraksha Now see this Rudraksha, it’s a five
Mukhi which is the most common. It’s nothing, no treatment done
on it except that it has been cleaned. No coloring, oiling.
Anything else is not done No polishing nothing. It has got a natural hole through
and through. Sometimes the whole is
little blocked… …because of very soft skin and you
can just put a small wooden stick… …or small wire and get
it cleaned. And basically it has got
these deep lines… …and these deep lines are
called Mukhis. Now understand, each Mukhi
has got a seed… …at the back So if it’s a five Mukhi there
will be five seeds… …if it’s two Mukhi it
will have two seeds… …and if it’s ten Mukhis it
will have ten seeds… …and if its 21 Mukhis it will
have 21 seeds… It doesn’t matter how small
or big the bead is… …seed will remain the same. Whether you take a big five
Mukhi or you take a small five Mukhi. Now this five Mukhi comes
in various sizes. This one, what I am showing you is a
Nepal origin bead. Now this five Mukhi from
Nepal typically comes… …in sizes from 13 mm to
30 mm. You don’t get Rudraksha of
50-60-80 mm. You don’t get Rudraksha the
size of balls. They are wearable because
Consciousness… …and nature knows we have
to wear a Rudraksha. So Rudraksha’s shape, size
is very wearable. Okay? And as we said there are
seeds inside. Sometimes you know the
seeds are very small… …it’s possible that the seeds
are dry… …it’s possible that the compartments
are very tiny. But please understand the Rudraksha
will work. How can we see the seeds inside
without cutting open the Rudraksha? How can we see the seeds inside
without cutting open the Rudraksha? X-ray.
-X-ray. Very simple x-ray, take them
in a dental laboratory… …is sufficient You can just put the Rudraksha
inside the x-ray… and its structure
will be in front of you. Okay? So you can see that. But what happens is you should
not get confused… …because sometimes two compartments
are very close… …or sometimes the seeds
are very tiny… …and you can start feeling, oh may be
this Rudraksha will not work. No, don’t worry. When Rudraksha was produced there
was no x-ray machine. So, God knows that we have to
judge everything from outside. If Rudrakhsa looks five Mukhis
from outside… …it’s definitely a five Mukhi.
Don’t worry. Clear? So, basically Rudraksha fruit
is blue in color … …and once the skin is removed and
the seed is dried up… …it becomes ready to use… …it has a natural hole through which
a silver/thread is passed… …to prepare necklaces and
Bracelets. Now what is Rudraksha? It’s very large tall bright
green colour tree… …whose seed is species of
Elaeocarpus Ganitrus. It’s basically found in Himalayas.
There are regions called Dhingla And lots of interior regions of Nepal
where basically you get Rudraksha. And also you get Rudraksha mainly
from Indonesia. There are areas called Kebuban,
Kediri in the interiors of Indonesia …there you get the complete range of
Rudraksha. Other than that you also get in
Australia, Hawai, South East Asia etc. But trees that produce the complete
variety you only get in Nepal… …as well as in Indonesia. Now what are different Mukhis
of Rudraksha? Now every single Mukhi
is attributed to God and a planet. This is already written
in the Puran. This is not a new information but
Puran talks only about the God. The planetary implication has been
devised after research… …and after knowing that which
planets the God governs. So one is Rudraksha one Mukhi,
this is very dear to Lord Shiva himself. And it’s ruled by Lord Shiva. Two Mukhi, it is a Rudraksha
ruled by Ardhanareshwar. Shiva and Parvati and
the planet is moon What I am saying is all this
information what I’m talking… …is available in the book
which we have got. So even if you don’t write,
it is okay. All about one Mukhi to twenty one
Mukhi everything is given. Just be present and listen
you will enjoy it more. Okay? So this is just a brief. We are not going to talk about all
the 21 Mukhis Rudraksha… …that’s just knowledge. You can always read the
book and get it So basically 3 Mukhis Rudraksha
is ruled by Agni… …it burns up the previous Karma
in the body… …because it’s ruled by the Sun. Four Mukhi is ruled by Brahma
and the planet is Jupiter. Five Mukhi by Shiva and
the planet is Jupiter. So like this if you see all the
Rudraksha are ruled by different Gods. You have Rudraksha for Ganesh,
8 Mukhi. You have Rudraksha for Krishna,
ten Mukhi. You have Rudraksha for Shiva,
eleven Mukhi. You have Rudraksha for Hanuman,
fourteen Mukhi. You have Rudraksha for Maha Mritiyunja
form of Shiva, sixteen Mukhi. So we have Rudraksha for all the
possible Gods… …that you popularly pray Other than 1-14 Mukhi Rudraksha
there are even higher Mukhi Rudraksha available. Shiv Puran only talks about
Rudraksha from 1-14. But there are Rudraksha available
for Mukhis higher than 14… …and which are very powerful. I’ve personally done research
for Rudraksha up to 21 Mukhis. But Rudraksha are also available
more than 21. I’ve got Rudraksha till 42 Mukhis. But understand that it’s not easy
to do the research. I spent three years researching
Rudraksha. Now, what does it mean researching? I wore Rudraksha on the body
to experience what it does to me… …but in that, you have to be in the
high state of meditation… …to realize within the small period
of 5-6 days… …that what are the powers of Rudraksha,
which part of the body it’s working on… What Chakras it is awakening
within you? So I was able to study Rudraksha from 1-21. I hope somebody else is later produced
to study about properties more than 21. There is a book called Katyayani Puran
which mentions… …properties of Rudraksha from
16-21 also. So, basically 16 Mukhi Rudraksh
is ruled by our Maha Mritiyunjay Shiva himself. He is the one who has produced the
Rudraksha by crying tears. So 16 Mukhi represents himself. When a person wears 16 Mukhis,
One is- he gets free of many many diseases… …and at the same time he starts on
his path of self-realization. Next is 17 Mukhi, this is a
very powerful Rudraksha… …which rules your third eye. After you wear the 17 Mukhi Rudraksha
you’ll start finding that… …your Agya Chakra(Eyebrow center) will
start getting cleansed. The anger, the temper, the
anxiety in the Chakra… …you know, you will see that it starts
getting released. Then there is 18 Mukhi Rudraksha.
This is ruled by our mother Earth. So when you wear 18 Mukhi Rudraksha
you feel very very grounded… …very connected and basically it
opens the Muladhara Chakra. Connected to earth So not only does Rudraksha cleanses
the Chakra… …it removes the diseases associated
with that Chakra. So when you are wearing 18 Mukhi, you
see that you get rid of pains in the legs… ankles etc. When you wear 17 Mukhis, you
find lot of relief in headache, sinus etc When you wear 16 Mukhi, you find that
your back pain… …your body pain, your kidney
related problems they just go away… …by wearing the Rudraksha. Next is 19 Mukhi, this is ruled
by Lord Narayan himself. This works on the heart Chakra. Then we have 20 Mukhi ruled
by Brahma, the creator. And then is powerful 21 Mukhi
Rudraksha ruled by Lord Kuber so when you wear 21 Mukhi, you start
seeing that money is something… …that starts staying in your life. It stops drainage of money and you see
that whenever you need money… …in your life it’s always available. But definitely to become as rich as
Kuber it will take time. So every Mukhi has got a different
Property. Other than this you have
got Gauri Shankar It’s a twin bead where two Rudraksha
are joined naturally together. This Gauri Shankar also comes
in different Mukhis… …from 2 Mukhi to endless Now what does Gauri Shankar do? Gauri Shankar is very powerful
Rudraksha …which works on Hrit Padma Chakra. Hrit Padma Chakra is Chakra located
below the heart Chakra. And basically this is the Chakra
of your ’Self’. It open ups your Chakra and this
is one Chakra…. …which connects to all the
other body Chakras… And that is why Gauri Shankar is
a twin bead. So when you wear Gauri Shankar
it basically empowers your Hrit Padma Chakra to break the connection with the
other Chakras of the body… for self-realization. So you can call this Gauri Shankar Rudraksha
like a Guru Rudraksha. It teaches you lessons of
Self-realization… by breaking free from the
other Chakras. We also have a very rare Rudraksha
called Trijuti. Trijuti is a Rudraksha which has got
three natural Rudraksha. I will show you after the break
those Rudraksha. Little bit first we’ll go to how Rudraksha is
mentioned in ancient Purans and Upanishads Let us just read a few authentic quotes. First. The men who are Mlechchha, Chandaal
or he who is full of all kind of vices… …get the form of Lord Rudra
once they wear Rudraksha… …there is no suspicion about it. Today how much ever you have
done negative Karma, sins etc. If you come to Rudraksha, you
are cleansed Without judgment you
are cleansed. A man with meditation and
perseverance and a wise man… …who wears Rudraksha gets rid
of all the sins and attains… …the supreme goal of
human life. Rudraksha mala must be worn
at the time of worshipping… …Lord Shiva to please him. Rudraksha can be worn by chanting
Mantras or without chanting mantras… …with reverence or without it,
with devotion or without it… …with shame or without shame… …with whatsoever procedure a man
who gets Rudraksha… …gets rids of all kinds of sins and
gets divine knowledge as well. Now when Puranas are also
saying whether you pray or you don’t pray… …you eat veg or you eat
non veg… …you drink or you don’t drink..
When Purana are saying you can wear it… …why do you have to use
your logic? If the wearer of Rudraksha dies
he doesn’t take another birth. He reaches the kingdom
of Rudra… If a man who is wearing Rudraksha
around the neck or an arm dies… …he lives in the kingdom of
Rudra… …after providing salvation to 21 orders
of his ancestors… A man who wears Rudraksha with
Pearls, corals, crystals …silver, gold or any other precious
Stones… …takes the form of Lord Shiva. Devotee who worships Lord Shiva
in the form of Rudraksha… ..devotedly becomes a king
in spite of being poor. A man who performs Vedic rituals
chanting Mantras, Yagnas etc without wearing Rudraksha,
gets no virtue or fruit. A person who wears all Rudraksha
becomes like me. So, a human being should try from
all levels to wear Rudrakhsa. Audience: Last one. Previous..
last one. A man who performs Vedic rituals,
chanting Mantras, Yagnas etc without wearing Rudraksha,
gets no virtue or fruit. You will hardly find any pandit
or guru without a Rudraksha mala. It’s not possible. You have to wear Rudraksha on
the body when you do Japa,
when you pray to God. Because Rudraksha is something
that connects you with your soul. And the ultimate purpose of you doing all these
rituals is to get connected to the soul. Next. Even Rudra attained Rudrahood only
after wearing Rudraksha beads. Saints achieve the ultimate truth
and Brahma attains Brahamatav. Thus there is nothing higher than
wearing a Rudraksha in this world. Padma Puran Just like Vishnu amongst men,
Surya amongst all the planets Ganga among rivers, Kashyap
amongst humans Shiva amongst all Gods,
Parwati among all Goddesses is the Highest and praised. Similarly, Rudraksha is the Highest
amongst All Hence there is no Shloka or
fast above Rudraksha Srimad Devi Bhagwatam. So, basically you have to understand
that all the ancient books Have highly glorified Rudraksha
as the means to basically destroy Tripurasur
within to destroy the separation within
you of mind body senses… and basically achieve self
realization. Clear? Now we come to the next part. Most of the people have a problem in
differentiating between fake and real Rudraksha. Because Rudraksha is not available
in very large quantity. So what happened …so people started
manufacturing Rudraksha also. So because of this manufacturing
of Rudraksha people started developing a lot
Of… you know disillusion with Rudraksha. They started wearing fake
Rudraksha on the body. They did not get the result and
finally, they declared Rudraksha doesn’t work
for me! For me Rudraksha is
not good’ But understand in this world
if there is real, there will be fake also. Yes or no? Today if real gold is sold then
fake gold is also sold. Real precious stone is sold as
well as fake ones are also sold. Yes or no? If there is real Guru then
there is fake Guru also. If there is real dress then there
is fake one also. Low quality is also there.
Yes or no? So can’t you see this real and fake versions
Existing… for almost all the products
in this world? Even for the fruits, vegetables, milk.
Yes or no? Everybody has seen that WhatsApp forward… …where milk is also prepared
from caustic soda Even rice is prepared
from fiber. And people nowadays are eating
food in so much hurry… Because they have to watch Ashoka,
they have to watch all these serials… …so whether if they are eating
fiber also they will eat. They will not see whether I’m
eating rice or eating fiber. So everything is available
real and fake So Rudraksha is no exception. But just like you know to buy
an authentic item you will go to an authentic place which is you know which has
been established for a good many years which has good couple of
Testimonials whose address you can
Verify you will never pick Rudraksha
from a street vendor. Yes or no? You’ll never pick up Rudraksha just
because someone has come and told you oh this has been given by my Guru
hundred years before Yes or no? You have to go to a proper
authentic vendor. Just like when you have to
buy gold. Will you buy gold from a person
who comes to you and say oh this is my ancestral gold. Will you buy like this? No! But when you go to a place like
Zaveri(Jeweller) Will you ask is it real
or fake? You will not ask, right? Because you know that when they
are established When they have got a reputation, why
will they deal with fake gold? So, whenever you buy any authentic item
You’ve to go authentic source. And if you go to authentic source
who has been established for at least five years you don’t have to worry. Today, Rudra Center has been established
more than 15 years. We are the first website in the world
on the Rudraksha subject. I’ve translated all the information
from Purana and put on the website. I’ve summarized
all the information. in a very readable matter for you
to read about Rudraksha. So if you come to people like us,
you don’t even have to worry about real or fake. Because we are more worried than you. So to basically create awareness
about fake beads. That how do fake beads look, only then
you can identify whether Rudraksha is real or fake. So let’s just see a few slides. Number 1 type of fake beads are those
Rudraksha which are made out of wood,
plastic, acrylic, betel nut. They are made out of different
materials. Because people have not
seen internet. This type of Rudraksha is
mainly designed for people who are not at all aware of how
Rudraksha looks like. If you don’t know how
it looks like anybody can sell you a betel nut or a
plastic or acrylic manufactured bead. Can you see this clearly? Does it look like Rudraksha
to you? It has just got lines. Lots of people prepare malas, beads etc
from just berries from the tree. They will take small small berries
and they will drill hole inside it and they will make a mala and
you’ll wear it like Rudraksha mala just because it looks like it has
certain groves. But such berries will not
have Mukhis. Today even if you see a Rudraksh
of size 10mm it will have Mukhis. Just see it closely with
good eyesight You’ll see very clearly it has
got Mukhis. Even though the size is 5mm. But in such a berry it will
be just a flat surface. Clear? Now next type. Next variety of Rudraksh is
made for a little more aware people who knows how a Rudraksh
looks like. In that case what people do is
they will slice a lower Mukhi Rudraksha to prepare it into a higher
Mukhi Rudraksha. The price of the Rudraksha increases
with the increase in the number of Mukhis. So, if an eight Mukhi Rudraksha
costs 7000 rupees. 14 Mukhi Rudraksha will cost
75,000 rupees. If a five Mukhi Rudraksha costs
45 rupees. A seven Mukhi Rudraksha will
cost 495 rupees. So, you can see the difference. So what people will do, they
will carve lines on lower Mukhis. So, you can see on this slide
the seven Mukhi Rudraksha it has got an extra line
on the side to reveal an eight Mukhi
Rudraksha. Jump from 7 to 8 is straight
6000 rupees jump. So you have to just carve a line. If you see this Rudraksha they
all are with carved lines. Now as we saw in the previous slide
the berries are very easy to distinguish because they don’t have Mukhis so you can make out but how will you can make out such
kind of beads which have got carved lines how will you make them out? Technique is that these lines
will be very sharp. They will be very sharp. If you
see the mouth and if you see the tail, it
will be so sharp and not naturally rounded and
another thing After wearing that Rudraksh
For a few days that area will become black and discolored because it’s
live bead if you wound it in any way,
it will definitely develop a wound So such a Rudraksha is heavily
colored by the suppliers They will make it a deep red,
deep brown color So what happens, you are
not able to distinguish the wounded part. And also what happens is if
you look at the bead on the left because they cut so many lines,
because that person would have told you know, this is 12 Mukhi but I want
21 Mukhi out of it. So they wounded it so much that the
bead started cracking up and breaking. So what they will do? They will put some kind of glue Some kind of paste and glue to
keep the bead together So if you see this bead carefully
there is a lot of glue, paste discoloration put in the bead. Can you see that? Just so that the bead doesn’t
crack up. Because if you take a Rudraksha
and slice it it can take a little bit of
breakage It can’t take so much
breakage Clear? So basically what they have
done to fill up the gaps is a material called lac. One material is there called lac They will fill the lac
and make it solid Also you know in these beads,
specially the bead on the right You see that the hole is very
unnaturally rounded. So basically they reconstruct
the hole. Because when they cut the beads
in slices in such, holes gets
damaged So they reconstruct the hole
using lac So this also can be easily determined
if you just look at it properly. Look at the lines whether it’s
natural whether it’s sharp. Look at the hole and another
way is you can take an x-ray. The line will not have a seed
behind it. Next. Now these types of beads are made
by gluing Rudraksha together. They stick the Rudraksha pieces
together. So if you see the bead on the left,
it’s a Gauri Shankar prepared after joining two five
Mukhis together. They have taken 5 Mukhis and
they have joined them together to create a Gauri Shankar.
You can see on the left, right one is also Gauri Shankar,
these kinds of beads you’ll typically find outside Hindu
Shiva Temples. People are on the streets selling
such kinds of Rudraksha from prices ranging to Rs.5 to Rs.10
Rs.500 to Rs.1000 So if you see the bottom Rudraksha, this
is a Trijuti. I will be showing you an
Original Trijuti after the break So this is five Mukhi, three pieces
glued together to form a Trijuti. Now if you see the central Rudraksha,
this is a bead which came to me for selling for 24 Mukhis but obviously when
you look it from outside it looks so damaged, so sad,
so fearful because someone has really
tampered the Rudraksha So basically when I found the e
x-ray this is how the x-ray looked because what they did was they joined small
small Mukhis of different Mukhis together to form a complete Rudraksha. They took out the sections
of 7 Mukhis, 8 Mukhis, 9 Mukhis to completely form a
24 Mukhi So definitely it has got some compartments
and if you see carefully they are not matching with
the seeds and the bead is actually different
sections glued together. Even the top Rudraksha, if
you see people carefully make it in a nice
silver cap so that you can’t see the mouth
but actually they are different sections joined together. What happened was in 2004-2005
when I started doing Rudraksha business I was really expert in identifying
the cut lines. So then some suppliers realized that
this trick is not working. So what they did was they started
putting sections when you see a section there is
no cut lines it’s only sections glued
together So initially, when you buy a Rudraksha
you can’t make out that its sections are glued So I also ended up purchasing
such Rudraksha But what happen was if you keep
these beads for just 30 days and you apply slight oil on them, the
section part started becoming jet black. So the beads started dying
after some time because they had brought fresh
bead I couldn’t make out. So what happen was. If you keep the
bead for a month or so the sections starts dying and then the
bead ultimately dies. So all those suppliers did not
get money from me. Definitely they became very careful. And since then you know, we have got
with them a big credit period so that any such Rudraksh can be
easily identified and it can be returned back
to them So now they are not able
to mess up. The last slide is completely dedicated
to the one Mukhi because this is the Rudraksha
which means the whole world go around
and around. Because everyone wants the 1 Mukhi
but it’s the bead which is the most fake
bead in the world. But it’s the maximum sold bead also
in the world. So I’ll talk about the 1 Mukhi,
you’ve to first understand The shape of the Rudraksha is exactly
as per the Mukhi of the Rudraksha If you see a ten Mukhi Rudraksh or
a nine Mukhi Rudraksha or a seven Mukhi Rudraksha,
they are quite round because they are very symmetrical
because of having ten seeds nine seeds…
Now what happens is you come to a six Mukhi Rudraksha Six Mukhi Rudraksha is not
completely round It looks like a hexagon. If you look it from far it
looks like a hexagon because the six seeds have to symmetrically
arrange themselves. Then you look at five
Mukhi Rudraksh. Just look at any five
Mukhi Rudraksh. Look at it carefully. Doesn’t it look like a pentagon? Yes or no? It looks like a pentagon because of
the five Mukhis have to spread themselves. Understand? When you look
at four Mukhi it looks square. You look at three Mukhi,
it will look like a triangle. If you look at a four Mukhi. Can you see, it’s
like square Yes? You can see square? Because nature will distribute
the Mukhis on the same shape So, six Mukhi is like hexagon Five Mukhi like Pentagon,
four Mukhi like square so three Mukhi will look like…
triangle Look at any three Mukhi in the
world, it will look like triangle only Now what will two Mukhi
look like? Think. Think… Two Mukhi will look like…
Flat! Two Mukhi will always be
flat One this side
and one this side Always flat! Impossible to fine round
two Mukhi Impossible! You come to a supplier and say give
me round. Give me round What he will do? He’ll take a four Mukhi,
scrub the two lines and give you a round two Mukhi It’s always flat! Then, how will one Mukhi look like?
Hey, how will one Mukhi look like? Round. -How will it
look round? When three Mukhi can’t
be round. Oval shape. It will look like moon,
half flat it will half of the two Mukhi It will be half flat. It will be like a moon with
only one line on one side that’s it… And that one line on one side will
actually be on the curve side The flat part will
be flat. The kaju dana (cashew nut) that you see, it’s
not a Rudraksha. Half-moon that you normally buy
is not a Rudraksha! It’s just worn for some kind
of significance but it’s not a Rudraksha. A real Rudraksha will always be half moon
tiny shape but the Mukhi line will be on the curved
Portion. The One Mukhi Indonesian which
we sell on our website or on our gallery is the
original one Mukhi Original! You see the power of
that bead. You wear that bead and you’re
constantly in the meditation. That bead will remove your migraine
in 8-10 days. You can see the effect after
Wearing it. And there is a Nepali one
Mukhi also available but it’s so rare, it’s available in
so much less quantity that we also don’t sell
on our website But it’s definitely available
with us. Shape also looks like Indonesian one
Mukhi but it’s a bigger portion of that. So are we very much convinced that
one Mukhi cannot come in round shape? Yes or no? Now let’s see what all kinds of
one Mukhi sold in the market One type of One Mukhi is what is there
on the top left. Now this is what happens is they
take an Indonesian Rudraksha. They defile the Mukhis, they make
it very complicated. Or they take any kind of berry
and they carve one line on it and sell it to you. So this is the one on the top left. Then you come down, in this
type of Rudraksha this is again some kind of berry
from a tree. They even make Trishul(Trident),
Om, Sarp. Understand that natural beads can never
have OM, Trishul, Sarp..never So this is another kind of
berry that is sold When you come down, there they
have natural five sarph (Snake) four sarph, seven sarph,
ten sarph So this is another Sarpha aakar (Shape)
one Mukhi sold. And this Rudraksh basically comes
from south India. In south India you have that
cashew nut one Mukhi in the same tree you have got a
cashew nut two Mukhi So what they will do? That two Mukhi part they will defile it,
they will make nice Om Sarph lingam and they will sell that Bhadraksha
in that. And then the center one I’ve shown Centre bead was something given
to me by a client For testing. Now this client has purchased it
from a Himalayan baba For US$ 2500… fifteen
years back And he told me, ‘Neeta’ I’ve got very
precious, I don’t know how to take care of it’ I bought it from a Himalayan master’ And he showed me this bead And definitely I know how
Rudraksha looks like so I told, no it’s not a
Rudraksha No no Neeta, it’s a Rudraksha, I
know he is so authentic’ So finally I told him, ‘okay why
don’t you send it to me I’ll make it into nice silver capping
and give it to you’ So he couriered to me
from US After that what I did was I put
it in water After I put it in the
water for one day it started smelling and then
it broke open. And inside that I found this gum The bottom part what I found
inside this. You will find in many temples
of India people are worshipping such
a big tennis ball. They are worshipping this tennis
ball as a pure one Mukhi Rudraksha but sadly it’s not a Rudraksha And finally when I showed this picture to
the person, He said, ‘Eek, throw it.’ So that’s there…
Commonly, you know, in Nepal you have got Rudraksha which are very
Underdeveloped Rudraksha. When you look from outside they
seem to have only one line or may be no line but if you look carefully there
are small lines on the mouth. So, what people will do, they
will either scrap up the mouth openings Or they will cap it nicely so that
you can’t see the lines on the mouth And they will sell these under-developed
Rudraksha as one Mukhi or zero Mukhi. But understand, they are also four
Mukhi or five Mukhi only Clear? Now there is this Rudraksha in
gold capping this is also sold very
commonly in Ashrams also sadly
as original one Mukhi And there is another one Mukhi
which you find, the fourth one on the top row this is the Rudraksha which
comes in Haridwar But it’s not a Rudraksha It’s a seed which comes from the
tree of Rudraksha of a Haridwar tree. It’s a bead which comes from a tree
from Haridwar. It has got naturally only
one line but understand it’s not the
Rudraksh. What is the proof? First it doesn’t have
a natural hole. Second, the seed is in the middle
just like any other fruit When you eat mango, the
seed is in the center, right? Yes or no? Now if you drill a hole in it,
from where will you drill a hole? It will pass through the
seed, right? But in case of Rudraksha the seed
is on the boundary The Hole is the only open
Area. But this Haridwar bead… One day a person from Haridwar,
you know, they sell lots of these Rudraksha as one Mukhi. This person argued with me, He said, Madam,
I’ll show you the x-ray proof, here it is.’ ‘There is only one seed.’ I asked, where is the hole? He said that I’ll drill the hole. From where will you drill a hole,
through the seed, right? I said then in mango also there is
one seed, so mango is also one Mukhi So basically this is that
Rudraksha Clear? Just as your awareness will increase,
you can protect yourself from buying such Rudraksha. Okay? Any other questions
you want to ask? What is Bhadraksha? See, Bhadraksh is you know the people
who cannot sell Rudraksha. They don’t have Rudraksha, they don’t
have money to buy Rudraksha. So, what they do is they sell some fruit
from a tree which looks like Rudraksha but which
has zero properties of Rudraksha that is Bhadraksha. There is nothing called Bhadraksha This is very nice question, what why
Rudraksha never spoils? I’d like to say Rudraksha is definitely
it is a seed It’s a seed but within a seed also
there is a seed Okay. If you’ll protect Rudraksha
carefully What do you mean by protect? What do you protect it from whom? You have to protect Rudraksha
from what? From…worms.
Yes or no? If it’s a seed, there will be
worms coming to eat it But today if you’re wearing a
Rudraksha on the body there will be worms coming,
yes or no? If you’re worshipping the Rudraksha
regularly You’re washing it once a month,
You’re cleaning it it’s in your altar where you’re offering
incense sticks offering camphor, flowers etc then also it will remain preserved but
today if you’ve got a Rudraksha mala and you just keep it in
some cupboard and you forget about it, if you
take it out there will be a lot of powder and the worms
would have a nice lunch and dinner So understand, if you want
to maintain your own Rudraksha either you keep them in the refrigerator,
they are very happy in the fridge Nothing will happen to them. They will be back to Himalayas. And they will be with you for
years and years and as effective as ever As effective as ever! So what I did was…
See I am a science person. So I’ll dissect, cut, break in order
to increase my knowledge. So I had a very old Rudraksha and
which was little bit broken also from the top So I knew I could not sell it But I was very curious about it
so I sliced it Very old one, I sliced it. After I sliced I was shocked to find
that inside the seeds were fresh, they were moist Can we understand that how the
hard structure protect the seeds inside
for years? It has got no life because it
is eternal. Now let’s come to the main question. How does Rudraksha work? Yes or no? Now you got the bookish
knowledge, right This is written in the book… How does it work? Let’s come to the main question,
okay Number one, everything in this world has
got a frequency And Rudraksha specifically has got very
very clear, distinct frequency Because of the presence of groves,
it has got a very distinct frequency as per the Mukhi of the Rudraksha. You take eight Mukhi from
Nepal or Indonesia of any size, it will show the
same frequency. Okay? Now what is this
frequency? This is the ideal frequency of
that Chakra. Rudraksha will give you the
perfect frequency of the Chakra Now what will happen, when you
wear the Rudraksha on the body that Chakra will start getting it’s
natural perfect frequency. Today the Chakra is blocked because you’ve
forgotten who you are. The Chakra we know gets blocked
because of fears. Because of stresses, when you
wear the Rudraksha it will give the perfect frequency
to the Chakra. And because of the law of resonance,
the Chakra will start vibrating to the natural
frequency of the Rudraksh in course of time,
as you wear it. Are you understanding? Today, why do we go to temple?
Why do we pray to god? Because in the temple when
we look at the god’s idol which is made in a perfect
geometry As god should look, as the God
should be wearing the outfit When you stand in front
of the idol you get a perfect frequency band
because of its resonance …your negative comes out and you
start trying to align with that perfection. It’s the law of resonance. Now how one should
wear the Rudraksha? We’ve to understand, it’s a seed
Finally. Yes or no? Today if you sow a seed in the earth… Today if you sow a seed in the earth
then what will happen? Will it immediately grow
up into a tree? What will happen? What has to be done?
Audience: -It takes time… Yes. Now what happens when you
sow the Rudraksha in the earth Now why does Rudraksh grows
in the earth? And why didn’t it grow in
your plastic box? Yes…why didn’t it grow in
the plastic box? And why did it grow
in the earth? Yes.. Audience: Atmosphere… So can you see that every seed
is very intelligent When you had put the Moong ki dal (Split Green Gram),
chane ki dal (Bengal Gram) in a plastic container. It was lying just like that.
You boiled it, ate it and digested it also. But today if you take the
same seed and you put it in the mud,
what will happen? It will sense, oh there
is mud Oh, there is water Oh, there is carbon dioxide Oh, there is sunlight, so what
will happen? It will check. Sure, is it that it’s just
for two minutes? It will check one day, two day,
three day, four day fifth day it will decide, hmm
yes, I am at the right place it will sprout and it will throw its root
into the ground And Slowly the shoot will come up then there will one leaf, two leaves
and then gradually it will start flowering Same about Rudraksha on
your body When you wear the Rudraksha
on your body As a mala or as a bracelet,
what will happen? First it will check,
oh, I’ve come to the right place it’s a human skin Which is a skin, it could be
an animal skin also Why I say animal skin because I had
treated animals of diseases using Rudraksha Last year we gifted many cows,
who were not milking Rudraksha. So we donated more than 2000 Rudraksha
pendants to the cows and after that we got report they
started giving lot of milk Because they were in a lot of stress. So, basically when you
wear the Rudraksha on the body nothing will happen, one day
nothing will happen two day three day four day, fifth day
it will say, oh God I’m in the right place There is heat, there is human touch,
there is a skin Then what will happen, suddenly
that Rudraksha will sprout and when it sprouts what happens,
you start feeling very good. You start feeling very nice, you
suddenly feel, my stress has gone. Why was I worried? You feel the stress going away,
The tension going away… If you’ve worn the 16 Mukhi Rudraksha,
your back pain will just go away within 6-7 days of wearing If you’re wearing one Mukhi Rudraksha, your
migraine will go within 8-10 days of wearing. If you’re wearing 15 Mukhi Rudraksha,
the pain, the grief, the hurt in your heart will just dissolve within 7-8 days of wearing. It’s so powerful. So basically when you wear the
Rudraksha on the body for the continuous period
of 5-6 days that’s why when we tell people
to wear the Rudraksha for the first time we tell them, please wear it
continuously But once it gets awakened, after that,
if you want to remove in the night it is okay You can remove in the night,
6-7 hours without you it can survive. but when you get up in the morning
please wear it back. Even if you don’t wear it for
24 hours, it is okay But don’t take the risk of not wearing it
for more than 2-3 days. What will happen, it will again
go in slumber Then what will happen,
when you wear the Rudraksha you’ll feel it’s not working because again it needs 7 days
to wake up. So people who have derived the maximum
benefit from us from our combinations are those
who have worn the Rudraksha 24×7 They have just worn the Rudraksha
and forgotten about it I tell them just as you see all the saints,
priests and gurus they are wearing Rudraksha
during sleeping during toilet, during bathing I said, why also you don’t
wear it all the time? Just wear it! Are you understanding? So when you wear Rudraksh
don’t take it off for more than 24 hours
at a stretch Because if you take it off,
you again have to awaken it by wearing it constantly
for 7-8 days. It is there… Then second what I’d like to say is, some
people ask me Ma’am will I become dependent
on Rudraksha? Once I’ve worn Rudraksha,
my Chakra gets balanced Will I get dependent? So my answer to them is,
initially you’ll be dependent Initially…because initially
what will happen When you take off the Rudraksha, you’ll
start feeling the negative energy once again Initially you’ll want to wear
the Rudraksha again I’ve got cases of people they forgot
their Rudraksha and they came back all one hour
back to home to wear the Rudraksha and
then go back to office So people don’t want to stay
without their combination But what happens is when you wear it
constantly one month two months three months and you stay in constant state of
positive vibration then you develop the courage to
have the positive vibration on your own Without using a crutch Just like a baby, when you teach
a baby to walk Don’t you give them a walker
initially because the child is not confident,
so you give him a walker Okay walk with a walker but a time comes when he doesn’t
need a walker and he can walk So Rudraksh, you can wear it for couple
of months You can wear it for a year,
you can wear it for 2-3 years If you evolve internally, you don’t
need to wear it life time If you want to wear it, that’s
also okay Everything in the world which is
natural can be a douser What is douser…
because it has energy if you keep it on your hand and
you focus on it and don’t move it with your hand..
see See you can decide, you want to
move it left and right …every bead rotates little If you see anything in the world can
act like a douser Anything that is natural…
in this the thread is very heavy Otherwise it will rotate very fast,
it can rotate in very large speed if the thread is not heavy So for dousing people are using
crystals, some people are using Rudraksha But what I am saying is…
as much you’ll go deep in magic …this thing pops up from rice,
this thing does this and that… In the world there is nothing
called magic Why don’t you realize your birth
itself is magic Today you’re breathing,
itself is magic Why do you want to look at these
kind of miracles? Just understand Rudraksha is
a frequency it will heal you because of the
frequency you don’t need any other
kind of proof Yeah Audience: Is there any medical use
of this Rudraksha? When I went to Hardiwar they gave me
one Mukhi Rudraksh and asked me to soak it over night
and drink that water early morning and that will cure diabetes. Did that help you? Water was very bitter so
I stopped it. that was not one Mukhi It doesn’t happen (Question asked is Inaudible) I’ll just tell Do you want to ask something? (Question asked is Inaudible) See people are very much worried
about do’s and don’ts of Rudraksha Because they have been told that
Rudraksha is very pure Sometimes I’ve such people
coming to my office they will keep their slippers outside,
they come very carefully they will touch Rudraksh
like this with hand You know…I tell them when it was
fallen down from the tree in Himalayas it had fallen in mud only It fell on the ground only It’s not that when the Rudraksha had fallen
it was picked by some lotus flower There is nothing of that sort First of all, there is nothing
of that sort You have to understand when Chandal
can wear it When a Dog can wear it.
Rudraksh can be worn at all times It’s a scene of a frequency but what happens is, indeed people
say that Rudraksha doesn’t work when you go to toilet, when you go
to funeral grounds because in toilet are you in
meditative state? When you’re eating non veg
or alcohol are you in meditative state? So why will Rudraksha
work at that time? Forget about eating non-veg, even eating
food Rudraksha doesn’t work at that time. so they have not told remove
the Rudraksha at that time They have told Rudraksha doesn’t
work in these times Like funeral ground, toilet, during
any type of activities it doesn’t work, it’s just the way of
telling it doesn’t work at that time because you’re not open to such
frequencies at that time Because Rudraksha will work
on your soul How will you connect to soul…
when you are in meditative when you’re satvik (Pious)activities and
not in tamsik (Vengeful)activities So in all types of Tamsik activities
Rudraksha will not work Now whether you want to remove it
at that time or whether you want to continue wearing
at that time because of comfort it’s absolutely fine There are people they say, remove
it and then you eat non veg after eating non veg wear
it back My some customers tells me,
ma’am what I do that day whole day I don’t wear
Rudraksha, next day I wear Rudraksha When you say god is everywhere,
whether non veg is outside or inside in you it’s one and the
same thing I said today because you’re
having non veg or alcohol, do you still
go to the temple? You still pray, do you still feel you’re
qualified to pray? If you feel you’re qualified to pray,
you can wear Rudraksha There is no restriction, I’d say you
can wear Rudraksha while eating non veg while having alcohol, when ladies
have periods when you go to toilet, you can wear
Rudraksha all the time, it’s okay It’s okay. You’ve to do things
which are very practical when you go to toilet, will you
like some bracelet, some malas hanging, no. It’s better you remove it that time after you’ve taken bath,
wear it It seems more comfortable but if you’re in the office and
if you’ve to go to toilet you cannot be removing your mala
bracelet and losing it Please wear it and go
to toilet Clear? So basically what we tell people the
simple routine When you go to sleep, it’s more comfortable
that you remove the mala because unnecessary the mala
will keep on shaking with you at night It will disturb you also and also
the beads can get damaged So we advise people to remove
the mala at the night but if you’re wearing a bracelet,
we recommend people if it’s possible you can continue
wearing it for continuous energy But when you get up in the morning
and you’re doing your daily routine it’s advisable, remove the Rudraksha
for that half an hour one hour because if you take Rudraksha for bath
all the soap will enter water will enter, thread will
become sticky sticky And then you’re wearing a dress over it,
you’ll not be comfortable We tell them you remove it before
you take bath and after you’ve taken bath
you can wear it back So that is more a comfortable
thing Clear? So any other precaution?
Any other doubt in the mind? You can wear all the virtue
21 Mukhis? I’ll answer this question (Question asked is Inaudible) One is what I’m saying is I talk a
little bit more about precaution so that we are sure about it So one we’re saying that Rudraksha
doesn’t matter whether you’re wearing Rudraksha when you go to
visit a funeral ground or when you go to visit someone
who has just had a child what you say ‘sutak’ Because it actually doesn’t
matter But if you want to be careful,
you can always remove the Rudraksha You can just purify by showing
the incense sticks with perfume, with incenses
and you can wear it back But it’s not actually that the Rudraksha
will defiled if you wear in those places Or it will get polluted in any way,
if you wear in those places It’s nothing like that You can wear close to the body
which is purest form of you and nothing will happen
to the Rudraksha Okay? Second is Rudraksha is
not restricted to only men In some modern books, what some
priest did they first said, only men
can wear So 50% population gone Then they said only Hindu men
can wear Again a large population went So that they didn’t want the Rudraksha
which already a rare bead to be so much available to
the mankind But I personally believe that
Rudraksha is available for everybody Mother will produce that
much Rudraksha as that much is required
for us today People are not attracted to
Rudraksha easily if you are attracted to Rudraksha
today it means you’re ready to start
on your spiritual path Because Rudraksha will make you
very much self-reliant You have to take responsibility
of your life Many years back you saw Rudraksha,
you just walked past away you didn’t care about it but today if you’re curious about
Rudraksha that what is this, I am attracted towards it, it means your
time has come to destroy the demon Tripurasura
within you if you are attracted towards it That’s why it’s written in the Puranas,
a man gets attracted towards Rudraksh only when he
has done so many Punayas (good deeds) in his life Only then he gets the visibility
of Rudraksha in his life So one is there is no restrictions,
women can wear people from any religion can wear They can consider it as a bead giving
you perfect frequency And what about maintenance and
precaution of Rudraksha? Does it require lot of maintenance
and precaution? So what I’m saying is, if you wear the
Rudraksha regularly so it is advised that twice in a
month you can clean the Rudraksh Because all the sweat, the grime
can enter the Rudraksh So what you have to do, you just
have to soak the beads in water plain water without soap, because
soap is harmful for Rudraksh So you can just soak the beads
in water overnight and in the morning you
can take a hard plastic brush they are very strong, they can
withstand the brush and you can scrub the beads and
after you’ve scrubbed the beads you can put the beads under the fan,
in indirect sunlight not in direct sunlight, we don’t want the
Rudraksh to become very dry so what you will do, you’ll put
Rudraksha under fan let it dry for another 8-9 hours
and after that you can take some perfumed oil
like sandal oil or olive oil mixed with sandal oil,
any light perfumed oil and you can apply on it with
a toothbrush Let the oil be soaked by the
Rudraksha for another half an hour one hour
and then you can wear the Rudraksha back This is the way you can
clean the Rudraksha And when you wear the Rudraksha,
you should avoid using talcum powder Because it is something when it enters
the pours of the beads it is difficult to come out So you should avoid that, you
should avoid wearing the Rudraksh when you take bath with
very hot water Because understand there
are seeds inside And what will happen if you
will put very hot water? They will die or they will
become boiled There are people they say, ma’am
I got my Rudraksha and I thoroughly boiled it I boiled it and it didn’t
not break There are no lines so it
is real It’s real but it’s dead So what happens is there is no
use boiling the Rudraksha once you boil it, it is not
going to be alive anymore because there are some people
they say that the test That the Rudraksha is genuine
is, they boil it It’s going to die after that so this is the thing, now you say that
is there any disadvantage of the Rudraksha? What I am saying is, number one
there is particular way of wearing the Rudraksha Rudraksha you just can’t take 1 Mukhi,
2 Mukhi, 3 Mukhi or 21 Mukhi, see the hole, put the
thread inside the hole wear it like a mala and
you’re ready Not possible! There is a science of stringing the
Rudraksha There is a particular way in which
you prepare the Rudraksha So that they work for you. You have to prepare as per your
blocked Chakra as per the planetary dasha (state)
you’re going through As per the particular concerns
you’re going through And then when you wear that
combination then you see that the effects will start
percolating you very fast Today this similar Mukhis cannot
be combine together in the fashion what is traditional
stringing today in this traditional stringing
pattern Today this is the traditional
stringing pattern These are all seven Mukhi
Rudraksha Make like a Kantha We all can see this Now in this if you see all the Rudraksh
will be facing in the same direction like a circuit because they actually start
giving you currents when you wear on body Anyone experienced it
in this room? After wearing Rudraksha… so basically what happens, it starts
generating current in your body So when you string it in a sequential
manner the current flows and the current comes out from
Sumeru so this type of stringing is used
when all the Mukhis are same 5 Mukhis, 6 Mukhis,
7 Mukhis And in between the Mukhis you can either
put a knot or you can put gold bead, you
can put a sandal bead You can string them with silver caps gold caps, in this we have strung
with woolen spacers This is how Gurus likes to wear it and
it looks nice Nice red colour. and when you wear It the Sumeru
should be in the front and not in the back Clear? Now basically if you see this,
this is all Gauri Shankar Gauri Shankar as I told you, it’s a Rudraksha
which works on the Hrit Padma Chakra It’s the Chakra of the self. And this is a Chakra which connects
to all the different Chakras The Gem stones that works is diamond and the Rudraksha that works
is Gauri Shankar So this is a Kantha made from 6 Mukhi
Gauri Shankar till 18 Mukhi Gauri Shankar It’s not easy to find Gauri Shankars of
18,17, 16 Mukhis Even the 6 Mukhi Gauri Shankar is very
rare to find Commonly Gauri Shankar beads are available
from 8-12 Mukhis beads only Other ones are very rare So this is the Gauri Shankar Kantha
and if you see all the Gauri Shankars are facing the same direction Can you see that? This is the way Kantha mala is strung where
all the Mukhis are the same or all the beads are of same
variety Clear? then we come to different
Mukhis…dissimilar Mukhis In dissimilar Mukhis… You see this… Now this is how a pendant is made when
the Mukhis are dissimilar This is what we call Rudraksha
Ratna Science Therapy. This is what is the culmination of my research is that how Rudraksha should
be strung in the right way there is a particular direction
of wearing left and right which Mukhi goes left and
which Mukhi goes right. How the beads are strung in
a pendant sometimes we string them
with a Kavach (shield) to get some extra power. These
Mukhis we also string… We can also string these Mukhis with
Gemstones so that they look nice and attractive, so we necessarily don’t need
to wear the boring malas so we can make them nice. When I entered
into the field of Rudraksha I realized that a person like me can
never wear that drab type of mala and kantha Being a modern person I wanted
Rudraksha to look beautiful So that people will like
to wear it daily Because only when it’s worn regularly
it’s going to give the results Yes or no? You just can’t keep it in temple
and expect that the result will come to you It’s like keeping the medicine
on the table praying to it and expecting it
to give you the results. You have to wear the Rudraksha, it
only works when the frequency reaches you. But yes if you keep a Rudraksha
very close to you Just like on my table I always
keep a 21 Mukhi. So if you keep a Rudraksha
very close to you definitely you receive
the frequency constantly But if you keep it in your temple
and you’re working in office distance is little large for
the Rudraksha to work So this is how we string
the Rudraksha We also make Rudraksha
like bracelets If you see this, this is an
Indonesian version Indonesian Rudraksha are
smaller than Nepal Rudraksha Now what is difference between
Indonesian and Nepal? Because at Rudra Centre, we deal
extensively in Indonesian Rudraksha So I want to tell you a little
bit about the difference between Nepal and Indonesia Nepal vs. Java Java is an Indonesian island
is called Java Basically if you see, Indonesian
Rudraksha produces the complete
variety of Rudraksha Today I’ve got Rudraksha from 27-42 Mukhis
but they are all from Indonesia Nepal trees have also produced
Mukhis like 23, 25, and 27 but we have not heard of them producing
Mukhis above that but definitely when these Mukhis are
produced The higher will be produced
some time So basically the main difference
is the size If you see the Nepal beads
are very clear Very big in size and the Mukhi lines are
like very deep groves on the surface. If you look at the Indonesian
counterpart the Mukhi lines, they are
like white threads on the surface. Very clear white threads on
the surface. But all these threads can be
counted to 100% accuracy today we can’t afford to count a
14 Mukhi as a 15 Mukhi It’s a total difference.
Yes or no? So they look different, Indonesian
are small in size. Typically, Indonesian Rudraksha
are available from 8mm to 13 mm. And Nepal Rudraksha are available from
13 mm to 30 mm. So this is the basic difference
in the size shape etc. but if you see the inner
structure the left side is all the Indonesian beads Three Mukhi, seven Mukhi,
fourteen Mukhi on the right side are Nepali
beads Three Mukhi, seven Mukhi,
nine Mukhi If you see the internal structure
of the seeds it is similar Now because of the size, Nepali
beads will start working faster When you wear Nepal beads
on the body In 2-3 days the bead will
awaken on your body. But if you take an Indonesian bead
it will be awakened in 7-8 days Indonesian beads will give
frequency at little slower pace as compared
to Nepal Rudraksha But understand because you’re wearing
Rudraksha all the time on the body Eventually the Indonesian beads match up
in power with the Nepal ones. Because you are wearing
all the time. If you’re just wearing for
very short period of time then definitely Nepal
ones are very good but since you’re wearing them all
the time on the body the power of the Indonesian beads,
the effects of Indonesian beads will start matching up with the
effect of the Nepal beads. So Indonesian beads take
a little more time to awaken The effect is a little slower
as compared to Nepal beads But they are very wearable. You’re very comfortable in
wearing them as bracelets and as necklace
on a daily wear If you see this… If you see this..
can everybody see? If you see this, this is Indonesian bead
bracelet and this is a Nepal bead
bracelet So there is the difference. Indonesian and Nepal So Indonesian are very small,
wearable, you can easily wear on wrist or upper arm. Nepal you’ve to
wear on wrist or upper arm but it’s a personal choice, there are
some people they absolutely love Nepal
beads and they say, ma’am I’ll wait
but I’ll take only Nepal. They will save money and slowly
take Nepal OR… And there are some people when they
find the power of Indonesian beads they go for the Indonesian beads
only Because cost wise, there
is a huge difference. Indonesian beads are almost 1/5 or 1/10th the
price of Nepal beads. And the price is not because they
are more easily available. They are as rare as Nepal beads. But the price is less because we
at Rudra center we have a very large hold
on the market We’re the ones we’re purchasing
90% of the saleable stock. Because we are purchasing so much
of quantity we are able to control the prices
and keep them lower And these are not… The rarity of Nepal and Java
is identical. It’s not that Indonesian one are produced
more than Nepal They are produced in the
same quantity But because we are buying so much of
the produced because of very good contacts, we’re
able to keep the prices low So it’s not that the prices are cheap
because they are cheaper. Every year the prices of Rudraksha
keeps on increasing. Because as the awareness is
growing as more and more people
come to know about Rudraksha more and more they are attracted
and they want to buy it. So definitely the prices
will increase every year. So it’s an asset, there are some people
who have bought Rudraksha 5 years back, their Rudraksha
have already increased in price 3 times So they say, ma’am it’s better
than gold. So it’s like that and as I told
You, the beads can be used for generations so that’s not the problem Now I’ve done this research on Rudraksha
which I call Rudraksha Ratna Science Therapy Where we string Rudraksha
with Gem stones. They string them with Gem stones,
instead of wearing Gem stones on fingers they wear Gem stones with
the Rudraksha combination. You can wear Rudraksha, Gem stones
both in pendant form as well as in bracelet form. As per your blocked Chakras,
you’re given either bracelet or pendant or both to
wear on the body. Every Rudraksha has got a typical
way it will work typical style it will work and typical
direction it will work. So we’re using all that knowledge
to make all these combinations for you Today if Rudraksha is not strung
Properly. Definitely it can give you
negative effects. There is a science behind stringing
Rudraksha and if you don’t follow it, when you
wear the Rudraksha you start feeling lot of heat
and a lot of discomfort after wearing the Rudraksha. The Problem
is not in the Rudraksha Problem is in the selection and
stringing of Rudraksha. Because as I said Rudraksha is
the bead of frequency it gives current and you know
if you don’t join different capacitors properly, because
Rudraksha works like a capacitor. It can awaken, it can close Today when you wear the Rudraksha
it’s not all the time awakened note that, it will bring you to an optimum
level of frequency what you’re ready for today But you’ll notice that whenever you’re
in a moment of stress or panic suddenly you’ll find
some activity happening in the Rudraksha and Rudraksha will
absorb your stress and worries This is how Rudraksh conserves
its energy. It awakens at proper time and sleeps
when it’s not required. So today when you’re not wearing
Rudraksha on the body you’re keeping it on your side table,
you’ll notice that it goes to sleep automatically. It will go to sleep and
it will get awakened. So on the body also it is not
awaken all the time. It will awaken only when it’s required. So Rudraksha being a capacitor
has to be strung in the proper way so that you get the full results. If you don’t string properly, you’ll
get lot of stress and lot of disturbed energy by wearing Rudraksha. See this is one bracelet I’ve been
wearing for many years. I’ve chosen this personal combination
for myself. I often wear a pendant which is
the wisdom pendant for communication Because I do communicate a lot. But I had a very very good incident
when I wore all these combinations like all these combinations you
know, they taught me at different times Like I’ll tell, what happened was
when I was doing this research and I identified this pendant that it’s
very good for removing shyness timidity, for increasing your confidence,
so we had already put it on the website then you know, that time what happened
was I got a chance I was attending a business
conference for three days When I went there for the first day,
I noticed that I was feeling very shy because
there were lots of speakers and all of them in coat and all
having corporate companies etc. and here I was a lady coming with Rudraksha. So somehow I started feeling
very shy there in the business meet. So I was
also surprised that I’m able to talk confidently, what
is happening that in the business meet I am not able to talk Whenever I thought of talking, I felt there
was somebody was holding my throat tightly So it was very uncomfortable and
the whole day went very whole day went with lot of
difficulty for me I didn’t want to meet anybody, I
didn’t want to give my card to anybody I was not comfortable
the whole day And then in the night I decided, it’s difficult
for me to continue two days like this Then you know by God’s grace, I decided
to wear the wisdom pendant myself. Because I was in the mode
of research I used to research what it is
doing and wear the next item Because I had to go fast in
my research. So I wore that wisdom pendant
and whole night I wore that pendant and morning when I went there,
I realized I was the first one ‘Hello, I’m Neeta from Rudra Centre’ I realized I developed so
much of confidence I was able to talk in front
of people that choking feeling went away
and you know, after that I never took out
that pendant I used to continuously wear it
for many years because I realized it just opened
me up to express what I wanted to say
without thinking All the clients who have worn
that pendant they have reported that yes
after wearing that pendant they were able to express so many
things to their colleagues, to their boss,
to their wives what they could never do
since many years Then this personal combination
what I wear for myself is one of course is 16 Mukhi
to honor Shiva Then I wear 14 Mukhi. Hanuman because basically we all need to
control our senses in this spiritual journey and
one for Lord Ram…12 Mukhi So I wear this combination 12, 14 and 16
constantly for the energy that I need in my life. Everybody needs a different kind
of energy Some people need energy of
attraction they want to attract, they
need a 13 Mukhi. Some people need energy
of dynamism they need 9 Mukhi. Some people need harmony
with others they need 2 Mukhi. Some people need…basically they need
to make very good strategic decisions they need 17 Mukhis. Many people in politics they say that
I fear that someone will take away my seat So they are all the time fearful
of competitors So they need 18 Mukhi Some people find it very
difficult to trust they feel I’m all the time betrayed
by people but till I don’t trust I can’t be
in power So they need the 19 Mukhi So depending on your particular
concerns you need that particular Mukhi Some people what they do is, they buy
a particular Mukhi on the body They wear, they see the energy,
then they read the properties then they wear another Mukhi,
you can keep on adding Mukhis and see the properties
on you You can yourself choose what
Rudraksha you need to wear You can just try with anyone And they are not expensive if you
see the lower Mukhis or if you see Indonesian, they
are not expensive at all Indonesian 9, 10, 11 Mukhi, they all
are in range of Rs.1000-2000 only 13 Mukhi is Rs.2800 only Powerful 14 Mukhi is just Rs.5000 only So you can go for different Mukhis,
you can try some of Nepal You can try some of Java but see the
effect they have on your body Chakras. Clear? Any question? (Question asked is Inaudible) Very good question…What happens is
suppose today I’m wearing this combination and I feel that I’ve already worn it,
I’ve already got the energy and now I want to move on. I can easily give my combination
to another person What is the procedure? When you give the combination
to another person it’s like taking the plant from
one pot and putting it in the
other pot. The plant has to again grow
its roots in the new soil..
Yes or no? So what will happen, you’ll
take the Rudraksha You’ll wash it, The person who is
receiving it He can either take it to
Shiva temple when the Abhishek of the Shivling
is happening he can place the Rudraksha at the
place where the water is flowing Clear? Your old Rudraksha don’t
place it above the Shivling place it at the place from where the
water flows out Or whatever is the Abhishek water, you
can take that water and wash your Rudraksh
with it Clear? So after the Rudraksha is
fully cleaned you can touch it to the
Shivling You can chant the Shiva mantras
and after that you can wear the Rudraksha It will again take 8-10 days and then the
frequency will become for the other person. But it’s not possible, today I’ll
wear, next day somebody else then next day somebody else,
it’s not possible. It will take 8 days to put it’s
roots in the soil it will take 8 days to align
with the other person Any other question? Audience: You said that you cannot wear
Rudraksha 1-21 by stringing together so suppose first time when the person
wants to wear Rudraksha is it necessary to show the astrological chart
and this is what is required in your life and… this is what is good for you? Okay…see basically as we know Rudraksha
they work on Chakras That is the most direct way of checking
what is the bead suitable for you Once you know which Chakra
of mine is imbalanced We can identify the Rudraksha
for you. Because we know which Rudraksh
works on which Chakra There is lot of information
available on our website We’ve written which Rudraksha works
on which Chakra also but basically once you know,
suppose you know that my Swadhisthana Chakra needs balancing. The Rudraksha of
Swadhisthana Chakra is Maha Mrityunjaya Shiva, 16 Mukhi You start with the 16 Mukhi,
another Rudraksha of Swadhisthana Chakra is 2 Mukhi. You start with 2 Mukhi
Rudraksha So depending on your Chakra if you
chose a Rudraksha that is the direct method but then
people can also use astrology because when you see the alignment
of the planets it gives you a fair idea, that what kinds
of problems I’m going through because of the planetary
alignment So you can wear a Rudraksha representing
that planet Today you know you’re going
through Mangal Dasha (Mars) Mangal Dasha will bring lot of
instability to you You can 6 or 14 Mukhi
for Mangal Aydience: For Ketu, ma’am? Ketu is Ganpati..
8 Mukhi (Question asked is Inaudible) See basically you can enhance
your combination you can enhance because as you need,
okay, let me try a 12.. let me now try 13, let me add
a 14 Once you understand, how it works
you can keep on adding your Rudraksha But see, we human beings are
constantly evolving We don’t need something
for all the time so it’s possible that once you
evolved sufficiently in your spiritual journey, you
don’t need Rudraksha at all. You can go past Rudraksha, you
can go beyond Rudraksha and you don’t need it. It will not
make you dependent as I said Okay? Any other question? (Question asked is Inaudible) When all the 7 Chakra are closed,
you wear 1 -20 See, we have got a very good
combination, “Sarvsiddha” Now Sarvsidha has got Rudraksha
from 2-16 Mukhis (Faces) I feel that is the combination which
addresses major Chakras It doesn’t address the Agaya Chakra
but it addresses the major Chakras 2-16 Mukhis, so you can wear
all from 2-16 Mukhis in a specific manner what we’ll prescribed
it will be one mala and a bracelet. So you’ll see that many of your Chakras
will open. But understand that when a person has many
Chakra blockages the root cause is only 2-3 Chakras. The other Chakras have got blocked
in sympathy Like we say, if Swadhisthana is blocked, the
Vishuddha is always blocked Swadhisthana means your self-esteem. Today you don’t know your identity,
you cannot express. But there is no problem with your
Vishuddha. So only healing Swadhisthana
is enough and you will start talking. So when you come to a counselor,
that’s why we’re sitting on that chair. If you want to do all the work
then what will we do? That’s not done. Come to us, we’ll tell you
what you need to wear It’s our job. We’ll tell you
what you need to wear as per you blocked Chakras, what is the
minimum combination you need to start with as per your budget, so that at least
you start getting relief Then you can add, that’s
up to your choice How much ghee you have to
add in your vegetable how much you need to garnish,
is your wish We’ll fulfill the minimum
Requirement. Audiene: Can we wear Nepal and
Indonesian combination? One with Nepal and other…
Perfect… Very good question Can Nepal and Indonesian
beads worn together? Of course they are the same frequency So many people are taking 3-7 Mukhis
Nepal one then they are taking 8-9 Java,
no problem And understand you don’t have
to go sequentially also that I’ll wear 2,3,4,5..
No When you come to me and
discuss, I’ll tell you which Chakras of yours need
balancing And once you know your Chakras,
I’ll tell you what all the beads you need complete for yourself You can just start with
those Mukhis You’ll know I need 8, 10, 12, 13,
15, 9 Mukhi total What you can do? As per your budget you can say, ma’am
I’m going to start with 10 and 9 first Then you can keep on adding then you can say, okay this is
2000, I’ll buy it next month This is 1500 I’ll buy it
next month You can keep on adding adding adding There are many many clients
who are doing this Many… Now every week Rudra Centre receives
many bracelets and many pendants from customers abroad, where
we just add the different Mukhis and send it back, it’s very constant
love affair between us that we take the beads, we re-string them,
we send it back So it’s okay you can keep
on enhancing your combination Sometimes you can add Gems in it Next class I’ll be educating you
all on Gems stones So you can Gems stones
also to it And you can enhance it But yes when you come to
a counselor you can at least limit yourself
that I need these Rudraksha Because when you see the properties,
you will become greedy You need everything Because you’ll see 7 Mukhi..
wow Laxmi 9 Mukhi. Durga..
10 Mukhi …Krishna You’ll say, I want everything But practically to wear
all of them is little difficult First narrow down, to what Mukhis
you really need and buy those. Clear? Audience: Touching our body Rudraksha becomes
black, does it pulls off our negativity? First of all, why do you
consider yourself negative? No, I don’t think so. but when I
showed someone that it has become black …they said it has pulled off your
negativity. Not me, they said so. Like some people wear Gems,
after they wear the Gems the color goes away,
why the color went off because the Gem was treated!
so then he goes to the astrologer Sir, color went off. He will say why? Your planets
are leaving the color. They are leaving color. The Planets are leaving you, they are
leaving the effect on you. He took his Rudraksha which
was becoming dark. Then they said, your negativity
is going inside the Rudraksha. First understand logically why it’s
becoming dark because it’s absorbing the oil
from the body. It’s a wood, right? It’s a wood which is absorbing
the oil and moisture from your body and becoming dark, don’t worry,
initially it will look dark from one side Like my Rudraksha when I started they
were very light brown in color. All the Rudraksha in the world they
come only in this color This color only! They don’t come in any other color. there is no…the myth that Rudraksha
come in four Varnas (forms) One is fair, second is dark, third
is red and fourth is brown nothing of that sort happens. Rudraksha is a fruit and it comes
only in light brown color. Now what happens is because it absorbs
moisture and oil it becomes reddish brown like this
is got little reddish brown or it becomes little more darker
brown But if it becomes black, understand
Rudraksha is of very low quality. If it becomes jet black,
it’s lifeless. It has to become rich deep
brown in color. If you see this mala… In this the beads are slightly
coloured This is not the natural color. They are very lightly colored. Because many sadhus and
gurus like this color but when you wash this 2-3
times the color will just go off The Gauri Shankar string I should
you is natural 99% of Rudraksha what we sell in
Rudra Centre they all are natural color But yes, the higher Mukhis it’s possible
they become dark with time because when we keep with us
for storage we keep them oiling them because
we don’t want them to become very dry Because we oil them,
what will happen they also become dark dark because
they absorb the oil so the old beads become
dark in color Basically you’re asking is it possible
that we string the Rudraksha only in thread and not
in metal. My question is…basically what I’d
like to say that when you string as per the
Science Therapy You need to keep the Rudraksha
facing in a particular direction. To face them in a particular
direction you have to use metal which
is more durable which is more comfortable. That’s why Rudraksha Science Therapy
came to being renowned when metals were introduced Shiva produced Rudraksha many
thousand years’ back But Rudraksha was not popular
at that time But why today Rudraksha has become
so popular because metals have taken birth So Rudraksha has to be strung
in a very typical manner so that you can receive
the energy And for that stringing in
metal is very important. We do make the same combinations
in thread also. So it’s possible to make in thread but
we should be open to wearing in metal also but I’d like
to tell you metal is only a carrier. It’s only a carrier of Rudraksha! There is no difference if you
wear the same Rudraksha in thread or metal, there
is no difference Metal works like a metal and
Rudraksha works like a Rudraksha. There is no difference, so it’s
your choice you want to have in gold or you want to have it in silver
or you want to have in plain thread But for durability because you want
the bracelet and the mala to exist for long time with you,
it’s good to wear in metal. We make our bracelets with this
adjustable spring so that very easily you can take it out
and very easily you can wear it. I believe in a very practical
way of wearing So this is how we designed
most of our Rudraksha jewelry. Yes… (Question asked is Inaudible) As I said that there has been absolutely
no research done for Mukhi more than
21 Mukhis There is no research done. So no one knows about the
properties So we don’t know what
is the effect (Question asked is Inaudible) Yeah, he has taken 27 Mukhi but we don’t
know what result he has got. Because I’ve not studied, unless
we study we’ll not know but definitely it will be working
on your different Chakras only. Have you documented the research? I’ve not documented as yet because
I never got time Because immediately after
my research you know I discovered Rudraksha
Ratna Science Therapy then we started our business,
our distributors in a very major way, we’re in
operations since 2000 but after the research things became
very fast for us and I just didn’t get any time But what I would like to share
with you is I had miraculous experiences, very
personal miraculous experiences when I did my research,
like I’ll give you one example I was researching 14 Mukhi Rudraksha,
you know, now 14 Mukhi it was told is the bead of Shani
(Saturn) that time but it was of course in books it was
written that is ruled by Lord Hanuman Now I didn’t know how 14 Mukhi works
on what Chakra Because when you say it’s
working on Shani it should have been working
on the third eye. Clear? So what happened was I was researching
this 14 Mukhi and I tried for 3 weeks on
different different Chakras and I did not get the results, infact
it blocked my Chakra First I thought 14 Mukhi is
another form of Shiva Like in Ekadasrudra form
Hanuman name comes so I said it must be working
on the throat So I tried wearing for the
throat Chakra it blocked my Chakra then
I visualize Hanuman that Hanuman shows off his chest
and there is Ram and Sita inside oh yes Hanuman is for the Heart,
so I wore it on the heart and the heart Chakra blocked Then again I had to heal myself,
then I said Hanuman is power he ate the sun, he will work on
Manipur Chakra Then I tried on the Manipur and
my stomach went for a toss Then again I had to heal myself Every time the Chakra got blocked,
you’ve to heal yourself so that Chakra opens. So what happened then I tried
on the third eye again it did not work, then
I gave up Then I started testing another
Rudraksha then you know, the time came,
after I tested Rudraksha I again came to 14 Mukhi so what happened was I has already tried
for the crown I tried for this, I tries for the Vishnu,
I tried for the heart Then I tried for the Swadhisthana Yes, they united Ram and Sita,
he is union I thought about Lord Hanuman keeping
the word union in mind then Swadhisthana was blocked. Finally I said, Muladhara..then I said,
Lord Hanuman will work on Muladhara it was difficult for me to imagine
that time Right but then finally what happened,
I remembered that day I was sitting on my sofa
where I meditate and instinctively I wore the
Rudraksha on Muladhara Because when I tested, I used to wear
the Rudraksha on the Chakra on the body physically not as
pendant or bracelet I actually wore the 14 Mukhi
instantly on the Muladhara Immediately you know I went
to Google and I typed ‘Lal Deh Lali Lase’ I came to know, ‘oh I’ve
got a red body’ ‘I am red monkey!’ My body is so strong like Vajra You know, ‘Jai Jai kapisur’ I was surprised because I never heard this
sentence also before And that time I realized, oh god,
Muladhara is red Hanuman is red, Muladhara is body,
hanuman is the strength of the body Hanuman is Muladhara Chakra So you know, still you will see many websites,
they say 14 Mukhi is Shani. On our website you’ll see 14
Mukhi is Mars Because when I started this website,
I wrote Shani So everybody copied but when in 2008
I took a detour they didn’t get time to change so
everybody writes Shani. So like that on our website there
are many differences in planets because for me, it’s experiential,
I actually experience so like that every single Mukhi has
taught me what am I made for what do I do because after I wore
14 on the Muladhara instantly I felt so much strength
in the body that I could just lift the sofa
where I was standing…like this I felt so much of energy, courage,
fearlessness and immediately so many tears came in my eyes
because I saw that you know when Laxman needed help,
he didn’t get the herb doesn’t mean that he came back,
sorry I didn’t get the herb He brought the whole mountain So much power, so much devotion,
so much surrender I found So like that I learned about Gods,
so when I actually research Rudraksha, I came to know
the secret hiding places of the Gods. I realized that where these Gods
manifest in your own body. You have to understand all these Gods
are inside you! Hanuman is within you,
Krishna is within you Ram is within you Today people have divided Gods. It’s like looking at an elephant
from different angles. Some says, it has two tails,
some says, it’s huge some says, it’s a pillar Just like that some are praying
Goddesses only Some are praying Ram only Some says, we’re Vaishnav,
some says we’re Shaiv So understand, no you cannot divide,
it’s like riding your Chakra one person is saying only Muladhara,
one person is saying only Crown one person is saying only Heart,
you can’t achieve salvation that way. If you want to achieve Yog, if you
want to achieve salvation you have to pray to all the Gods Every single God. You’ve to take
the energy of every single divine entity in this world. Only then you’ll achieve Yog! Don’t go on Gold,
don’t go for money! Look at the Mukhi These are 1-27 Mukhi Rudraksh. If you see it has all the Rudraksha
from 1-27 Mukhis If you see this Indonesian Mukhi,
you look carefully …it’s threads are very clearly
visible there is no mistake, no fault or doubt at any line
and there is a specialty of Indonesian Rudraksha they cannot make fake ones. Because there is a white line and
it’s not possible to create white line. That’s why in Indonesian Rudraksha
nothing is fake. So this is a Nakshatra mala,
1-27 Mukhi in Gold. There is very beautiful Rudraksha,
Trijuti (Three pieces joined naturally) This is Nepali Trijuti, this is naturally
Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh This is Brahma Vishnu and Mahesh Rudraksha (Question asked is Inaudible) Yes, this is worn as a pendant that’s
why there is loop Naturally three Rudraksha’s
are joined And it works like “Dattatray Guru” also It gives you lot of wisdom,
lot of power when you wear it. This is in gold. There is without gold also. I’ve achieved this two years’ back
because people bid for them When you want to buy such big Mukhis so there is a kind of bidding
in Nepal People bid…some for 5 lakhs
and some for 10 lakhs And I bid 15 lakhs and I got
this bead Because this is nature’s wonder. Now when it’s sold, it really
hurts me So this is the problem with me,
my higher Mukhi beads remains in collection, they are
not sold because I am so attached to them
that when I sell them I very doubtfully look at the person,
will he keep it carefully or not? So I’m a collector, I like to collect
all the creations of the universe and then there are different Mukhis This is Kuber, 21 Mukhi, it’s
selling price is 55 lakhs Audience: 55 lakhs? Selling price is 55 lakhs. Price is dependent …actually there is
no demand and supply because there is no bead available,
so this bead our next competitor, he sells
this for 1 cr. Rudra Centre prices are 50%
less than others so we’re selling this for 55 lakhs One is kept on my table and
this is another one. So, we have two Kuber Rudraksha with us. Then…this is very beautiful Pashupathi,
15 Mukhi It’s called beautiful because it’s very
clean, big, well formed it’s heavy and has very good
structure So this is called “collector” So we’ve made such sets
2-19, 2-18 This is 15 This has different types of
beads This is 16 Mukhi Big one This is 18 Mukhi big…very clear It’s every line can be counted and this hole is quite open, you
can just put a thin stick and it will open up. There are different Mukhis Rudraksha beads. There is a Rudraksha which is
is called Sawaar If you see Sawaar, it’s like a
Gauri Shankar Rudraksha but it’s top part is
one Mukhi So it’s called Sawaar Rudraksha,
people are quite interested in this also And then I’ll show you the one Mukhi This is the original one Mukhi Now the good things come
in small packets This is Indonesian one Mukhi,
I’ll show you the Nepal one also which is of 1 cr. This is of just 24,000 Rs But don’t think, tiny one
to be inferior. Our nearest competitor sells this
bead for 2.5 lakhs. But we’re blessed with lots of
good suppliers of one Mukhi Because in Indonesia when I was there,
I bought a small piece of land in Kebuban which produces
lots of these one Mukhis so we’re selling almost at
the cost price whatever is our farming price because it’s a very healing Rudraksha You can ask rates of original one Mukhi
to any competitor Not less than 1.5 lakhs..
2 lakhs…2.5lakhs But this bead has so much power,
such a small bead if you wear it on your body, you’ll
feel entire day you’re doing meditation Constantly you’ll be in the state
of meditation Migraine will go away,
obsessive thoughts will go away and you’ll become very focused. We’ve a doctor in USA, he says I always
take my one Mukhi to surgery because I’m able to do surgery
precisely because he does very minute
surgery so he always takes his one Mukhi. And now I’ll show you the Nepali… This is Nepali one Mukhi Now see its shape… If you see from here it’s
like moon half flat..
Yes or no? It looks like moon but if you
look from here there is no Mukh Can you see? It’s a flat surface, totally flat From here it’s surface
is totally flat Can you see its mouth? Mouth. Can you see the natural hole? If you see like this, can you
see the tail? It has the natural tail also and this is it’s Mukh This is natural one Mukhi! This is natural one Mukhi! This is one crore Rupees! So look at it… Actually it’s shape is half moon One you get in shape of cashew nut,
is not a one Mukhi This is the actual one Mukhi..
how it looks like Okay Many such collections are there On our websites if you go
to rare collector beads you will see lots of 19, 18,17,15…
different Mukhis 1-27 I’ve already shown you Just as 27 there is 28,29,42..
just there are different lines otherwise there is nothing else in it Clear?

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