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Be a GREEN MUSKETEER and reforest the world with us! – Autumn has arrived in Spain, and with it, the rain and the clouds. At the foot of the San Isidro ski resort in León are the species that are going to be planted with the Groasis Waterboxx technology. During our experience over previous years, we have been able to witness how plant manage to live even under one meter of snow thanks to the protection they receive from the Waterboxx. Let’s observe in detail how a plantation is carried out in such a complicated area. The Waterboxxes are stacked very intelligently, with 300 pieces on each pallet. They use one year old saplings to plant species which can resist the heat, the cold and the snow pressure. This is the San Isidro ski resort in León, Spain. We are going to plant trees above the natural tree line to protect the area against avalanches. The employees assemble the boxes in the barn. That goes faster than in the field. The workers start to prepare the plants and the Waterboxxes that they are going to use. they put the wicks in the boxes and moisture the roots of the plants before transporting them to the plantation plot. Some of the roots have been inoculated with mycorrhizae, here we can see one of them. – We are at the San Isidro ski resort, and we are starting to plant the second phase of the Life+ project that is being carried out here. If you look around the valley you can see white spots on the ground. Those are the planting holes, that were dug last year. Last year we planted on the opposite slope, about half way up, and this year we are going to plant the top half. Also last year that strip of the valley and that slope that goes up there were planted, as that dark area that has holes if you look closely. That was planted last year, bottom and top halves. This year we are going to do this slope here, which is the one we’re going to plant now. – On the way to the planting area, we stop to observe the state of the plants which were planted in previous years. Thanks to the protection of the Waterboxx, the plants resist the extreme conditions of this region, situated over 2000 meters above sea level. On a 43º latitude, this is extremely high, and very difficult to plant. That is why you do not see natural spontaneous growth of trees here. The plants get ahead even at this altitude surviving the summer heat and staying alive under the snow in the winter. Once more, we are surprised that the amount of survivors in this place, which is practically all rocky terrain. – We have gathered the plants because we are going to come in from different places: From this track, from a road that lies below… So, we bring the plants close to the holes, which have already been excavated. Here we have the black pine, that grows above about 1800 meters. It isn’t typical of the Cantabrian mountains, but it is of the Pyrenees, where it appears between 1800 and 3000 meters above sea level. Enebro comunis or Juniper is a bush that tolerates well these extreme conditions: Problems due to scarcity of water in the summer, excess of water in the winter or springtime. They are species that have to be tough and able to stand these circumstances. – The workers have found a way to plant the maximum number of plants in the shortest time. They install the Waterboxxes and the plants in the already excavated holes, as was done on the opposite hillside in previous years. In the box, they plant a bush and a tree, that together form a symbiosis to grow better, in this case a quercus and a pinus, oak and pine. On this occasion, we do not need to supply the Waterboxxes with water as it will soon rain. The terrain does not facilitate this operation, but thanks to the holes that were previously dug, the process is much faster. Here we see the combination of a Juniper and a pine. – We are happy with what we planted last year because the results are very favorable. Also, with the plus that after a very hot summer with almost no rain, the Waterboxxes still had water inside, last month, after nearly two months without rain. The plant itself is in quite good condition. The only faults there have been are related to the terrain, were there have been landslides that have affected the Waterboxxes, breaking them or leaving debris, or streams that passed over the Waterboxxes during the thawing of the snow and left sand inside. These are mostly physical problems. The functioning of the Waterboxx and the state of the plants is satisfactory in general. – Here you have a bud, and if you look there you can see another bud. And you see the difference in the color of the leaves. The green of other leaves is darker, it’s because it’s a new bud. – Here we have a specimen which was planted without a Waterboxx, as a control sample. It has not survived. On the other hand, the trees which are protected by Waterboxxes not only have survived, but they have flourished. We can see that 3 pine trees and a mountain ash are sprouting from this box. We checked that the roots are strong. We have also been able to observe poplars, pine and holly trees among others in great condition. The experts carry out different tests, that all confirm the benefits of the Waterboxx for the plants’ development. The scientist checks the soil temperature and the water temperature. During the day the water absorbs the heat, keeping the soil cool. During the night, the water gives the heat to the soil, keeping the soil warmer. This balancing of the temperatures speeds up the growth of the plants. – Well, that’s all. – This one had a Waterboxx and it has been removed. – Yes, it has. – We leave assured that these new plants will soon prosper. Download the scientific report of the planting result in the description of this video. Groasis wants to thank you for subscribing and commenting and
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  • This video shows the plantation of trees in rocks. The plantation is in San Isidro ski resort Spain. The planting is above the tree line. The tree line in San Isidro is at 1,800 meters. In winter there is one to two meters of snow on Waterboxxes and their the saplings. The Groasis Waterboxx protects them well. Over 90% of the trees survive.

    Anti desertification plantation of trees in Leon Spain Life+ The Green Deserts

  • I love your work! 🙂

  • Y cuando los arboles aumentan considerablemente su tamaño? tiene alguna manera "facil" de poder quitarles el waterboxx?, ya que con el tiempo van a molestarlos para que sigan creciendo

  • Sorry, but i think its not necesary plantaition in there. Betula alba, and betula pendula recolonization is natural.

  • me parece muy bien que haya trabajadores para un proyecto tan ambicioso, pero porqué no incluis a colegios en proyectos así…para que empiecen a saber y a participar de su entorno, de porqué se hace y todo…una lástima desperdiciar oportunidades así para despertar conciencia en los niños o adolescentes!!

  • buenos dias friends!
    can you tell me how sustainable is that?

  • Muy buena información ¿,me gustaría saber si ustedes cuentan con algún estudio científico sobre el Groasis waterboxx?, He buscado y no he encontrado más información que no sea de su pagina web. Les envio mis saludos.

  • juniper is a terrible tree plant oaks and pecan trees and mix it up dont just plant junipers.

  • What happens when the trees get too big for the Waterboxxes?

  • Почему в России не сажают так же деревья ?
    А только вырубают и увозят

  • Way past time for the update please!

  • just went on google maps to see some satellite pictures, and its greeeeeeen =)

  • Botswana, Namibia and Angola (Africa) are looking for engineers to channel water from the Angola mountains, through their countries. Patterned after the success in China and the breakthough technologies to green the desert, these areas are looking for financial support for this huge project. Drawing from the need of settlements for refugees who had originated from Syria and other places in Africa, they are needed here to exchange work for living space. If they are coming from northern developed countries who have already accepted them as refugees, they are welcome to be re-settled here with the financial support from the country that had accepted them. Engineers from China and Japan are being called upon to supply technical knowledge on the best route for the water channel from the mountains of Angola, through Angola into Namibia and Botswana. These countries already have ancient canal systems, now seriously overgrown, never-the-less can be re-claimed and put back into use as conduits to grow crops, and, for aquaculture. Settlements for refugees can be placed on these abandoned canals, and be taught to replant the desert and restructure the canal. Refugees need to sign up through the country they want to settle in along with the pledge of monetary support from their former settlement country. Small temporary settlements, placed along the abandoned canal systems will be supplied with well water, seed for crops, trees for de-desertification and technological data to develop their patch into the whole system.

  • I am a hunter of León, and I want to say thank to you, because its very dificult to raise awareness to the local habitants and authorities. We need and sustentable world.

  • plantar frutales y no pinos que dan de comer

  • Por qué los plantan en línea con lo feo que queda??

  • gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don’t forgets to grow apples trees as they produces fruits for a hundred years and also more importantly to do Hill terracing and swales that forces the rainwater underground making the landscapes rich and fertile,much better than groasis bu itself.Notices that the land here is pretty dry although it’s cold.Look up the LOESS PLATEAU regeneration.

  • woiuldn't something like a willow or more of a ground cover do more to knit the ground together?

  • Uma pergunta: Los animales bom comen Las plantitas ?

  • id like to see update from these places

  • Thanks. Joy to hear about reforestation. Please what is the name of the piano music of introduction?

  • Is there a video or photos of how the place looks now?



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  • Planting trees way better solution than car tax

  • great work

  • Mis mas sinceras felicitaciones por el excelente trabajo y por reconocer el gran valor del medio ambiente para nuestra sobre vivencia sigan adelante un total apoyo y la mejor d la vibra

  • The coordinates of this place are 43°02'31.5"N 5°23'15.1"W , it is valley with a ski resort called "Escuela Española de Esquí y Snowboard de San Isidro".

  • I just found a 2017 video update of the same area, here's the link:

  • None

  • Plant, Plant and plant more. Green the world.

  • I love you guys ❤️ you are brilliant can I join you is it possible

  • Utilizan la ecologia y las necesidad de espacios verdes en el mundo como trampolin para sus metas verdaderas , que es la de producir mas y mas plastico para esta industria , estrategia comercial pura y dura , en realidad les importa un rabano a la indutria los de las plantas .

  • If you share the location through Google Maps we can follow the evolution from satellite view

  • Are you going to be reforested California

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