Applied Environmental Microbiology

hello friends my name is gargi and i am assistant
professor in department of civil engineering at iit roorkee and i am very pleased today
to welcome you to our online certificate course applied environmental microbiology through
nptel our environment is teeming with invisible microbes who drive our geochemical and nutrient
cycles and also affect environmental and public health current scientific advances have established
the importance and relevance of these microbes to address our pressing environmental challenges
such as climate change wastewater treatment disinfection emerging contaminants and antimicrobial
resistance the main objective of this course is to equip
the students with fundamental understanding of environmental microbiology and its relevant
application so that we can train and create a next generation of environmental scientists
and engineers who can harness the immense potential of microbes this course is open
for both undergraduate and postgraduate students and would be particularly beneficial for those
who are aspiring to be future environmental scientists engineers and steroids
and if you are wondering whether you have to remember the latin names of all microbes
rest easy because this course is designed to focus on concepts without requiring memorization
by wrote this twelve week course is spread over sixty lectures each of thirty minutes
we will cover the basic microbiology of cell cell structure its function and the phylogenetic
diversity of microbes we will then move on to microbial energetics environmental genomics
and the interactions between microbes and the environment
we would then dive into applications of environmental microbiology in relevant and pressing environmental
challenges such as acid mine drainage emerging contaminants bio deterioration of infrastructure
and threats to public health during the course assignments will be given to you on a weekly
basis and your solutions will be evaluated by us at the end of this course an examination
will be conducted for students who are interested in getting a certificate i hope to see you
in the course thank you

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