Are All These Natural Disasters Normal? | The New York Times

[MUSIC PLAYING] Been a very active
couple of months– there’s been probably four
major hurricanes in that time. There’s been– –very, very severe
wildfire season in the West. Literally driving through
a fire at the moment. Then on top of it,
we’ve had a couple of very strong
earthquakes in Mexico. Some of this is normal. But some of it may also be a
harbinger of things to come. Science can explain
all of these things. [SCREAMING] Earthquakes– the
frequency of earthquakes is remarkably
consistent year to year. A 7.0, roughly,
earthquake and then– and also an 8.0 earthquake
within two weeks of each other is not unusual at all. The fact that they both happened
in Mexico is a little unusual. But lots of quakes
happen in Mexico. Thing about earthquakes
is that most of the big earthquakes,
actually, in the world happen in places where
there’s not a lot of people. So they don’t
really get noticed. Earthquakes aside, it’s tricky. Some of what’s been happening
is related to climate change. Some of it isn’t. So wildfires are an
interesting question because there’s some element of
normality and nature involved. But there’s a lot of
human influence here. It’s been very dry,
climate change-related. And also, there’s certain
insect infestations that are now worse because
of climate change that can kill trees. And that’s fuel for fires. Couple that with
human influences. More and more people
are living in areas that are close to forest. The human desire to live
close to nature sort of plays into the whole “what’s
going on here” feeling, whereas 20 years
ago, a wildfire might have happened somewhere in the
Rockies and nobody lived there. So nobody would really care. Now the same wildfire might
happen in the same location. And there’s vacation
homes there. And so people take notice. Terms of hurricanes,
generally speaking, the months of August,
September, and October are the busy, active
part of the season. Some years, you don’t get
many hurricanes at all. It’s a naturally
variable situation. It is probably a little
unusual that several of them have been really
monster hurricanes, and also have made landfall. You want a big database
of things to study. And with hurricanes, with, like,
12 or 15 storms every year, that’s not a huge number
that you’re working with. But some scientists say the
intense season we’ve had is more likely to repeat
itself in years ahead. Scientists are pretty
confident that climate change will make hurricanes
worse for two reasons. One is warmer air
holds more moisture. The other impact is that
sea levels are rising. Some point, particularly
if you’re personally affected by these things– the scientific
explanation is not enough. Whether you blame nature
or some higher being, to be in awe and a little
scared or a lot scared at what can happen to you in
these events is a good thing. It probably means you
prepare for them better.

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  • First again.

  • When you think about it it’s very normal because of patterns

  • The Bible said all of these disasters will happen. Jesus is coming, repent!.

  • All this happened after the total sun eclipse in America.

  • but i thought the world was ending last Saturday.

  • No it's not normal and unfortunately its going to get worst. Who still doesn't believe in climate change and these are the last days too!!

  • Earth is having a #moment

  • Because Donald Trump is president. #IMPEACHTRUMP

  • The climate. It changes. Mind. Blown.

  • Can't wait to die

  • The smallest sign's of the end of the world are happened ,now it's time for the biggest one's ,it's time for waking up and knowing the truth .

  • Well done video

  • Wait a little more and you all will see your creator. We human are powerless.

  • it's always good to be reminded how doomed we are! Don't be scared of what's coming because we really have no choice in the matter.Be happy. love your family and be good to your planet

  • What kind of report is this? Leaving out the true causes altogether, as usual!

  • Well think about Mexico … 19 / Sept / 1985 and 19 / Sept / 2017 … because exactly the same day … because .. ????

  • It is being fulfilled …. what the holy scriptures say … !!!

  • Condescendingly saying, "Jesus is coming" reveals that you're desperately afraid of death & want to pull everyone into your despair.

  • It's a brown dwarf star bright as the sun that is changing everything

  • Tweet this to TRUMP maybe he will change his mind on the climate change deal

  • NOT normal of course , GLOBAL WARMING

  • The earth would live better without humans.

  • Mostly normal cycles, but humans are making things worse.

  • It's a normal side effect of the ongoing Geo-Engineering program – poisoning/killing us, animals, plants and our environment.
    It's the biggest crime in human history – mass-murder on a space never happened before. Approximate cost per nation per day: 22mil.

    Insanity, greed and ignorance are a deadly combination.


  • Sometimes we thought that God is the cause of all these natural disasters..The answer is fact the Creator said..go and multiply and subdue earth..He warns us ahead of time.The Flood 120 yrs..The coming Fire melting earth 2000 yrs plus…We can ask freely to deliver us safely to our destinations..What is your destination..the grave, the recycling depot or heaven?

  • The truth of the matter..You cannot stop these natural disaster with scientific explanations…Any created matter and energy needs maintenance and sometimes discarded for new creations…The maintenance for eating again the fruits of the Tree of Life..

  • Here they are trying to cover up the end of the world by rationalizing these happenings when we sit back and watch harp waves and see a lot of unusual weather anomalies on the map

  • as in the days of Noah..there were also plenty of water aside from eating and drinking…but the last generation will not be destroyed by water but by FIRE…LAVA underground is the unquenchable fire and is increasing will be melting gradually with fervent heat for the next 1000 years…..The protestants(England) were given 490 years to determine all righteousness and end to sin…Peter asked Jesus how many times should we forgive our fellow is 70X7=490 times!..It is strong delusion to hang on to climate change theories and know not the signs of the 2ND COMING!

  • Stop denying that the Heavenly Father is real and Jesus Christ is our Savior!

  • Known around the world as the Leading Authority in "Building Code Reform" and only "Disaster Prevention Consultant" that truly is working to Prevent Disaster not make money from it!!!! At this juncture, this writer feels life is becoming too short, and worries if the message of life will reach the people of this world in time.
    The extreme weather or lack thereof, around the globe has become relentless. We have severe droughts in over 50% of world, around 37% severe precipitation with rain, snow, or hail overwhelming the tributaries, and storms of all elements at an all time high, we need hero’s to step up.
    As one reviews the so called “Weather Forecasting Channels”, you would think “Meteorologist” would be on the forefront of “Demanding Building Code Reform”. Meteorologist sees firsthand the devastation as a result of “Inadequate Building Codes.” We must ask “Why haven’t they made it a point to change this disconcerting outcome?” Where a person’s home is no longer a shelter, their natural rights of prosperity, property, and sovereignty swept away in one deadly swoop. Entire family tree whipped off the face of the earth and Meteorologist want to talk about the wind direction at the Cubs Baseball Game. Where is their Humanity? Meteorologist are more about looking good then saving lives. Looking good on camera, as a forecaster, as a hero that warns us/reminds us our lives are not our own, that is all a Meteorologist is for us. When our $350,000 new home is built of twigs, insurance companies, FEMA, UN, Red Cross, the National Guard and the Government have more Rights than we do when it comes to getting our lives back. Why do we fight to get back what we already had and should have never lost in the first place if our “Inherent Natural Rights” meant anything?
    Meteorologist were at one time, folks that worked to protect our communities, now they only warn our communities, and walk through the aftermath time and time again, without a word of outrage. Learn more on the web at "Build to flow with nature not to resist it"

  • i thought they said we would be under water by now….lol

  • Give all your money to Al Gore, he'll fix it.

  • global temps have decreased and co2 has increased. Guess what that means? That mean that co2 IS NOT THE DRIVER. cO2 is great for the crops. The more CO2, the more crops

  • Yes two M8 earthquakes in Mexico at that location was VERY UNUSUAL. make fast research about the frequency of M8 earthquakes worldwide. So you will know. Do not share false news. Thank you

  • not one mention of God, the secular world is doomed and deserves and even NEEDS to be destroyed

  • I can't stand the scientists who speak in calm voice when talking about such disasters that took place a day before. I myself like to become their personal disaster, if you know what I mean.

  • God is still in control.

  • NO! What a stupid question. News Flash! Genocide. Where are ALL the missing people? Nobody is talking about that.WHY NOT? Soro , Rothschild , and others. Sick inbreed parasites of the world. It doesn't take a Rocket scientist to know this. Unless you are a sheep.

  • It's normal for planet earth to remove a species that's drilling, fracking, mining, logging, Sucking out Earths soul in every way it can while calling the Planets soul " Narural Resources " So I'd say if I was a Planet rich in health & Animals & Nature & Then My Oceans become polluted via oil drilling, My Virgin Forests are logged out, My countryside is swamped in Poisonous pesticides & herbicides, My Animals are becoming extinct via Slaughter for sports , Science & Food, My Iron & Steel, Coal, Gems, Natural gases etc are all being dug & Drilled out of me by One Lifeform species. If I were planet Earth right now, I'd tell you that all of this " Natural Shifting " is indeed a very Necessary & Very Normal Reaction to any living being who is fed up with being poked, prodded & Slowly destroyed. Bleeding to death By a greedy insatiable Species reaching plague proportions & that selfish self-centred majority Is still breeding. If Humans do Nothing to stop the madness of Humanities cold heartedness Towards Planet earths Structure & Foundations Than Earth believe you me, Will do that job Herself. Call it the return of Jesus, Call it gods will. Call it Normal.

  • Everytime I see these web sites that say natural disasters are becoming more common, it just shows how little the produces know about history.

  • Man Says; "Climate Change".
    God Says; "Judgement"/"Beginning of Sorrows".

    Either way it's going to happen and throwing money at the sky and the earth will not make it stop. Ever. To think We can tax our way out of this is ridiculous and preposterous.

    But hey all the tax money is being put to good use. The politicians get to go live underground while the rest have to stay up here.

    But then they will not escape God's wrath no matter how deep down they dig. They are scared and they know it !

  • This is normal. It really isn't a hard search to find out that natural disasters have not increased due to the industrial revolution. Which is why when videos like this are made they have use terms like "maybe" or "could be" an awful lot.

  • They say climate change t try and minimise the impact of prophecies. Climate change not God.

  • Science can't explain nothing…stop lying about the fires and climate change…has nothing to do with it…God is destroying the world with natural disasters while the devil is purposely setting America and only America on fire to distract you from what God is doing in the process of these fires happening…you need to use your brain America isn't the only country that is suffering from heatwaves but yet it's the only country that claims that the heat waves are causing the fires…hmmm…Europe had a heatwaves this week just gone and no fires …please use your brain and stop listening to the devils who the most high is going to mash up the world…more specifically Esau's demonic nation

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