Ashlee Balcerzak: My major is Environmental Science.

My name is Ashlee Balcerzak I’m from Mawme,
Ohio my major is environmental science water science. When I originally came to Ohio state I was
a premed major It wasn’t until the following year when I went to Guatemala for a mission
trip that I actually decided I wanted to be an environmental science major and what really
sparked that interest was we were actually in Guatemala where they have this area called
the dumps and essentially what it is there is like mile high piles of garbage that like,
poor families because is a very impoverished nation will just walk through to even get
like, any time of plastic or any type of recyclable just to collect money for their family and
all that money usually goes to get like, water not even just like, clean water but just water
in general and it just made my realize like, how globally people don’t even have water
not even like, clean water and I really wanna be that difference be that person and have
that global impact

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