Baccalaureate Commencement 2017, Berkeley Engineering

Good afternoon I’m Steven Glaser and I’m
honored to serve as the marshal for today’s celebration we are delighted to
have you all here to share this day with our graduates today’s ceremony is being
webcast as you’d like to share the address with family and friends
it is Everyone’s tuned in welcome to
begin the ceremony we have invited Angeline super ah blade to lead us in
singing the national anthem Angeline is also a member of Cal’s class of 2017
graduating with the degree in political science including a minor in peace and
Conflict Studies here at Berkeley she founded a program that trains Cal
students to be writing coaches in local middle schools and high schools
she was an also an accomplished singer having performed with the artisan
resonance at a cappella group and with the California golden overtones I invite
you to stand while Angie Angelina super habla sings the national anthem oh say can you see by the dawn’s early
light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming whose broad
stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight o’er the ramparts we
watched were so gallantly streaming and the rockets in air gave proof through
the night that our flag was still there oh say does that star-spangled banner’ I
got away a whore the land Aubrey hello wow that was something thank you so much
please be seated welcome to the hundred and forty eighth
annual commencement of Berkeley’s College of Engineering we have about
seven hundred baccalaureate graduates was here with us today considerably more
than the twelve students the UC first graduate class in 1873 out of respect
for all our graduates I ask that everyone please stay for the entire
program now please join me in welcoming the welcoming being Shankar Shastri of
the College of Engineering good afternoon please this is my
favorite day of the entire year I know I speak for all my faculty colleagues and
saying how privileged we feel to have played a role in preparing you for this
day we’ve asked a lot of you and you have stood up to the task we are proud
to send you off as graduates of the world’s best engineering school the
College of Engineering adds Berkeley this day belongs to our graduates it
also belongs to the families who are with us here today and we congratulate
you for supporting the success of our students you have contributed a lot
money packages and most of all your love and encouragement thank you our Berkeley
engineering graduates are truly exceptional not only are you dreaming
about a better future for all you are inventing it as engineers you take up an
idea and you use your hands minds and your hearts and a lot of trial and error
to create something completely new how cool is that now you’re leaving Berkeley
ready to navigate and lead our interconnected and interdependent world
we need your talents more than ever we need your vision and expertise to build
a safe and healthy world for our children and grandchildren we need your
understanding of ethics and social justice as we introduce new technologies
that carry complex implications for human society
let me send you with a favorite quote of mine from the most visionary engineer
known to history Leonardo da Vinci he speaks to both the dreamer and the
inventor and all of us by saying I have been impressed with the urgency of doing
knowing is not enough we must apply being willing is not enough we must do
this is my very last assignment to you the most remarkable class or 2015 I urge
you to use your talents to imagine and then invent a more prosperous and
equitable future wherever you go remember that you will always be a
Berkeley engineer take your responsibilities seriously stay in touch
and go bears I am now pleased to introduce a member of the graduating
class who has been given the honor of speaking on behalf of the class of 2017
pre-op attach our G graduates today The Bachelor of Science and bioengineering with a minor in creative writing let me
tell you a bit about her Priya has worked in professor Luke Lee’s lab on
microfluidic diagnostic devices since her freshman year her research
experiences along with her classes have inspired an appreciation for the simple
and innovative design of medical devices she will be entering medical school at
USC this fall and will continue to pursue her interest in design through
their health technology and engineering program Priya has been able to pursue a
wide variety of interests here at Berkeley she has been a member of
colleges against cancer helping to organize the yearly relay for Relay for
Life event on campus she has served as a case worker at the suitcase clinic and
intern for Cal Bears say hi a poetry teacher and a mentor for middle school
girls interested in stem as part of the Society of Women Engineers sweet spark
program her other accomplishments include never once having stepped on a
Berkeley feel even by accident speed walking from lika shing hall to
etcheverry hall and mistakenly directing visitors to the Haas School of Business
instead of hospital room please welcome Priya Thank You Dean toss three quick showers
my parents thank you love you okay done sir good afternoon faculty family
members friends and fellow members of the class of 2017 today we celebrate the
dedication and excellence of yet another exemplary batch of Berkeley engineers
congratulations bears well here we are we’ve been through countless essays
midterms projects finals and all-nighters finished off literal liters
of coffee boba and other select beverages rewatch webcasted lectures at
four times the original speed to save time and like every single meme on UC
Berkeley meme for any team go there I am so honored to be speaking on behalf of
the class of 2017 but to be honest I never thought I would actually make it
here at my high school there were only 60 people in my whole grade pretty much
my entire graduating class could have fit into one of my discussion sections
and now this is my graduating class I still remember my first visit to
Berkeley my parents and I took a break from trekking around campus on this one
bench next to say their date right across from the Golden Bear Cafe it was
the day before Cal day the Sun was almost setting and a light breeze gave
us some much-needed refreshment there was music playing and a bunch of
students gathered by say their gait dancing and laughing I remember feeling
like this could be a place where I belonged
a place where I could learn and grow I think that was really the moment that I
decided to come into Berkeley the next thing we knew the group of students
suddenly started taking their clothes off literally stripped down to the
underwear and ran off toward campus apparently we had just witnessed the
second annual senior charity unbe one organized by the senior class
council classic berkeley soho yeah it took me quite a while longer to convince
my parents to send their only child here fortunately they came around just in
time if they had it I really would have missed out on the opportunity of a
lifetime Berkeley engineering what does that really mean it’s not just about the
best public university in the whole world yeah that’s right it’s not just
about all the prestige and bragging rights although we do have plenty to
gloat about it’s about the fascinating research opportunities that are
available on campus it’s about professors who are so eager
to guide you that they dedicate entire website lunches office hours and more to
advising students and it’s about meeting peers from different backgrounds who
don’t just learn with you but from you and vice versa these are the people and
the opportunities that you are unlikely to find at any other undergraduate
institution but no one said Berkeley engineering was easy for me it certainly
wasn’t I watched my GPA slowly dwindle away
while my resume of notable failures expanded and grew I also grappled with
my own privilege as I listen to the stories of clients at the suitcase
clinic a student-run organization for individuals suffering from homelessness
and encounters loss and grief when members of our very own Berkeley
community bright and young students are age lost their lives to terrorist
attacks Berkeley has been my home for the past four years and here I have
cried and failed and lost but because of the support of my family friends peers
gia sighs and professors I have picked myself up and tried again so I would
like to thank you all of you I am so honored to have been supported by this
community today we are united by the legacy of the many engineers who have
graduated before us from this great you versity we are United also by the vision
and mission of this University to create leaders who will innovate solutions for
health sustainability poverty and other global challenges but today is also a
day to remember what makes each of us unique within this community often in
the busy hubbub of our daily lives cranking out problem sets and hunching
over exams we forget that we are not in fact robots but humans some of us have
discovered our own identities some are still on this journey of discovery some
of us are immigrants or come from immigrant families and some are the
first in their family to attend college some of us will go on to graduate school
some to industry and some will go on to start their very own ventures but given
the state of recent events in our community of Engineers right here in
Silicon Valley and the climate of our nation and the world now more than ever
we must stand alongside each other in solidarity let us consider our diplomas
our calls to action let us not be complacent we all chose engineering as a
discipline for a reason our function as engineers is to create to innovate and
to lead for the betterment of the lives of all people around the world
irrespective of color face gender sexuality abilities or any other
qualifiers as Berkeley engineers let us go into the
world with the right intentions and motivations so that we may truly live
out our motto Fiat Lux let there be light
thank you so much and go bears Thank You Bree oh we are very proud of you I’m
simply delighted to now introduce Deirdre Hanford who will deliver today’s
commencement address Deirdre Hanford is executive vice president and Co general
manager of the Design Group at synopsis the company based here in Silicon Valley
is the world’s leading company by sales in the electronic design automation
known as EDA industry in other words synopsis builds tools for designing and
testing the chips that drive everything from mobile phones and variables to
autonomous cars Deirdre is responsible for leading the development and
deployment of the company’s physical design implementation an analog slash
mixed signal product lines she previously served as executive VP of
customer engagement ensuring the successful adoption of synopsis
technologies into customers demanding environments and overseeing engagements
with key customers and echo system partners Deirdre has held a variety of
positions at synopsis over her 29 year tenure including leadership roles in
applications engineering sales and marketing she earned a bachelor’s degree
in electrical engineering from Brown University and her master’s degree in
eeks here at Berkley in 2001 she was a recipient of the YWCA tribute to women
in industry award and the Marie AR pistol EO Women an EDA Achievement Award
she also served as the chairman of the American Electronics Association I
should say chairwoman of the American Electronics Association in 2008 we’re
very fortunate to have Deirdre as a member of our engineering advisory board
here at Berkeley there she has offered invaluable counsel
and advocacy she also chairs the engineering Advisory Committee at Brown
please join me in welcoming Deirdre Hanford as she delivers the 2017
commencement address Deirdre well good afternoon I first have to give
a shout out to the electrical engineers in the audience well represented I see
but I’d actually like to start by thanking Dean Sastry for the opportunity
to present to you this afternoon I’m truly honored to share in your
commencement day so thank you I’d also like to acknowledge all of the parents
and friends who came to the commencement today or are watching on the webcast you
truly have delivered these amazing young people to this commencement ceremony
today and of course and of course the staff and faculty of this amazing
institution have worked tirelessly to get you through to this commencement day
as well congratulations to all of you in this commencement day there’s a bridge on campus that was
erected in February of 2009 the bridge connects the third floor of quarry hall
with the sixth floor of sadaqa D Hall Cory Hall was built in 1950 and it’s
home to the electrical engineering professors classrooms research centers
and labs siddharth Shaddai hall is home to citrus and the Banat tao institute
this bridge was dedicated on May 18th 2009 in honor of our late being a
Richard Newton who succumbed to cancer back in 2007 after a long and successful
career here at Cal as a graduate student a professor and ultimately Dean of the
College Dean Newton was also my advisor back in the early 80s and it was Dean
Newton who articulated the mission for Berkeley engineering educating leaders
creating knowledge and serving society as you cross this stage today and
receive your well deserved diploma think about this stage as a bridge a bridge to
your future reflect on how you will embody Berkeley engineering commissioned
in your career and throughout your life so on your auspicious commencement day
I’d like to share with you some of my own experiences on how I’ve tried to
embody this very challenging Berkeley engineering mission of being a leader
serving society and creating knowledge first I’ll give you a little bit of my
background I first visited Berkeley in the spring of 1983 after having been
admitted to the EECS graduate program I have to say I fell in love with campus
that day so much so that I cancelled my plans to visit the other school I’d been
accepted to you know the one down the peninsula there was no point to visit Berkeley was
going to be my home and I knew it in my heart so I came here and two years later
I actually graduated in this same beautiful Greek Theatre with my master’s
in electrical engineering so while at my first job in Silicon Valley professor
Newton called me and told me that I had to check out a tiny new startup that was
going to revolutionize chip designs the only problem was that that company was
actually based in North Carolina well as luck would have it a good friend was
going to get married in North Carolina in a few weeks so I visited that startup
and interviewed on a Sunday which by the way is a work day at most startups and
in August of 1987 I joined that company synopsis as employee number eight today
synopsis has over 11,000 employees and operates around the globe we developed
software that enables design engineers to make amazing chips as you heard from
Shankar chip design and our software are amazing amazing technologies and they
really have changed the world and I believe that we as a company truly have
created knowledge and that’s what engineering is all about but it was my
first it was my Berkeley connection that opened the door to that startup Richard
Newton but I was the one who jumped and took the risk to join that small company
so my first advice to you is twofold number one treasure and cultivate your
friendships connections and colleagues that you’ve made here at Berkeley and
number two take risks in your career now we know that Berkeley engineers are the
hardest working college students afternoon Labs
problem sets study groups team projects these all consume our time while our non
engineering friends are enjoying time on telegraph hanging out in the gym tank
walking through the sunshine going to coffee shop
I enjoyed an occasional pizza and beer at Laval’s
but my free time here was actually quite precious but I forged lifelong
friendships with some fellow Cal engineers and these folks really
personified the Berkeley engineering mission as well
one is a leader who started a company and took a public another created
knowledge as a CTO of a wireless company and a third is serving society in the
new industry of Internet of Things so I regularly call upon these friends
for help and advice so Cal bear bring your friends into the future with you as
you cross this bridge today now when I first started at that tiny startup we
didn’t have a health plan 401k an HR department a gym or any of the features
of a well-established company but we had an idea an innovative and
entrepreneurial spirit some venture funding and a lot of hard work that
actually did enable us to change the way the chip design would be done and just
two years out of grad school unmarried with no mortgage this is the perfect
time to take a risk and join a small company and I’ve taken many other risks
throughout my career even though I’ve stayed with my company for over twenty
nine years in fact I took taken many lateral moves moving sideways to grow my
base of experience I’ll give you an example I spent my early career in
engineering and technology I moved up to third level management quickly in fact I
was promoted twice while pregnant which I still think is amazing for my company
to be that Amit is supportive of women in the workplace but I was then given
the chance to be a general manager of a small business unit now imagine calling
your parents and saying guess what Mom and Dad I’m going to be the general
manager of a business unit and imagine how excited they would be and the calls
they would in turn make to their friends well guess what I chose to take a big
risk and Traverse a different bridge I crossed over into sales because I wanted
to explore a new ground and really understand the commercial side of the
business in fact the business acumen I gained
during this lateral move really helped me grow my career I truly believe that
the best engineers understand the business as well as the engineering now
I’ve taken risks and not been successful and I must humbly say that I probably
have learned most from those failures or experiences many regions around the
globe study and try to emulate the entrepreneurial spirit here in Silicon
Valley it’s our ability to fail quickly actively learn and move ahead that’s
attendant to our success so remember when you take risks Cal Bears you won’t
always succeed but you will always learn did you know that you have 20 different
countries represented in the graduating class today countries like India China
Brazil Nigeria El Salvador of course USA Berkley is a magnet for worldwide talent
and you’ve been given the gift of this global education leverage leverage this
Cal experience you’re a student of the world as an employer I can tell you we
really value individuals that understand the world and I believe that this will
help you as you go forward in your career be conscious of that global
perspective and understand and cherish the diversity that you’ve received as a
gift here at Cal now I travel a lot for my job in the last year alone I’ve
traveled to eight different countries around the globe and I’m constantly
learning how to operate in new cultures so for example in Japan yes I think so
doesn’t mean that that person agrees with you that really just means that
they heard you in India engineers roll their heads from left to right and
that’s a sign of agreement well the first time I went to India I didn’t
understand because they were saying yes but as far as I was concerned they were
shaking their head now now in Israel business conversations cannot be often
uncomfortably direct and even heated but once I understood that that was been the
normal way to interact in the work environment Israel I jumped in and
joined the discourse now these are simple examples of understanding local
mores and customs but I’m quite sure you’re not even
conscious of all of the international experience you’ve picked up while being
a student here at Cal enjoy and treasure that diversity as you go forward now
when I was interviewing for my first job after Berkeley I received feedback from
one of the interviewers who said I feel like I’ll be working for Deirdre one day
I have no idea what I did in that interview to earn that comment I was 22
years old wrapping up my graduate degree here at Berkeley why did that
interviewer tag me as a future leader upon reflection I realized that my
Berkeley engineering experience groomed my early leadership skills in addition
to mastering communication skills and concrete skills of engineering you’ve
learned other essential skills as engineering leaders here at Berkeley you
know how to break down and solve very hard problems but more importantly
you’ve learned to solve those problems in cross-functional teams these are
important skills not just for engineers but for other domains and that’s why
many many industries come and recruit Berkeley engineers and while I hope you
all stay in engineering please your Berkeley engineering leadership skills
will actually help you in whatever career you pursue now in college I took
a course titled the ethics of professionalism that course opened my
eyes to the ethical trade-offs we make regularly as engineers and the
responsibilities that we carry in every decision that we make as we serve
society and as you know this is especially important today in our
technologically supercharged world so my professional decisions are informed by
my personal integrity and please draw from your own personal character and
integrity and please make thoughtful good decisions in your engineering
careers you are graduating from the best engineering school on the planet so my charge to you Cal engineer is find
your passion and make your impact on society and give back wherever you can
and whenever you can and of course we’ll hear about your senior gift in a moment
remember to give back to Cal engineering every single year so in closing I touched on several
topics that draw on my own career experience well I’ve tried to live this
Berkeley engineering mission being a leader creating knowledge and serving
society my advice and summary take risks lover love leverage or global experience
hone your leadership and serve society ethically and with integrity but I’d
like to go back to that bridge that bridge over on the on the far north side
of campus that bridge connects Cory hall into Dark Jedi Hall one building
represents Berkeley’s Berkeley engineering deep pursuit of creating
knowledge while the other building is dedicated to interdisciplinary research
you can and will bridge your knowledge in ways that have yet to be invented and
you will do this on a global scale if you look at that bridge from below that
bridge is an amazing structure and to me that represents the hard engineering
skills that each of you has mastered while here at Berkeley and as you stand
on that bridge and look down consider the calculated risks that you will take
in your life and how you will be stronger and wiser
from your successes as well as your failures and when you stand on that
bridge and look out please reflect on your integrity and contemplate how you
will lead in surf society throughout your life go forth and be great Cal
bears traverse this bridge today and walk forward into your future
congratulations and go bears Thank You Deirdre many members of the
class of 2017 have been involved in projects supporting the College of
Engineering to show their pride in Berkeley the seniors have given a class
gift to the College to benefit their successes for the years to come the
class of 2017 senior gift committee is here on stage to present their gift on
behalf of the entire graduating class we’ve invited committee chair Annie
Chang to say a few words hello parents family graduates and faculty we didn’t
cease a stream on behalf of the Berkeley engineering senior class of 2017 we are
honored to present this check for thirty five thousand five hundred and five
dollars in addition for thanking these generous
seniors I would also like to thank college of engineering alumnus Bob
Sanderson for inspiring us to give and increase the impact of our contributions
as we transition from the work to the workforce or further education we will
always remember that these achievements and many more to come always begin with
our Berkeley engineering education from the cherish friend sitting beside us to
our newfound abilities to apply Stokes theorem we will take many elements of
the Berkeley community with us to make a difference in the world please consider
this check as an expression of our gratitude for all that Berkeley
engineering has done for us as well and as an expression of our commitment to
its continuing excellence Thank You Dean Sastry and to all of our incredibly fast
incredible faculty and staff members for a remarkable four years best of luck to
the engineers following in our footsteps and congratulations go bears thank you and congratulations to the
class of 2017 for a successful senior gift campaign we encourage you to keep
supporting your alma mater with your generous gifts once you launch your
career future generations of Berkeley engineers will be counting on you I
understand that our seniors engaged in some friendly competition this year to
see which department could reach the highest participation rate we totaled up
the numbers just yesterday and the winning Department is the theory of
science and engineering may I ask department chair mark asta to step up to
the lectern I’d now like to recognize some
remarkable members of the class of 2017 seated here on stage our recipients of
this year’s departmental citation an award that recognizes the highest level
of achievement in the major please stand as I recognize as I introduce you and
remain standing for a collective round of applause
Gerald on civil and environmental engineering Sam Kumar electrical
engineering in computer science Sam is also a finalist for the
university medal which is the campus-wide honor that salutes
outstanding academic accomplishment as well as a track record of making a
difference in people’s lives Elizabeth – engineering science Erin
parofsky industrial engineering and operations Reaper david Marjanovic
material science and engineering are mean Ascari mechanical engineering Ketan Ross nuclear engineering please
join me in congratulating our students on this high achievement I now like to
recognize the collective accomplishments of the class of 2017 each and every one
of you is an exemplar of the Berkeley engineering mission which Theodore
talked off to educate leaders to create knowledge and to serve society in your
studies you’ve pursued excellence of the highest order
many of you have volunteered as mentors to students in K through 12 schools in
labs and in the field you join faculty and graduate students to discover new
solutions and create innovative technologies and you have helped build a
stronger college community and a better world by taking on leadership roles in
our many student organizations competition teams professional societies
and service programs I invite the entire class to stand while our families and
friends join me in applauding this outstanding cohort of Berkeley engineers now I’m going to turn the tables on our
graduates please remain standing while I take a moment to recognize the families
and friends who walk with you on this on your journey their emotional and
financial support has helped make your education possible I invite you to
express your appreciation to your loved ones by giving a hearty cheer to all of
your family and friends here with you today today is a very special day and many of
you will be taking photographs and we have to ask you to please keep the
aisles at the side of the stage clear and consideration of those seated
commencements a very proud day for graduates and their families it is also
a proud moment for the University of California the degrees confirmed by the
University a test of the high scholastic achievement of our students and the
fulfillment of the primary task of the university education today’s ceremony
recognizes engineers who have earned the degrees of Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor
of Science I now invite Dean Shankar Shastry to grant the baccalaureate
degrees will the candidates for the degree Bachelor of Arts please rise and my authority is Dean of the College
of Engineering at the University of california-berkeley
I grant you the degree Bachelor of Arts please remain standing will the
candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science also please rise I now in what
but in my authority is Dean of the College of Engineering at the University
of California Berkeley I grant you the degree Bachelor of Science I now invite
everyone to move the tassel on your cap from the right side to the left this
venerable tradition signifies your new status as a college graduate
congratulations please be seated Now for the fun part — the certificates
will be presented by Dean Shankar Sastry assisted by executive associate dean
Pere Peterson. We will begin with the candidates from our Department of
Bioengineering. Dean Sastry, the candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science from the Department of Bioengineering are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Please join me in congratulating all the 2017 graduates from Bioengineering. Dean Sastry, the candidates for the
degree Bachelor of Science from the Department of Civil and environmental
engineering are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Congratulations to all of our graduates. Dean Sastry, the candidates for degree
Bachelors of Science in engineering science are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Join me saying congratulations to all engineering science graduates. Thank you, and Dean Sastry, the candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science from the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations
Research or Bachelor of Arts in Operations Research and Management science are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Congratulations to all the entire
graduating class of 2017. Dean Sastry, the candidates for the
degree Bachelor of Science from the Department of Material Science and
engineering are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Congratulations to all the graduates of materials science and engineering. Dean Sastry, the candidates for the
degree of Bachelor of Science from the Department of Mechanical Engineering are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Congratulations to all the mechanical
engineering graduates. Dean Sastry, the candidates for the degree Bachelor of Science in the Department of Nuclear Engineering are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Dean Sastry, the candidates for the
degree Bachelor of Science from the Department of Electrical Engineering and
Computer sciences are: [For the names of all graduates, see the downloadable program at] Let’s congratulate all the majors of electrical engineering and computer science. Thank you everyone and best wishes to
all our graduates congratulations again to our class of 2017 you are now and
forever Berkeley engineers and alumni of the finest public university in the
nation the top engineering school in the world always be proud as you embark on
your career continue your education you will remember your years at Berkeley
with affection come back to share your experiences and to pass on your
knowledge to students who follow you participate as active and generous
alumni stay in touch with each other and with us through the contacts noted in
your program this concludes our commencement ceremony best wishes to our
graduates and thank you for being part of the day celebration and Go Bears!

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