BBQ Mountain Boys Episode 1 : Outdoor BBQ

Because for me BBQ is an art What BBQ that I’m talking about is a American BBQ style, which is all of them is about slow and low cooking For the cooking process, mostly, every pitmaster have their own cooking style And basically, all pitmaster and all who want to be able to cook American BBQ, they must have ‘Smoker’ ‘Smoker’ has many types Gas smoker, electric smoker, and traditional smoker But, I tend to use traditional one, because this smoker uses fresh wood as its fuel and we process it by ourselves to produce flavour smoke which I think… it is unique Normally, for beef cutting, I prefer two types of beef cutting beef brisket and beef short ribs Beef brisket contains lots of collagen and connective tissue, it’s muscle-alike, as we can say Basic of the American style process, especially in Texas BBQ style we just smeared brisket with rub The rub is just contain salt and pepper But, each pitmaster has different tastes, right? Salt and pepper is not quite satisfying enough for me So, I try to make the special one by myself and I called it BBQ Mountain Boys signature rub Usually, after salt and pepper I rub the brisket and let it rest for about two hours and then, cook it into the smoker With slow and low cooking techniques, it means that the cooking process is using slow time and low temperature Every collagen, fat, tissue, will be affected when we cook it for 9 until 12 hours with constant temperature around 200 – 250 F, no more or less than that When it reaches an internal temperature at 150F, the collagen inside the meat turns into gelatin, then, the gelatin will smear all parts of the meat and it makes the meat more juicy, tender, and flavourful Actually, this is the most exciting part about BBQ Because cooking the BBQ needs 9-12 hours, It’s a long time to wait. Mostly, I can leave the smoker for awhile So, there is so many things that I can do during that time at the cabin Starting from playing the axe throwing game, walking around at my coffee plantation, or by riding motorcycle, having fun and sleeping for sure, I bring the hammock and put it in a tree, taking care of my coffee plantation, making so many things like… I made my own table, my own chair, and I try to find my own wood for smoker fuel, It’s so fun man! Why I do like outdoor cooking, choose BBQ, cooking at my own cabin, actually it’s more like “revenge” to the hustle and bustle of the city. I quite bored with city life where there is no attention to the process and in the end.. I feel that outdoor cooking, living in a cabin, then bushcrafting, I feel that I can appreciate a process even better and being able to enjoy my life more I want people not just assess food from its taste only, or from its luxury place As I want people know that good food made from quite long process, how far and how difficult it is. So, that’s the value for a food, indeed. When I got asked how long it will be, I feel like I will never get bored about this… because for me it’s like giving peace, pleasure, and I’m so happy with this. Maybe I will stop if i’m getting too old and can’t climb the mountain again… Maybe so

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