BeCosmoss | 01 | What’s the deal with global warming? | Worldwide Friends Iceland

Hi, welcome to the first chapter of BeCosmoss. Today we have Valentina Klaas. a specialist on environmental studies
and she’s going to tell us what is the real deal with global warming. Hi, my name is Valentina. I am really keen
on environmental issues and I came to Iceland to study the subjects because
I’m not indifferent to what’s going on in the world and I feel like I want to
be part of the global change so what is global warming?
It’s the impact of the human activity, we’re in the strife for more food, for more natural resources, for more energy. The impact of us, consuming more
and trying to get more from what we have is resulting into the average
temperature rise across the whole globe and we’re reaching the point where we
cannot sustain within a normal level of temperature, if we continue going at the
pace where we’re going today, we’re just gonna burn off this land. When you think
about what is causing global warming, you first think about politicians or the big
industries and yes, you will be right, but actually us, we are the ones who are
powering our phones and charging laptops then who are the consumers of the
products that they’re producing? It’s we are the ones taking trips across
cultures to enjoy ourselves. We are the ones buying beef and we never realize, how
much impact we’re having on this world and you should be just aware of the fact
that we are taking from Earth more than we’re giving back to it. We’re not having
enough consciousness in our actions and how much we’re contributing to the
global warming. My general tip for all of you would be just to be mindful about
your everyday consumption. Think about the fact that there are about 200 species
that are dying everywhere daily. Look at the heat waves that has been happening
around the world. Look at the droughts and people are not being able to sustain
the harvests. Think about the fact that the fish stocks are migrating, the ocean
acidification is rising and we are not able to see the same marine life anymore.
We are just losing a vast amount of our natural habitat and we’re not able to
sustain the natural cycles of the earth. The nature is not going to be able to
sustain our air quality, our food supply, just our basic needs. The consequences of
global warming are visible in the context of Iceland, just in its national
symbols. Look at glaciers, for example. They’re melting, they’re disappearing with time and this provides the whole country with fresh water and it’s
actually the source of one of the purest drinking water on the whole planet. Air
pollution is also quite a big issue in Iceland *Airplane is passing by* If I were to send you just one final
message, I just want to say that happiness doesn’t fly with consuming
more and trying to get it all. It just lies within loving and appreciating what
you already have. Stay conscious

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