Ben Stein Attacks ‘Global Warming Terrorists’

ben stein was on the fox news i believe
it was friday and he has a new term you’d like to share with all you guys uh… a way to
describe environmentalists let’s listen word delight thursday there there a problem as really really know
that this is a rare decided now understand unanimous despite of the
global warming skeptic embarrassed without are double wondered about
decided not to have a clear on the added that uh… tumbling we got all out
others besides completely clear global warming terrorists archive the pygmies guys are so silly
meant that i was a sign was responding to him global warming terrorist definition of
terrorism is people who knew violence for a political
and people who want to limit carbon
emissions are terrorists people wanna save the planet are terrorists welcome on men you can not be that silly but he said twice nike stanley like he
said it was a stumble many restated bale dogle global warming tires and
furthermore what’s up with his voice has he always spoke like a and i know what the global warming
terrace mueller euler qua arise as the ability of moisture or
news eleven to three and there’s really no
need to respond to this nonsense but nonetheless all doing well so you know he says all the science
isn’t one hundred percent settled well you’re right it’s only ninety nine point eight
percent settled nights as literally the number uh… they did this massive
meta-analysis on all the of studies on global warming the peer
reviewed studies nineteen ninety-two two dozen a twelve want d years of research over thirteen
thousand studies and result of over thirteen thousand i’d leave it
was only twenty four studies that said dot ya but that didn’t have
the same result in other words all the other studies that global warming israel floors and then they don’t need to do
something about it yesterday but not not not not on the same analyst
is there there’s one guy whose paper mache some mobil and chevron says it’s
not really you know his expertise is uh… isn’t dentistry not even inquire excited different had a
scientist but i believe him for another part on there survey of climate scientists you know
that experts those assholes ninety seven ninety seven percent
climate scientists also the same thing yes it’s man-made it’s happening it’s
around as we do something about it now but i’m not on drugs and undergo mormon

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  • How can lunatics get so much exposure in the USA?
    Americans seem to love snake oil and snake oil salesmen.
    It's the Wild, Wild West!
    Escape Club; Wild Wild West (1988): /watch?v=6vE5ewvxdfo

  • Try asking those on the Gulf Coast and Mayflower Arkansas who the real terrorists are. And who are funding the Islamic terrorists? THE FUCKING SAUDIS.

  • The science is not clear yet. Only over 99% like evolution. EPIC FAIL.

  • See, this is the problem with America today. People throw around terrorist to describe anyone they disagree with now. I mean it seems as if the term is losing it's once powerful effect, but the government still takes it very seriously and that's a big problem.

  • Lol, what the hell does Ben Stein know about science? He made that stupid "documentary" about teachers who were fired for trying to teach intelligent design in public schools. Yeah, they should be fired for teaching that crap in public schools.

  • He's not silly. He's corrupt.

  • Who knew the Planeteers were terrorists.

  • OMG, Ben Stein is unbearable.

    Fuck Ferris Bueller for unleashing this idiot on the world.

  • honestly, fuck ben stein

  • Ben Stein will attack anything that might hurt his stock portfolio, an examination of which would really tell us who Ben Stein is..

    Ben Stein is artless snot who know the price of everything and the value of nothing..

  • Ben Stein is a no nothing moron.

  • Didn't you know? Captain Planet was Osama Bin Laden's favourite show.

  • EVERYONE commenting on this video have been brainwashed to believe that there is "global warming" despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to prove so.
    That is the way the globalists want you to think.

    Some of the guys down this comment section also have a FIRM believe in the religion of evolution despite the fact that there is 0% evidence supporting this THEORY…. because you have to believe it in order for it to be true, thou it will only be true in your mind (you can believe what you want and as much as you want, that does not make it true)

    If you believe global warming to be true then you will not feel a sting if thousands and thousands of people die because "they are part of the polluters of the environment, the less of them there are, the better".
    If you believe in global warming and that a lot of people have to die…then all of you guys should set the example and be the first in line at the slaughterhouse to be executed in order to stop polluting the environment.

    There is no proof for it what so ever, it would be futile and lead up to nowhere to pretend to discuss about something that has 0% proof. It could not stand for 2 minutes in a court of law.

    If you dare debate me on either issue I am going to RAPE you intellectually.
    There is no proof for evolution as much as there is no proof for global warming PERIOD

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