Better Information for Better Health: CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Program

(gentle music) – [Narrator] Our personal
health is affected by the health of our environment. We must care for both to stay healthy. Understanding our connections
to the world we live in is important. The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention is working to improve our understanding of those connections. CDC’s Environmental Public
Health Tracking Program uses a broad network of
experts, data, and tools to connect environmental and
public health information. This allows us to drive
innovative programs and solutions that protect and improve
the health of communities across the country. One way CDC’s tracking program does this is through the Tracking Network, a dynamic system that
provides researchers, public health professionals,
and the public, with information and data
about environmental hazards and the health problems
that may be related to them. However, the tracking program
is more than just data. Its resources and expertise
help community leaders make informed decisions
about allocating resources, planning interventions,
and evaluating efforts to improve public health
and potentially save lives. – Environmental Public
Health Tracking data are tremendously useful
in planning purposes, they’re tremendously useful in environmental regulatory
decision making purposes, and they’re useful in
prevention activities. – So much of what we do
in public health relies on good sound data. The thing that we’re excited
about with this dashboard is that it begins to allow us to have a more efficient use of that data, a more efficient use of staff time, and we can begin to pull datasets together to establish some of those understandings about what may be going on here between the environmental
exposures that are out there and the health outcomes that we have and really begin to cause
us to take a step back and look at what are those relationships and what are the things
that we need to put towards those understandings in terms of research efforts, resources to address policy
issues that may be of concern or other uses of data that
we haven’t yet thought about. – What this means is that we have this talented, experienced, trained staff to investigate and monitor
environmental health issues and then to take that information and be able to inform and
educate the community. – [Narrator] In collaboration
with experts and partners, the tracking program is committed to improving health
outcomes across the nation. With better information, the tracking program empowers communities to become healthier. CDC’s Environmental Public
Health Tracking Program, better information for better health.

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