Bihar Still Battling Floods as Roads Are Waterlogged, Due to Heavy Rain

In Baghpur village, you can see the
river water flowing in such a force. Where had you gone?
Punpun. Had you gone to the hospital?
Yes. Since when is this water flowing like this? Since around two weeks. The main road of this village… has been totally submerged. Our difficulty is we are drowning here. Our small kids are getting
drowned in their sleep in the nights. Everything is getting destroyed. They are giving us khichari. Only some people are eating it. People have to travel by this road everyday. They fear of getting swept away while doing so. This is their constant fear. My son had to carry my grandson while coming home. What difficulty are you facing? We are dying here. One or two steamers have been employed here. You can see water flooding everywhere here. The river water has entered the whole village. What help have you received
from the government? They are distributing khichari
and chiwada. But not everybody is getting it. I can’t walk properly. It would be better if I could get a trolley. The authorities aren’t providing us much relief. What do we do in these floods? Is your house submerged in water? Yes, it is.

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