BISS: Global Environmental Issues Programme

Within the Global Environmental Issues, the course which I am enrolled in, we have to BIFoR visit which is Birmingham Forest Research Centre. When I went to BIFoR, I had the chance to get in touch with some experiments that they are doing right now. Some of them were
about insect and leaves and it was really cool because we had
the chance to get our hands in the experiments and it was really nice.
Then we went to do a water testing so we actually went to take some samples of
water. We did so many lab activities with those samples and then we tried to formulate some results out of it It was so nice to see that people really
care about our environment and do some huge experiment like that.
I’m in love with the University and especially the labs are so fully
equipped and the halls are so beautiful The people are so welcoming here and
it’s so diverse especially, so you’re able to find your niche within this
large campus. I really love it I do think that what we have studied
will be useful because we were able to go through a variety of subjects and
different fields and it makes things clear about what you more passionate
about and what you’re more interested in since we covered as such a variety of
interests throughout the three weeks I strongly recommend the Summer
School for students all across the world because you come to a different
environment, you adapt to certain things and with that you learn so many new
things and also you unlearn so many things. I think it’s very important to be
able to travel while you studying and experience a lot of different things so
I 100% I recommend it. I would definitely recommend the summer school
because I think it’s the whole package because we have the chance to get in
touch with people from different cultures and learn about different
cultures at the same time that we have the chance to get in touch with
professors that are really good in their areas in their studies. I mean I love it
and I would definitely recommend for people to come here. you

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