Bolsonaro’s environmental mess | Thesis Eleven 002 [EN|PT]

Hi, my name is Sabrina Fernandes, I’m a sociologist
and ecosocialist activist, and last year I did a video here on my YouTube channel about
Bolsonaro’s election and the dangers it presented to us here in Brazil. Today I’m returning because I want to emphasize
that his politics aren’t a problem just for us here in Brazil. You may have noticed, for example, that the
Amazon Forest is burning. It’s been burning for weeks and it’s not due
to natural causes. Sure, before I begin I should point out that
our environmental problems didn’t begin with Bolsonaro; aggressive mining, agribusiness
and mega development projects have impacted the environment in Brazil for a while, including
when the Worker’s Party was in power. But the thing is that back then they also
did some good things related to the environment, so that period really pales in comparison
to what’s happening right now. The environmental situation is getting worse
very fast here because of the complete disregard the Bolsonaro government has for the environment,
among other things. So let’s look at this situation today because
more than #prayforamazon, we need to act for Amazon and the environment in general and
not just here, but globally. We have to do that if we want to survive the
21st century and the terrible mess the capitalist system is making out of it. Thesis Eleven – By Sabrina Fernandes Bolsonaro has the support of the agribusiness
class in Brazil and it’s important to understand what this means. In terms of inequality of access to land,
Brazil is right at the top. There are many large-scale farms, productive
and unproductive, and they make up 47,5% of all of the rural properties in Brazil according to
the 2017 agrarian census. Agrarian conflict is a major problem over
here and peasants, landless workers, indigenous peoples and traditional populations are evicted,
attacked, tortured and murdered every year due to this. Bolsonaro does not care for environmentalists
and indigenous peoples. At all. He’s repeatedly stated that these environmental
concerns stand in the way of growth and progress in Brazil and that indigenous peoples should
simply be culturally assimilated in the cities instead of having access to their territories. He promised that he wouldn’t settle any territorial
claims and that’s been his politics. In fact, indigenous leaders have been attacked
and even murdered this year and what was his response? To plant doubt about the mining and agribusiness
class behind these attacks. The minister he put in charge of indigenous
issues is absolutely rejected by the indigenous community and her politics mix assimilation
with fundamentalist religious interests. This is why indigenous peoples have intensified
their struggles and demands, but this government is actively avoiding dealing with them. At the same time, Bolsonaro is promoting large
scale agricultural expansion in protected areas. This is the case for what’s happening in
the Amazon forest today. Deforestation is through the roof and he fired
the director of the public research institute that brought it to our attention. Numbers are a nuisance for Bolsonaro and he
wants to make sure that we don’t have research and access to research that reveals the damages
incurred by his politics. The fire that’s going on is no accident. For weeks now, landowners are trying to expand
into forest areas by setting them on fire to create pasture or land for monocrops. These are people who make up Bolsonaro’s support
base and he’s responsible for this because he not only fails to have the government enforce
enviromental laws but also because Bolsonaro, Brazil’s president, actually deems these laws
a problem. For him, environmental codes in Brazil are
too strict and he’s hoping to coordinate with Congress to just change them. He wants corporate mining activities in indigenous
territories and he wants to allow for business development in protected conservation units. He’s actually eyeing this area of protected
Mata Atlântica forest in the state of Rio for such developments and I think it’s no
coincidence it’s the same area where he was caught fishing illegally in the past. Also, as an update, after his election his
fine for this illegal fishing was annulled and the environmental officer that fined him
was removed from his post. But that’s not all. That’s not even close. You know climate change? That environmental process that scientists
have been warning us about, that has led entire communities and leaders throughout the world
to ask for immediate action, including children and youth worried about their future? Bolsonaro doesn’t care at all about it. In fact, he’s aligned with Trump and other
climate deniers out there. Based on this, Bolsonaro pulled Brazil out
of hosting the UN’s conference on climate change, the one we call COP – COP25, which is now going to be hosted by Chile and there are many grassroots movements in Chile and throughout Latin America
already involved in making the more radical demands we need to make around this issue
in parallel to COP 25. The thing is that our foreign minister, Ernesto
Araújo, is a huge climate denier and he’s often spilling nonsense against scientific
reasoning and consensus. A friend of mine, André Pagliarini, actually
wrote a piece for Jacobin Magazine calling Araújo the worst diplomat in the world. I think he’s right, unless Bolsonaro really
appoints his own son to be Brazil’s ambassador in the US like he’s stated he would. His son is definitely the candidate to debunk
Araújo in the race for world’s worst diplomat. By now you must be wondering, what is the
Ministry of the Environment doing about all of this? Well, nothing really, cuz the Minister is
right there aligned with Bolsonaro. There are amazing people who work at the ministry
and other government agencies and their hands are basically tied, it’s hard to keep working
towards improving Brazil’s environmental standards when the minister is actively working against
it. Ricardo Salles is someone we sometimes
like to dub the “sinister of the environment”. He’s been convicted and I really mean convicted,
not accused or charged, but convicted of illegally favouring mining companies when he was Environment
Secretary in São Paulo. Salles once stated that climate change is
an academic issue that’s something to worry about only 500 years from now. He’s disdainful of climate negotiations, he’s
stated that NGOs create “terrorism” in order to sell lectures. He even helped to put Tereza Cristina in charge
of the Ministry of Agriculture, who is known for her defense of widespread use of agrochemicals,
many of which are banned in other countries. Based on all of this, I think you get the
picture of the ecological disaster presented by Bolsonaro’s government and how this puts
not only Brazilians but the whole world at risk. But just in case you haven’t gotten the picture
yet, I talked to my friend Leticia Camargo, who works directly with environmental policy
and who’s been compiling data on all this mess and I picked out just a few more facts
off the list she made. So here we go: Since Bolsonaro became president, supported
by a terribly morally conservative and very capitalist Congress, with a few exceptions
in Congress of course, this is what’s been happening in terms of environmental problems
in Brazil: So far, this government has allowed for 290
new agrochemicals to be used in Brazil and 41% of them are highly or extremely toxic. Environmental law enforcement activities fell
by 39% from last year A presidential decree basically emptied the
Environmental Council, CONAMA, which was an important place for participation from civil
society The government cut 95% of the budget that
used to destined towards fighting climate change
Environmental licensing budget was also cut by 42% and the minister is always talking
about how it’s important to make licensing easier
They also blocked almost 40% of the budget destined to preventing and fighting forest
fires, did you know that? Yep, it would be ironic if it wasn’t tragic
and actually right in line with what this government has in mind If you didn’t get the picture before, I think
now you do. The picture is grim, the picture is catastrophic. Ecological impacts aren’t restricted to a
nation state. There are no artificial borders that can hold
off these problems entirely. And yes I know, the majority of Brazilians
voted these guys in, but we’re all in this together and there are many other leaders
like Bolsonaro implementing or hoping to implement these terrible policies in other countries. Ecological action demands that we work together
and fight together and it demands solidarity. This is why I did this update and I really
hope we can find a way to coordinate our movements of resistance, from the environmentalists
and indigenous peoples in Brazil, to the Cumbre de los Pueblos in Chile, to the zapatistas
in Mexico, to those who support various ecological transition efforts in the US and Canada, in
the shape of a Green new deal or Leap manifesto or whatever program fits into your anticapitalist
political project, to those demanding a degrowth platform in Europe, to kids engaged in strikes
for the climate, to island dwellers in the Caribbean and the Pacific who know it’s now
or nothing. Because it really is now or nothing, you know,
and we need to understand that if people like Bolsonaro and Trump stand in our way, we need
to fight stronger, together, to overcome their politics and make room for real change. Change that will guarantee that we survive this
century and reach the next one as a healthy, sustantainable and emancipated society. We have protests and demonstrations scheduled
in Brazil in the next few days and I hope you can help to spread the word about it! Thanks for watching!

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