Brownfields Services – Integrating the Environment into Your Community and Redevelopment Goals

All of these award-winning redevelopments
have two things in common. They were projects Terracon helped bring to life. And, they all started out . . . like this. (Music) Hi, I’m Belinda Richard. And I’m Linda Yang. Belinda and I share a passion
for building thriving communities. We love seeing what might be an
eyesore become revitalized, and as a bonus creating economic development
for the community at the same time. Brownfields are typically abandoned or
neglected properties that can have underlying environmental problems, often
associated with their previous land use. They can have issues ranging from
contaminated soil or ground water to unsafe, dilapidated structures. These challenges add cost to property redevelopments
and sometimes keep them from ever even happening. The Environmental Protection Agency set up
its Brownfields program to support redevelopment of the sites that may
contain environmental concerns. We help communities obtain the Brownfields
funds to address site conditions and make the properties safe for redevelopment. We also take it a step further by
seeking public and private partnerships. Communities may not be aware what’s available
through the Brownfields program. We assist our clients in taking advantage
of the funding and the leveraging options to achieve their goals. Terracon also partners with our clients in other ways. By integrating our additional services
including geotechnical and materials testing and property condition assessments,
we are able to provide cost effective redevelopment strategies. In others words we can figure out
what needs to be done and help you make it happen. And because of our nationwide presence,
our professionals are doing the work right in or near their own hometowns. This makes it easy for us to stay closely
involved working one-on-one with local communities doing outreach
and gauging impact. But don’t just take our word for it. The Phoenix Award program was developed
to honor projects solving critical environmental problems that turn properties
into productive assets for their community. Through the years Terracon has been a part
of more Phoenix Award winning teams than any other consultants. And the projects can make a powerful impact
to their communities. They often lead to an economic resurgence
of an entire area. Terracon Brownfields Services. We love turning big problems into big opportunities, by integrating the environment into your
community and redevelopment goals. For any project, big or small,
routine or complex, Terracon is ready to help. Responsive. Resourceful. Reliable.

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