BSc (Hons) Environmental Science

>>Well the BSc Environmental Science is new
at Bournemouth University, it’s been only running for two years. It includes most areas
of ecology and environmental science. The format of the degree is that we spend the
first year doing a common first year, years two and three are more specialised units and
there’s also the opportunity for placements at the end of years 1one and two, as well
as fieldwork opportunities throughout the course.>>There’s quite a lot of practical work
involved with the course, we even have a whole unit dedicated to practical fieldwork in the
environment. But throughout the other units, we also have quite a lot of fieldwork; we
have field trips to various places around Dorset, which gives a more hands on experience
for the students.>>We have a variety of academics who are
specialised in terrestrial ecology, marine ecology, we also have remote sensing specialists.
All of that combines to give the student a great over view of all of the things that
they need to know in environmental science.>>The academics, especially in this field
of work are highly experienced, they even have lectures on their research and you can
opportunities to help them. This March I’ll be going to Portugal and Spain to study with
a couple of the lecturers on their research. So it’s a real hands on professional feel
to the atmosphere.>>Students do placements at the end of year
1 and the end of year two. Something like six weeks at the beginning of the summer,
and it’s very important for students to get high quality placements. We do a lot of
activity around that, we bring in local employers and organisations to give guidance on that.
We maintain a database of where students have gone before. Recently we’ve had students
in government research laboratories over at Weymouth, and working at the local water company;
Sembcorp and these sorts of exposures to the world of work are very important for students
so we’re trying to improve and boost that as part of the course.>>Students should choose BU because of the
whole general atmosphere created around Bournemouth. The lifestyle is brilliant; the location of
Bournemouth is really helpful for an environmental science course, seeing as we’re in Dorset,
so all the green spaces and green environments around. The University is just a brilliant
place to be.

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