Building a Greenhouse

Hi i’m Paul Simon, landscape horticulturist with the national gardening association and today we are talking about how to build a small greenhouse and now, we’ll discuss, constructing the pvc base frame greenhouse we wanna make sure that we have all our pvc cut to the right size you should have two piles 24,5foot long segments of 3/4 inch PVC pipe and you’ll have 15 3foot 10inch segments of pipe you may wonder, why we have 3foot 10inches segments when our rebar spaced 4feet apart. the reason being we need to compensate for the space that we need for our connection pieces once we are connected we will have 4feet exactly so first, we are going to be constructing our N sections and then our center support sections our N sections to our PVC frame will have 3/4inch T joints in our center support sections we’ll have 3/4inch crossed joints there are two N frames sections, and four center support sections as indicated in the illustration diagram the N frame sections will attach to three-way T joints while the center support sections will attach to four-way cross joints begin at one end of the greenhouse by attaching four 5foot PVC sections to three 3way T joints with pvc cement as you attach the joints, lay the pvc flat making sure that each joint is cemented correctly in place repeat this step one time for the opposite end of the greenhouse these will create the two 20foot N sections the second step is to similarly attach four 5foot PVC sections to three four-way crossed joints with pvc cement again, as you attach the joints, lay the pvc flat, making sure that each joint is cemented correctly in place repeat this step three times for the aditional center suport these will create four 20foot center section supports now attach three 3foot10inch horizontal supports to connect a 20foot N section to a 20foot center support section with pvc cement and be sure the glue dries for at least two hours, preferably overnight with help, install these completed sections into two rebar, at one end of the green house footprint carefully bend the sections as an arc, and attach to the opposite side to the corresponding rebar supports repeat these step for the opposite end of the greenhouse connect the two remaining center support sections with three 3foot by 10inch horizontal supports using pvc cement again carefully bend and attach the center support sections to the rebar, located on the center signs of greenhouse footprint finally attach the six remaining 3foot10inch horizontal support sections using pvc cement connecting all the remining sections together in place to form a completed grid.

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