Buy Food Ethically, Unless It’s Too Hard

(upbeat instrumental music) – I care about the environment. – About hunger. – About food. – One third of all food
produced worldwide is wasted. – And we needlessly pollute
by shipping perishables all over the world. – That’s why I believe in buying seasonal, local, whole foods. – Unless it’s inconvenient. – I always buy produce from
my local farmer’s market. Unless it’s raining. – Or if it’s too hot outside. Or too cold. – Or if I wake up too late. Or if I have something
else going on that day. – But otherwise yeah,
totally, farmer’s market. Because the food we buy affects all of us. – All of us. – When I support local farmers, I support my own community. – I support a cleaner
environment for everyone. – So when I do get to the farmer’s market, I’m making a difference. Except I don’t buy onions there because they’re like five
dollars for a single onion. – I could buy a whole bag of onions at the grocery store for that. – And meat. – Right, I don’t get meat there. Or milk. – I mean it looks great. – It looks delicious. – But I’m not made of money and I’m not sure I’d be able
to taste the difference. – But I definitely buy carrots and shit. – Carrots and shit. – Sometimes. Unless the produce looks kinda shitty. Sometimes it looks like shitty. – Or it’s a vegetable
I’ve never seen before and I’m scared of it. What is this thing and how do I cook it? – But I’ll still buy margarita
mix from that one stand. – Or artsinal soap. – Or tacos from the taco
truck that sits idling next to the market all day. That still counts right? – Sure, it’s still at the farmer’s market. – We’re thinking more about our food. – Because we’re living in a
world where one trillion dollars of food gets wasted, every year. – 25% of all calories
produced never get consumed. – I think about these things. So, with the exceptions I just mentioned, I shop at the farmer’s market. – The farmer’s market. – Unless I’m really hungry. – Then I just go to
McDonald’s or something. – But only when I’m hungry. – Or…tired. – Or if I’m just in the
mood for some McDonald’s. – But I definitely buy a potato or something from the farmer’s
market once a month at least. – At least. Certainly once every two months because I care about the environment. Although I do also drive
to the farmer’s market. – That’s probably not good. – Well, at least you could say I’m trying. Kind of. – Kind of. – Kind of. Hey’s it’s Greg from CollegeHumor. Thank you for watching. Click here to subscribe to the channel. Click here to watch another video and click here if you want to see what I look like without a shirt on. Ah, weird that’s the same, isn’t it?

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