Calgary’s youth present environmental innovations at Annual Mayor’s Environment Expo

Every year during
National Environment Week we also celebrate
the Mayor’s Environmental Expo 32 schools have been chosen
as Eco Leaders and they’ve spent the school year
implementing environmental initiatives at their schools
and in their communities and this week they get to share
that with over 4000 young people who come to City Hall
on a field trip and learn more about what they can
do to help the environment every single one of us has the opportunity
to make our environment better and if little Grade 1, 2 and 6 kids are able
to make a difference at their schools it means everyone of us can make a difference in our homes and in our workplaces one of the most important jobs
of City Government is to make sure that we are effective stewards
of the land, air and the water in this place this year in particular we’ve
been focused on waste we rolled out the Green Bins across
the whole city and so far… we’ve already diverted 50 million kilograms
of yard waste and organics now that people are
working in their yards we’re actually diverting
1 million kilograms per day that saves space in our landfills
it reduces the production of Methane and other
green house gasses and it helps us create
very high quality compost it’s a win-win-win and I’m
thrilled that it’s going so well

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