Campus Spotlight – Cheeseman Environmental Study Area | De Anza College

[magical chimes] Hi! My name is David Earl McShate the fourth. I am a student here at De Anza College and … this is the Cheeseman area. Welcome! You’re in for a treat. [new age music] The first time I came over here to the Cheeseman was out of pure curiousity, because I had a class in the building adjacent to it. It was a really nice environment. It was really calming, relaxing … It was like I was not even on campus anymore. The main purpose of Cheeseman to me is relaxation. [There’s] a little secret spot on the other side, where it has a waterfall and the rushing water … sets the mood right, and plus there’s a little overlook. So … to be honest, whenever I stand on the overlook I get a little nostalgia. I feel like I’m Rafiki from “The Lion King” and the [sings] The song goes in my head. Yeah … You, you – if you come over here, you’ll see it, you’ll understand … It’s really nice! Don’t take my word for it. Just come yourself. Hey guys! Thanks for watching the video. If you really liked it … make sure you click that “like” button on the bottom. Or if you want to watch more … there’s some more right here, right here, in this general vicinity. But if you want more updates, hit that subscribe button! I’m out!

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