Can going Vegan Stop Global Warming ?

hello everybody welcome to the vegan
report my name is Glen and my name is Sarah and in this show we try to offer
helpful information about being a vegetarian or vegan. today’s show “Can
going vegan stop global warming?” as we covered in the veg report number three,
“what if the world went vegan”, one of the key benefits of more people being vegan
would be a reduction in the amount of greenhouse gases. Because a typical
family of four in the US will on average continue more greenhouse gases from
their meat consumption than from driving two cars, a lot of that responsibility
falls on the livestock industry. After doing research for this show and for
some of our other veg report shows one of the reasons we went vegan is because
we are deeply concerned like many people worldwide about greenhouse gases and
global warming, both of which will ultimately result in climate change.
Since we started doing this show we have seen a lot of reports about the impact
of going vegan towards preventing further climate change. So first to level
set for all of us, why is it we are worried about greenhouse gases again?
Greenhouse gases are gases that trap heat in the atmosphere. The earth has
warmed 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit since 1880 and the greatest contributor to global
warming our carbon dioxide, methane, and black carbon. As the earth warms the
climate changes impacting weather patterns and life on Earth including
people. We wonder though is being vegan really better for preventing the impact
of climate change? So we decided to do a little more research specifically on
this topic. Here are some one what we found.
Researchers have documented large amounts of methane emissions and a
nitrous oxide which are both gases that increase global warming.
These large amounts have been found in your piles of animal waste this is
produced where livestock is raised whether for me or dairy consumption.
According to a paper published by the journal Science in June of 2018 by
researchers at Oxford University, if everybody stopped consuming meat and
dairy globally we could reduce the amount of farmland by 75 percent. Lead
author of the study Joseph Poore said “A vegan diet is probably the single
biggest way to reduce her impact on planet earth not just greenhouse gases,
but global acidification, eutrophication, land use and water use. It’s far bigger
than cutting down on your flights or buying an electric car. According to
another source cows produced 12 times more than soy in terms of admission per
ton and 30 times more than wheat. The Food and Agricultural organization of
the United Nations FAO found that raising livestock takes about 80% of all
agricultural land and produces just 18% of the world’s calories. By their
calculations cattle generate up to two-thirds of a greenhouse gases from
livestock and are the world’s fifth largest source of methane. If cows were
country they would be the planet’s third largest greenhouse gas emitter. As Ethan Brown, founder and chief executive officer of beyond meat said in a
September 2018 article in the UN Environment Programme “We can make a big difference by simply changing the protein source for meat from animals to
plants” The answer we believe of whether being vegan vs. being vegetarian really
makes a difference is, it does. Being vegan reduces greenhouse gases
considerably livestock takes up a lot of space and
land, waste precious water that can be used for drinking or growing plants that
will feed many more people. And it produces a great deal of carbon dioxide
into the atmosphere, heating up the earth. This is partially due to so much land
being deforested in order to raise livestock. Of all the reasons to go vegan
we think climate change is one of the most compelling. We wondered why weren’t more vegans talking about this and why weren’t more climate change activists
and environmentalists advocating a vegan diet? Maybe it is because people are just
unwilling to give up meat consumption because they are comfortable with it.
However this comes at a cost to our entire planet. What do you think Sarah?
Well I think people are really acculturated to eating meat dairy eggs
they’ve grown up with it they’re used to it they just have never considered any
other option. What about you Glenn? The idea of the world going vegan would be
very disruptive to the economy in some ways and also I think it would improve
the economy in other ways. If no one’s even talking about it
why would they even bother. So it’s good to get that message out there, but time
will tell and hopefully we’ll make the right decision. I think it’s a big it’s a
big shift for many people and I think change can come slowly. I also think
though I’m very hopeful you know as I’ve been exposed to more and more
information about how many people are aware of this and are starting to see
the impact of climate change in their day-to-day lives. That people are much
more open to the possibility and certainly people of our generation are
somewhat open to being vegan. People who are older and maybe not as much but the
younger generation they’re very open to it and I’ve seen more and more younger
people really interested in open to the possibility of a vegan diet. Much more so
so that that makes me feel hopeful. if you’d like to read more about how going
vegan can stop climate change check out the articles and research we’ve provided
below. All right well that’s it for our show today thanks for watching. Oh and if you liked this show love it if you would subscribe. Alright
thanks bye, have a great day. recording
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