Can Seaweed Cut Methane Emissions on Dairy Farms?

Dairy cattle actually contribute a lot
of greenhouse gas emissions to the environment. The work we do in here is to try
to reduce methane emissions from dairy cattle. One of the exciting project that
we are working on right now is if a certain type of seaweed can actually
reduce methane emissions. Methane is formed through a fermentation process
from animals consuming feed and through the process of fermentation that feed
be converted into methane emissions. Over ninety five percent of the methane is actually
coming out of the mouth or the nostrils of the animals. So the device that we use
it is called green feed and the way the green feed works is that we provide them
with a little cow cookie. As they feed those cookies they will be
breathing, they will be eructating methane and other gases into it. We can
then sample those gases and we’ll analyze them and we then we can figure
out how much methane is come from the animal. If feeding seaweed to dairy cattle can actually reduce some of those emissions
that would benefit the overall environment as well as the industry

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