Can You Beat Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu with a Real Nuzlocke? [Full Game]

What’s going on boys and girls what’s up
world Austin John plays here and today we’re gonna answer one very simple
question can you do a traditional Nuzlocke and Pokemon let’s go Pikachu
and let’s go Eevee if you don’t know what a traditional Nuzlocke is it’s a
set of rules that the Internet has come up with that do you need to enforce upon
yourself in order to have a more difficult time playing a Pokemon game
why I don’t know cuz Pokemon is easy and you need a challenge I guess some of the
highlights of the rules are you can only catch one pokemon per route you have to
rename that Pokemon you need to keep it on your team and if it faints in battle
its considered dead and you either need to put it in the PC forever or you need
to release it now granted that’s not for the most hardcore Nuzlocke that’s just
the most generic rules for another since let’s go came out a lot of people have
modified the Nuzlocke rules to be like oh well you catch these Pokemon on every
round and then you get to train up and everything because one of the super
important parts of a Nuzlocke is grinding grinding is super important
because he’s supposed to stay on a route and battle low-level wild Pokemon to get
your pokemons level up with no chance of it fainting that way you can go to the
next area and not die pretty much however in Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and
let’s go Eevee there is no grinding you cannot grind in
the game because that means you have to catch more Pokemon so the only way for
you to get experiences your occasional catching of a Pokemon and the scarce
trainer battles that you have throughout the entire world which there’s a finite
amount of those so if you don’t use those trainer battles properly you’re
going to be wasting levels and experience on Pokemon that you shouldn’t
be also a super important mechanic of let’s go is the a V’s the adventure
values or the what we’re previously called effort values essentially giving
your Pokemon lots of candy that you get from catching a whole bunch of wild
Pokemon but again can’t catch a whole bunch of
wild Pokemon since he only supposed to catch one pokemon on a route so I
decided that I was going to play through the entire game of Pokemon let’s go
Pikachu and let’s go Eevee doing a traditional Nuzlocke now the only part
here that would really be up for debate is the first Pokemon you encounter on
every route already decided to very strategically pick the Pokemon that I
would encounter on every route sometimes it did a workout sometimes one popped up
in front of me and I encounter that one sometimes I got to make my way through a
very strategic way of getting a specific Pokemon I did this for a very specific
reason there’s one gym here in the game that requires you to have a certain
amount of Pokemon caught and there are other areas that require you to have
caught a certain amount of species of different types of Pokemon which if
you’re playing the game normally is not an issue whatsoever like you need to
catch 60 put 60 Pokemon to get the gift squirtle by the time you get to it you
could do that in the first half hour of the game maybe hour yeah I had to go
through the game and catch specific Pokemon in order to have the proper
spread of Pokemon with only catching one pokemon in every route and if it faints
in battle it’s considered dead here is mine does lock I start my game
with my starter Pikachu which if you don’t know he has absolutely perfect
stats full six max IVs and different from any other game as soon as I get my
starter and leave Oaks lab I get pokeballs so the official Nuzlocke
begins immediately on route 1 I have the option of Rattata Pidgey and oddish and
since I need a grass type for Brock I went for oddish plus we could get the
other two at a later point in time it’s also worth mentioning that while I’m
catching the wild Pokemon it supported to throw as close to an excellent throw
in the first turn as that gets me the most experience as soon as I entered
Viridian City I grabbed the secret potion by the bush head to the small
patch of grass on route 22 here I catch a Nidoran male mostly because it knows
Peck double-kick and a poison move and it could reach its final evolution by
the time moment moon now I also have to catch pokemon
with as many evolutions as possible to try to fill up my pokedex
I’m also naming the pokemon on the route that I called them on except for my
starter you could say his name I get Oaks parcel returned to the lab
and have my first battle against my rival Eevee is it really a threat since
that can only tackle and growl and growling doesn’t lower the power of my
Thunder shock on route 1 I get my first encounter with Ronnie my first trainer
of many and I’m using my oddish I don’t know exactly the experience spread for
Pokemon in my party verse in battle but I think everyone gets the same or very
similar experience Plus once I get Bulbasaur have already in forest autosh
is gonna be a Pokemon for used fulfilling my pokedex since we get a
third form with the stone making my way to route 2 I could get the same options
as Pokemon to route 1 but with bugs added in hindsight I
should have went for the Caterpie to get 3 pokedex entries by level 10 but I
thought it’d be important for a flying-type to deal with grass and bug
types also not remembering that one of the reasons I got knitter and mail is
because it has Peck hindsight is twenty-twenty you know but now I’m
Viridian Forest I decided that I wanted Bulbasaur and I’ve known for it to spawn
right at the very end so the entire forest is gonna be battles and item
collection I know it can spawn everywhere else I’m just a little
superstitious I head to the left to grab the five pokeballs and out of nowhere I
trip on a metapod that’s spawned right in front of me which sucks because now I
can’t get a Bulbasaur or even a Caterpie for the decks entries but at least I get
some good experience for catching an evolved Pokemon the rest of the force is
just fine taking out low-level bugs and meta pods and trainer battles at this
point I’m about 34 minutes into the game and without grinding and catching all
the Pokemon it’s going very quickly but now I’m at pewter City ready to fight
Brock and I realize that’s it I can’t level up anymore I can’t catch anything
and my team is severely underleveled good thing I did catch was a grass-type
because if I didn’t catch a grass-type by now well my Nuzlocke would be over
because I require a grass-type to enter this gym and I’m lucky because my little
tiny oddish knows absorb it’s the only super effective move on my entire team
to face Brock I enter the gym and save right before because I don’t know if I’d
have to Blore the idea of having a support
player come in it’s never really been handled it in does lock I didn’t want to
but I go into my first battle with oddish against a single Geodude of my
support player as Pikachu using growl but my oddish was actually faster than
Geodude and one-hit ko team which had me feeling very confident and my support
player did absolutely nothing so you can ignore the fact that I had won I decided
to remove the support player and never ever ever let him return the second
trainer had another Geodude now I remember a stand true here but hey I’ll
take another one AKO no problem his battles also got pikachu enough
experience to learn double kicks so i have a backup for when /if oddish dies
on me time for brock and now i was fearing this trainer because i have a
level 7 oddish and then i realized that his Geodude only has tackle no other
moves so use this opportunity to use growth to get +6 and special attack I
take it out of one shot and get ready for his Onix if you didn’t know his Onix
in this game knows headbutt which is the TM that you get instead of bide but I
know that his Onix is gonna be faster than me and then if he gets a flinch I
could be done for Onix comes out and it does Rock throw I don’t know why he
didn’t use headbutt it’s a better move I don’t resist it it makes literally no
sense but I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth I’d get my first
badge heal up watch a slowpoke for $2,500 and head onto route to my first
trainer here is an oddish and I realized now that I know headbutt a my oddish is
the far superior Aatish so no problem I do fear the coach trainer here his
Bulbasaur with leech seed I send out my Pikachu is he’s far stronger than any of
my other Pokemon and I use my strongest move headbutt I get a flinch then a
second one that’s luck third turn Elaine’s elite seed I swapped for an
inner and head and I head-butted to death
I made quick work of the trainer’s here on this route as I decided to go for a
Rattata it involves a level 20 so it’s easy dex entry the coach here has a
Meowth with payday and a pretty sure Pikachu can take it down with double
kicks also decide to not buy the Magikarp at the Pokemon Center as
getting 15 levels on a slow-growth Pokemon is a luxury that I really can’t
afford plus I’m not too sure how buying Pokemon works in a Nuzlocke or if we’re
just considered of this a gift Pokemon so I decided to avoid gift Pokemon in
this game altogether a mountain loon I have plans to catch a 1% clefable at
the bottom floor with a low active I know that this is a super far-fetched
thing to do and at this time I only knew about one moonstone of the game and it
being a hidden item as soon as I entered a Geodude spawns right in front of me
and I was about to walk into it but Team Rocket was there the cutscene despawn
the go2 to walk me forward so I still have my encounter active from here on
out I walk slightly stagger to not trip over any rock pokemons oddish nose acid
which is gonna be a little useful for any Clefairy that I’m gonna be battling
in here he’s kind of turning out to be the MVP of this team and I just know
that he’s gonna be useless against Misty’s Pokemon as her Pokemon no
psychic moves but that’s what Pikachu is for now in the basement this is the area
that clefable can spawn one percent without allure or lore I’m gonna say
lurk cuz I’ve said that my entire life I stayed close to the stairs and when you
pop alert it’s a feeding frenzy at Pokemon and those Zubat move really fast
after three minutes of going up and down the stairs I finally get a cliff able to
spawn I took my time on the throw got it excellent and 550 for sweet experience
points for my team which gets everyone one to two levels now that I have the
encounter that I want for the area I’m gonna backtrack get the items I need the
rest of mount moon is easy Team Rocket doesn’t pose much of a threat the area
outside of mount moon is still root for so no new encounter for us and my oddish
found an item so my plant found a plant in a plan damn the first partner Pokemon
move tutors in civilians Pokemon Center so our thundershock gets upgraded and
it’s time for nugget bridge I wanna get Pikachu’s experience up
before misty so I use a rare candy that I got in Mount Moon to evolve knitter
and then a moonstone for an early game neato King that brings my pokedex to 10
caught nice under route 24 and 25 and there’s the gift pokémon Charmander both
routes have a side out cannot event and not in a Pidgey however the Charmander
trainer wants us to catch 50 Pokemon in to get it however I’ve only caught seven
Pokemon so no no Pokemon for me and I seriously doubt that we’re going to
catch 50 Pokemon with Nuzlocke rules in fact by my count it’s only gonna be
thirty two catches between all the routes and locations so it looks like
we’re never ever going to get this Charmander and the Pokemon on this route
aren’t really that great and I don’t have a lure in order to get this
squirtle that can rare spawn here so I guess we’re just gonna go for a vent in
at and a side arc for the Pokedex fill unfortunately my villa net throw was
really bad so I didn’t get a lot of experience for that and the trainers on
route 25 did not yield me a lot of experience either good news is the only
trainer who gave me some trouble was the seismic toss coach but still no deaths
so far all the stuff to do is go after Misty’s gym yeah was it actually worried
about that I love how big achoo inspects this house he thinks he’s a detective
you’re not Ryan Reynolds no you want no you aren’t on route 5 are strategically
avoiding a swarm of piggies and I caught a growlithe my rival got a little handsy
with me and on Route six I got drunk by a growlithe again so I guess I now have
to growlithe between these two routes five and six I decided that my plan of
attack was too popular head into diglettz cave catch a dig late and then
head back out to the route here on the right and catch a drowsy that made my
Pidgey evolve nice then when I got to route 11 there was a large Chauncey I
knew without altra balls would be a gamble but I went for it after five
great balls I finally caught it and everyone on my team got to full levels
I then battled every trainer on the route and got about a third of the XP
that I got from catching that one chance eat and that put me out of dilemma sin
my dilemma is like a poplars on the routes and go for the rare spawn
Chauncey for experience or I get another low leveled not of all Pokemon to fill
up my decks as the Chauncey can spawn almost everywhere there’s a chance that
I can let a chain continue for even more experience if I balance that properly
with the amount of Pokemon that can evolve I think I can do this but at the
time I started to not worry and I still have the SSA into battle I take on Meena and her mr. mom does
work i men just get by without any of my pokemon dying but now on to the first
worthy gym leader of this game Serge I just got expressed so everywhere all the
surges Pokemon no Thunderbolt and his Magnemite has sonic boom and his Raju
who knows double kick so I started with Pikachu and I used light screen then I
use dig I thought I have to swap in Idol King to take a thunderbolt but his
Pokemon were fairly easy to defeat even being under levelled oh great one
through diglettz tunnel got flash fast traveled with my rivals route 9 and
started heading toward rock tunnel for route 9 there’s nothing too great that I
can catch maybe a sparrow to evolve from my pokedex but I think I’d be better off
trying for another chance II as for route 10 it’s a similar encounter table
but there’s also crabby and then the worst luck my joy Kahn didn’t respond to
me running away from a charging NIT arena so it looks like that’s my catch
for this route but my Rattata evolved and I used to moonstone so that brings
my pokedex to 20 obtained and 14 caught nice just as I reach route 10 miler wore
off so I caught a Crabby in Rock Tunnel I know there’s the chance here of
finding a rare spawn Charmander and I kind of want one Charmander is my
favorite I have a tattoo of a Charmander especially since my other options are
Zubat Machop Kangaskhan and a bunch of ground-type pokémon kangas common would
it be bad but I would like a Charmander one single repel got me to the area next
to the ladder where I’ve had Charmander spawn from me before and after using the
ladder to escape pokemon charging at me a Charmander finally showed up it’s
probably the same chance throughout the entire cave but I’m at least a little
stitches if not superstitious but I have a Charmander I made my way to lavender
town battled my rival who evolved as Eevee
cubone hit me in the fields it was super effective now there’s a 1% chance of
finding a Kadabra Unruh date but using a learner and waiting outside of the fence
I have a great chance of not encountering anything else I also get to
watch all the poppers like around its it’s the best feeling
ever I went for a Cadabra for the evolved Pokemon experience as well as
the better move set than catching an abra and evolving it it won’t have a
psychic move but I’ll get the TAM for that soon enough route 7 has the same
table as eight except with the chance of a porygon appearing and every time I
leave the guards house it spawns up to four Pokemon instantly for me I saw
several Kadabra a few arcanine and then finally a porygon he’s he is super fast
by the way Pikachu learn floaty fault talk to Brock out a tea gave it to the
guards went to saffron city got the TM for psychic taught it to Cadabra and
pouring on evolved Cadabra – Alakazam called a leap stone for a gloom talk to
the perv outside Erika’s gym defeated every trainer in there since every
Pokemon is weak – psychic and now sanfur Erica I knew that Tangela Woodley
would sleep powder so he did a substitute with Alakazam a calm mind and
then I won shouted her entire team with psychic pod – Rocket headquarters I wish
that when you’ve got a rocket outfit and you got to wear it someone would have
different dialogue but no also this is one of the coolest things being able to
control Pikachu running around I just wish it was a longer area this was
implemented in like a hacked Pokemon ROM a while ago wasn’t it going up against
Archer my team was four levels lower at best and for Giovanni I was six levels
under I started with Alakazam and I used to next defense assuming you would go
for fake out and then Persian one shot I mean cousin landed a crit so rip
Alakazam I decided vile pollutant with sleep powder and a couple gross would do
well and thanks to no more Christmas / I was right Giovanni fled and let me deal
with mourning the death of Alakazam comment f down below to pay respects
he’s now going to play in that beautiful psychic field in the sky now and the
professor gives me one candy for him thanks Hulk
well back to pokemon tower to go to hang out with dead pokemon but good news we
finally getting an encounter here and we have a choice between ghastly or Haunter
or the occasional cubone and lucky for me Meyler prom stopped me from tripping
over a immediately spawn too ghastly on my way to a Haunter which is nice
o cubone it feels I’m sorry Team Rocket did this to your
mother as long as these convoluted rules made by the Internet allow me to proceed
I’ll get revenge for you at least my rival is gonna take cubone and make him
a part of his team it’s right around here that I forgot clefable was a fairy
type Pokemon and not normal well that’s that’s two down for my team now that we
have the poké flute the world kind of opens up for us and we get encounters on
Route 12 13 14 15 16 17 and 18 on route 12 I woke up Snorlax defeated him caught
him for 1285 experience points God Aslan gleamed from the move deleter
I like how they did this interaction here on route 13 and got a huge crabby
forgetting that I already called one I flew back to sell it on city and Snorlax
is technically on route 16 so that’s my encounter for that route I battled
caught him got 1200 experience through at 17 I caught an Eevee level 39 and I’m
gonna need him for blings gym to be a Vaporeon route 18 brings me to fuchsia
City and a patch of grass but I’m gonna skip it for right now because it’s
optional grass and we’re gonna learn surf first and during this cutscene I’m
pretty sure Toro says brah now let’s head to kogas gym – oh we need 50
species of pokémon okay we we we thought about this before we kind of knew that
this was coming up I didn’t realize it’d be so soon so let’s plan this out out of
the Pokemon that I’ve already caught I could still evolve
Charmeleon Pidgeotto diglettz I dug venom at growlithe with the firestone
crabby Haunter via trade AV with a water stone and that will bring me up to 39 I
still get to go to route 14 and 15 for encounters which my best bet would be
the 5% Taurus and the 1% Scyther for experience and pokedex Phil and that
brings me to 41 the power plants Grimer would make 43 after it evolves route 19
20 and 21 star you Magikarp antenna cool and there are evolutions that brings me
to 49 magmar from the pokémon mansion would make 50 zubats eel or slow hook
from the seafoam Island would bring me to 52 and we might be able to get in the
grass on route 23 for execute or a poliwag in the water
we’re not even counting Pokemon that you could transfer from going to go
park we skipped route 18 so we do have a little bit of leeway room not too much
though and this is also not counting any gift Pokemon the laparis the starters
the Magikarp that you could buy I’m going to see if we can do it without any
of those gifts or the shiny claws so we have a game plan however we have very
limited resources and since I can’t catch wild Pokemon to train up my team I
have to use the rest of my trainer strategically for us to evolve the
Pokemon that requires stones or trading I’m also going to transfer any low-level
fully evolved Pokemon since I’ll need their candy and I can’t level them up
very easily we got ourselves our Kanaan Vaporeon and Gengar next I’m gonna catch
pokemon that I only need one level to evolve with Pokemon that only need one
level to evolve in my party I got a level 39 2 Duo on route 18
re-entering the power plant over and over for a huge Grimer i level 43 i went
south of Pallet Town to route 21 and caught a star you I went to cinnabar
incarnate magmar for 2333 experience points and then evolved crabby into
kingler I went to route 20 for a Magikarp seafoam island for his slowpoke
route 15 for Arturo’s for 1300 experience a huge Scyther on route 14
for a 1300 experience which evolved a duo I have all started with a Waterstone
I had south of fuchsia city for the teeth and caught a tentacle that brings
my pokedex to 45 I battled the swimmer and the fisherman on the water routes
and evolved slowpoke Diglett Magikarp and now I’m at 48 technical and psyduck
need a few levels and since I have this super-powerful water team right now I
figured I’d do the pokémon mansion in battle Blaine’s gym that didn’t go so
well slowpoke and Gyarados both died and that
gym was rough that’s when I I took a break from this project for a little bit
cuz full one when you have a Gyarados and it’s one of your favourite pokemon
and then it dies in a Nuzlocke you’re a little discouraged from continuing when
it did some traveling for Thanksgiving and I brought my switch with me I
obviously couldn’t do any recording cuz I was playing in handheld mode so I
didn’t do anything special to the story I didn’t catch any Pokemon I just went
around and battled every single trainer that I could have missed every single
one that I possibly could have I also looked for the coaches on the routes and
made sure to beat them as they give you much better experience
I also took my grammar and trade here for Anna lowland Grimer since I didn’t
think that that’d be a problem with the Nuzlocke rules I couldn’t find anything
about it and now it’s time to finish up Team Rocket and the last three gems
first stop self coat blue was a pushover with my now over
level team I never thought I’d say that then on to the fourth floor face Archer
oh we got to see cubone have you been but and he’s dead
javonni wasn’t hard anymore good also when I was clearing out the items I got
handed a Lapras and I didn’t have an option to not take it so that was my
52nd Pokemon for the Pokedex but I hit fifty without this Pokemon I just want
to show you that I’m kind of worried about the Sabrina fight but I feel like
muck is gonna stick it out well I gave it brick break to get rid of mr. mines
reflect and that worked out really well yeah actually that was great bucks a
Lowell inform is like one of the best alone forms it went from being the
weakest to this gym to dominating it onto Koga
we waited for him there we go that was one of the biggest hurdles for us to
overcome fifty species now I know that this is a flag in the game so people be
inclined to connect their Pokemon go account and transfer over there Pokemon
for us it was just a giant hurdle that’s the reason that I didn’t go for the
first Pokemon that spawned in every area as we had to be a little bit more
strategic on who we caught because we did need to have 50 species of pokémon
after defeating the one trainer needed I got to Koga and I know he leads his team
with a high level weezing and if I know one thing about high-level wheezing z’
they like to explode so I’m leading with Pikachu who has dig he toxics me and
Pikachu gets rid of it because he loves me and he’s the best Pikachu ever and
weezing falls for the explosion while I’m underground perfect also something
else about this game I I know that toxic can hit you while you’re underground
digging that doesn’t seem right muck wasn’t too hard
venomoth is a bug types of hitting of a floaty fall golbat thunderbolt bad
collected done next up Viridian City talked to Oak get
the mega stones that I can’t use because they don’t have fully evolved starters
and on to Giovanni it supported that I one-hit ko a lot of
Pokemon in this gym because a lot of them have one-hit ko moves like Fisher
and horn drill also about how my team is we to ground the good part is
that if a Pokemon has earthquake and fissure and a most likely earthquake
against vileplume since it’s part poison and it’s neutral damage instead of
resisting it and it will probably pick that instead of going over fissure at
least I hope on to the final gym leader and in Giovanni’s Dugtrio
did just under half health to star me and its second might be higher might be
lower I risked it it was slightly higher star Me’s dead I brought out vileplume
and just like the strategy against Brock we’re gonna use a lot of growths and
then mega drain nettle King use horn drill and that exact moment my heart
sunk a little bit but luckily it missed and then he went for earthquake and then
I wasn’t worried about the rest of his team it’s pretty poetic how I wasn’t
sure if hottish could beat Brock’s whole team with only a few fights under its
belt but here we are the last gym and vileplume held it down as sad that
Starman wasn’t able to live to see this victory so that’s it done after to the
8th gym defeated that goes to show you that yes you could totally Nuzlocke this
game it does require some short ejek planning you can’t just go into any
route and encounter any Pokemon because you do need to have the 50 species at
some point so you kind of need to handpick the Pokemon that you’re gonna
encounter if you want to know if you can unlock it there you go
all that’s left is my journey of indigo plateau the Elite Four Victory Road and
I’m gonna do it because I want to leave you with a cliffhanger like that right my rival wants one last fight a knife to
deal with it’s a job with sand attack and roost it’s a giant pain then he
swaps in marowak predicting a thunderbolt and I did not expect that so
kudos to him apparently my rival can do uh predicting swaps nice to know his
file boom did work on Pikachu so I brought in mine and went for a growth
plus for a used mega dream for a little health my rival predicted that and
swapped in Pidgeot and I felt like it would just spam roost and it did and I
just needed to paralyze to stick because I’m that slow and then ahead but for the
kill needless to say my rival wasn’t that
difficult and even though I wasn’t under leveled I did feel like my rival candy
trained a little bit because this Pokemon were definitely more powerful
than mine and his vileplume was much faster than mine oh and this made
Pidgeotto evolve for route 23 encounter i didn’t know what i wanted i had no
idea my team didn’t really need anything but i saw a chance he had decided a
little experience wouldn’t hurt anybody time for victory road where it’s going
to be a lot of ace trainers and recovery items for my weak team so I also popped
a repeal because I have no idea what I want to catch yet I really just wanted
to focus on defeating all the ace trainers and getting the TMS here but
right before facing the Polka maniac before the exit I had a ride on spawn
and I’ve decided to want to be a bad addition in case something happened to
Neto King assuming that I was careful but you know things happen I was able to
make it through without losing a single member of my team which feels really
good it has been motivated for the Elite Four I healed up bought a lot of potions
full restores etc optimize my team’s moves with TMS and I led in with Pikachu
because that’s fitting dugong only took two hits to kill which was nice but I
gave my Pikachu Iron Tail and one shot at jinx which was surprising and also
nice iron tail missed on cloyster so I healed and hydro pump was avoided so I
landed an iron tail for an underwhelming amount but then finished it off with
Thunderbolt Lapras took a thunderbolt got paralyzed after two more it was down
last is Slowbro and I decided to bring in muck in for that muck tank to surfed
and after two crunches that was the win under Bruno who I’m not fearing too much
no one on my team can learn psychic and almost all of his Pokemon have coverage
to flying so I gave vileplume dazzling gleam and decided that that was my best
bet this matchup brings me back Onix for his vileplume Onix you stealth rock and
I landed a Sleep Powder the earthquake only does about 30 health so I had
plenty of time to get +6 but I stopped after +5 for fear of a crit i one shot
at Onix regained most of my HP back out came hitmonchan who I know had elemental
punches he went down in one dazzling gleam and since my vileplume is stupid
slow I recovered before attacking and I got a one shop on the champ with mega
drain that restored all my health and pretty much the same story for poliwrath
and hitmonlee and that’s half of the Elite Four down I remember to acquire
any healing or TMS before facing Agatha which was nice and with the removal of
abilities almost all of our team goes down to an earthquake since no one can
levitate anymore I led with stealth rock knowing at a paralyzed me with glare
that’s fine I’m not as fast as it anyways and it’s
gonna prevent Gengar from burning me and neato King got rid of paralyzed because
he loves me okay great our back is down and I got burned by
Gengar predicted that because of the burn it doesn’t one-shot him I use a
full restore and the exact same thing happens again except with Gengar dying
this time golbat loses a quarter of its health from the stealth rocks I use a
full restore get hit by an air slash and it does a little bit more than I would
like because of the crunch defense drops I get flinched from air slash twice and
I have to heal again and then I get flinched then I have to heal again the
cyclone continues a few more times and I eventually take it down
wheezing goes down to two earthquakes and Gengar goes down to
one nice Lance’s team is pretty well balanced and his Dragon Knight is very
powerful although as an entire team has a weakness to rock but most of his team
has super effective moves against me I decided to leave with vileplume against
Sidra Sitra lands a hyper beam crit which is a really discouraging way to
start a fight against Lance so he land to make a dream after one growth for the
ko he follows up with Aerodactyl who goes
in for rockslide flinches and after tanking a hyper beam he goes down to two
mega drains and the same goes for Gyarados he then said about Charizard
who I’m fearing a flying attack from him so I go for a sleep powder it doesn’t
matter cuz he hits me and I get flinched so I didn’t get the sleep powder off I
swapped in natto King a rockslide fails to take it down so I have to heal and
then he hits me with a hyper beam and then he gets knocked out his last
Pokemon Dragon Knight his outrage does more than half to neat okay so I have to
heal until he gets confused because rockslide does barely a quarter so I
make the risky move and go for pajota because I want to heal vileplume Dragon
Knight hurts itself a confusion but then snaps out and one shots per job kind of
saw that coming it was a sacrifice that I had to make
unfortunately I find myself in the same game of outrage and confusion and then
waiting for the cycle to break either he misses he hits himself he runs had a PP
I run out of items or he gets a crit one of these five things is gonna break the
cycle and after about 15 turns that cycle doesn’t break he hasn’t hurt
himself in confusion yet which is weird and then finally vileplume dodges the
attack leaving me wide open for a final dazzling gleam and after a long an item
consuming paddle we beat Lance with only one casualty and now it’s time for the
final battle against my rival the Internet I know he’ll lead with mega
Pidgeot and I’ve Pikachu for that because you dodged heat wave but then he
predicted the Thunderbolt and the Internet swapped in to marowak I did a
splishy-splashy hoping it would do a lot spoilers that did not do a lot he made
with boomerang and kayoed Pikachu this is not how I wanted to start this battle
my starter has died please don’t die has died it’s defeating morally I throw out
vileplume and he threw out his vile plume sorry
swapped in the muck I used brick break to get rid of its reflect so it a
prioritize setting reflect up again it did that a few times and then hit me
with solar beam and then that broke the cycle and then it went back into doing
reflect and I finally Kato de with brick break he sent out rapidash I counted up
with Nieto King and it seemed like a great time to set up cell rocks recover
and land an earthquake he sent out Slowbro and I know that as surf and
psychic both of which would be super effective on me and I need to go for the
swap if it goes for surf I want to bring a Vaporeon and if it goes for psychic I
want to bring in muck I risk it our gopher Vaporeon predicted right it went
for Sur Vaporeon took it well let’s set up a light scream making my shadow ball
not to as much as I’d like I go in for the Blizzard at the off chance of
freezing and it worked I froze it afraid it was I was literally about to die it
froze most amazing feeling this gave me a free swap in the muck I then land in a
crunch take to surf and then they used a full restore that’s fine I have the
upper hand crunches doing about half IRA full restore my own and finish him off
jewel giong comes out and I swap it to Neto king to take the thunder nice
predict I don’t know how much pin missile would do so I heal up and it
does quick attack for 12 HP sir earthquake it is outcomes marowak I swap
in vileplume I take the boomerang well land in the mega train and his last
Pokemon is his mega Pidgeot the stealth rocks brings it down to the red I swap
in neato King to take the predicted heat wave but it does a full restore
rockslide only does about 1/3 of its health and air slash did a lot muck is
my only Pokemon left that could take an air slash better so he sack neato King
but then he lives on one health because he loves me I feel so loved that brings
pajota to a third I use a full restore on neato King because he deserved it
because he’s the best boy and bahjat predicts and goes through the quick
attack and the next turn leaving a completely open for a rockslide
that is game and ladies and gentleman right there I’ve successfully defeated
the Internet in this Austin John plays Nuzlocke which is amazing it’s amazing
I I was really discouraged going in because just not being able to train up
any of my Pokemon ever being able to require to go to every single route and
strategize what trainers I want to take out and everything else I’m not gonna
lie I had the move list of all the Elite Four up so that I knew what moves that
they could use against me but that’s that’s what I needed in order to do this
otherwise I would have died I would have died so fast because I’m not
underleveled and one of the main parts of a Nuzlocke
is being able to over level your team to grind up that way you could prepare for
the unexpected but in this case you don’t have that luxury
so yes ladies and gentlemen you totally do a Nuzlocke you just need to be smart
about it you need to strategize and need to plan
things out which unlike most nuzlockes we just kind of run in there blind and
just do stuff you can’t do that here you can so guys if you found this video
entertaining or informative leave a like down below if you new to the channel be
sure to subscribe to turn on notifications until next time Austin
John out

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