Carbon Capture – Humanity’s Last Hope?

This episode of Real Engineering is brought
to you by Skillshare. Home to over twenty five thousand classes that could teach you
a new life skill. We rarely witness evolution on a timeframe
short enough for a single human life to take notice. These changes usually occur over many
lifetimes, the gradual drift of a creatures DNA to best survive their environment. But
in one case in the 1700s humans witnessed evolution with their own eyes, and they caused
it. This metamorphosis coincided with human’s rapid industrialization. We began burning
coal on levels never before seen, and it’s bi-products rapidly changed the landscape
for not just humans, but for the animals that shared the planet with them. The peppered moth was one of those animals,
getting its name from its speckled white and black colouring, designed to camouflage the
moth while it lay on lichen covered tree barks. A black variant was first observed in 1811,
many decades into the industrial revolution. At first the mutation was rare, but human’s
influence on the environment grew, so did their numbers. By 1895, 98% of the peppered
moths in Manchester had this black colouring [1] Surely this black colouring would leave
them exposed, making them easier to spot for hungry birds. In reality, these moths had
adapted to be harder to spot in this newly industrialised world, one stained by soot. And it may be time for humans to follow their
lead. To evolve, or die. The rate we have been spewing these pollutants into our atmosphere
has only risen since this discover. Our carbon dioxide emissions have risen from one thousand
six hundred million metric tonnes to thirty six thousand million metric tonnes since 1865
[2] And despite our best efforts, that number is not declining. Human population and development
are continuing to outpace our efforts to curbed our carbon dioxide emissions. Just as alcohol producing yeast will eventually
create an environment too toxic for itself to survive, humans are pumping the world’s
atmosphere with a gas that will eventually render the world unlivable for many, if something
is not done. So we have to ask ourselves now, are going the way of a mindless single cell
fungi that continue to poison their habitat until they die, or are we going to recognise
that the survival of the next generation is more important? Our previous videos have discussed ways to
mitigate climate change, by planting trees in the Sahara or by using aerosols to block
out the sun. Both are pretty extreme methods, and come with some big risks that could lead
to some unforeseen consequences. Instead of some risky engineering tactic, what if we
could just suck the CO₂ right out of the air, undoing some of the damage that has been
done? Well, in certain circumstances, this is already
happening. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) has been around for years. There are a few
main types of carbon capture, almost all of which happens at power plants, capturing the
carbon that comes directly from the plant. In post-combustion ­carbon capture, the CO₂
is captured after the fossil fuel is burned. In this method, CO₂ is separated from the
flue gas, which includes CO₂, water vapor, sulfur dioxides and nitrogen oxides, by bubbling
the gas through an absorber column packed with liquid solvents, such as ammonia. In
the most widely used system, once the chemicals in the absorber column become saturated, a
stream of superheated steam at around 120C is passed through it. This releases the trapped
CO₂, which can then be transported for storage elsewhere. [3] In pre-combustion carbon capture,­ CO₂
is trapped before it’s diluted by other flue gases. The fossil fuel is heated in pure oxygen,
resulting in a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. [4]The carbon monoxide is reacted
with water to produce carbon dioxide, which is captured, along with hydrogen. The hydrogen
can be used to produce electricity, and the carbon dioxide is stored. [5] Pre- and post-combustion carbon capture can
prevent 80 to 90 percent of a power plant’s carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere.
[6] This is a big deal. The IPCC estimates that carbon capture and storage has the potential
to make up between 10% and 55% of the total carbon mitigation effort until year 2100.
[7] However, this carbon has to be stored somewhere.
It is most often stored underground in a process called geological sequestration, which involves
injecting CO₂ into underground rock formations. It is stored as a supercritical fluid, meaning
it has properties between those of a gas and a liquid. When carbon dioxide is injected
at depth, it will remain in the supercritical condition as long as it stays in excess of
31.1°C and at a pressure in excess of 72.9 atmospheres. Many times, the carbon dioxide
is injected into a reservoir which previously trapped oil and gas, since those areas have
natural rock formations that help to contain the carbon dioxide. While this might be an
okay solution, no one knows for sure what the environmental impact could be if the carbon
dioxide were to leak out into the environment in large quantities. [8] In some instances,
leakage of carbon dioxide underground has been shown to increase plant mortality, reduce
growth and create potentially severe localised damage to ecosystems. For this to be a viable,
safe option, the carbon dioxide would need to remain stored for 100s of years, or even
indefinitely, and the feasibility of this is not certain. [9] Other methods of storing carbon include sinking
it deep below the ocean, at depths under 3500 meters, where it turns into a slushy material
that will sink to the ocean floor under that amount of pressure. [10]But this method is
largely untested, and again, there are concerns about what this could mean for marine life,
and uncertainty on whether or not the CO₂ could eventually make its way back into the
environment. [11] There have been more promising experiments
in carbon storage in Iceland, where researchers have shown that pumping carbon dioxide into
the volcanic rock underground can speed up a natural process where the basalts react
with the gas to form carbonate minerals, which make up limestone. This is an encouraging
development, but has its limitations. It requires large amounts of water: 25 tonnes for each
tonne of carbon dioxide buried, meaning this process would have to be limited to coastal
sites. Another is that subterranean microbes might break down carbonate to methane, another
powerful greenhouse gas. [12] And while 80 to 90 percent of a power plant’s
carbon emissions can, in theory, be captured and stored in one of many ways, what about
all of the other carbon emitting things in our world? Only 25% of global greenhouse gas
emissions come from electricity and heat production at power plants. Transportation, general industry,
and agriculture collectively make up around 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. [13] Is there
a way to capture CO₂ from these sources? Direct air capture has, up to recently, been
a largely theoretical technique in which CO₂ is removed directly from the atmosphere. Theoretical,
because doing this on a scale that would even make a dent has historically been ridiculously
expensive – some experts say as much as $600 per metric ton of carbon dioxide. For reference,
a typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. [14]
But recently a team of scientists from Harvard University and the Bill Gates funded company
Carbon Engineering announced that they have found a method to cheaply pull carbon-dioxide
pollution out of the atmosphere – they say for as little as $94, and for no more than
$232 per metric ton of CO₂. This means that it would cost between $1 and $2.50 to remove
the carbon dioxide released by burning a gallon of gasoline in a modern car. And not only
do they suck the CO₂ out of the air with the ability to store it – they will also transform
the carbon back in to gasoline or jet fuel, creating net-neutral carbon based fuels. [15] While this sounds too good to be true, the
methods they use to pull CO₂ out of the air is not too different from what has already
been done for decades. This type of direct air capture starts with
an air contractor, where air is sucked in at high volumes. This structure “wet scrubs”
the air by using a strong hydroxide solution to capture CO₂ and convert it into carbonate.
The hydroxide solution reacts with carbon dioxide to form carbonate ions(CO32−.) This
occurs within a structure which is much the same as an industrial cooling tower. The next step involves a “pellet reactor”
where the carbonate ion reacts with calcium(Ca2+) to form calcium carbonate, in the form of
dried pellets. Then, a circulating fluid heats the calcium
carbonate pellets to decomposition temperature, breaking them apart to release the carbon
dioxide as a gas and leave behind calcium oxide (CaO) [16] Finally, the carbon dioxide is combined with
hydrogen and converted into liquid fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel,
using the Fischer-Tropsch process. This is a process where a mixture of carbon monoxide
and hydrogen are converted into liquid hydrocarbons. These reactions occur in the presence of metal
catalysts and typically at temperatures of 150–300 °C. [17] This means the company can produce carbon-neutral
hydrocarbons, meaning if you were to burn this fuel in your car, you would release carbon-dioxide
pollution out of your exhaust and into the atmosphere. But because this carbon dioxide
came from the air in the first place, these emissions would not introduce any new carbon
dioxide to the atmosphere, and no oil would need to be extracted from the earth to power
your car. And perhaps most importantly for the economic viability of this idea, they
can sell the product, which helps to offset costs, allowing them to capture even more
carbon dioxide, to either convert back into hydrocarbons or ultimately store. And backing up their cost estimates of between
$94 and $232 per metric ton of carbon dioxide is the fact that they’ve actually tested
the technology in a prototype plant for a few years in Squamish, British Columbia, which
offers a proof of concept that’s way stronger than simple calculations or computational
models. It currently captures and processes around 1 ton of carbon dioxide per day. [18] However, for this idea to work on a large
scale, the process has to be cost-effective to implement cheaply around the world, without
the massive costs of constructing all-new factory parts. In the pilot plant, they pulled
all this off by designing a factory based entirely on parts that suppliers could already
make cheaply and by keeping careful track of their emissions and costs at each stage
of the design and production process. They are currently seeking funding for an industrial-scale
version of the plant, that will use low-cost renewable energy, that will produce 200 barrels
of synthetic fuel a day, which they hope to complete by 2021. [19] But how much carbon can they realistically
hope to suck out of the air? In 2017, the world emitted about 32.5 gigatons of carbon
dioxide. If this technology were built at a scale to suck all that back out of the atmosphere
at $93 to $232 per ton, simple math shows that the total cost would be between about
$3 trillion and $7.5 trillion. [20] That seems like a lot, but many industries are worth
more than that, including Apple or the airline industry. Definitely a tall order, but not
impossible. For this idea to work globally in pulling
substantial amounts of carbon dioxide from the Earth’s air, there would need to be
hundreds or thousands of scaled-up plants producing hundreds of thousands of barrels
of carbon-neutral fuel to drive down costs further, in the same way that solar and wind
energy costs have plummeted over the past decades with increasing scales However, to keep global warming to less than
2 degrees C, the international target to avoid the most dangerous impacts, we will need negative
emissions, not carbon neutral emissions. We need carbon to be taken out of the atmosphere
and stored permanently, or the problem will only plateau indefinitely. And if Carbon Engineering
is making fuel from their captured carbon, this is only a carbon-neutral plan. But the reality of the situation is that when
you are only capturing and storing carbon, there is no market for that. The only way
to pay for carbon being captured from the air and stored, on a large scale, would be
government subsidies, and to rely on only our governments to solve this problem is certainly
a mistake. And at $100 per ton at the moment, there aren’t enough carbon dioxide buyers
in the market for any other uses to make a dent. Thus, introducing the idea of selling back
the carbon as fuel is a way to fund such an effort. With market demand and money coming
in, companies like Carbon Engineering can improve their technology, expand operations,
store some carbon, and work toward making sure that less oil is extracted from the ground
over time. Critics say that we should simply just not
be taking the carbon out of the ground in the first place, focusing on reducing emissions
rather than capture and storage, or capture and re-use. And some worry that technology
like this will allow us to think that we have no responsibility to reduce emissions. And
it is cheaper to not emit a ton of carbon dioxide in the first place than to capture
it. While these are all definitely valid points, technology like this can and should play a
role in how we tackle climate change. It’s unrealistic to think that every industry,
every consumer, and every government in the world will change their behavior in time to
tackle the rising global temperatures, as much as we wish they would. And technology
like this will go a long way to help mitigate the negative effects of industries where a
carbon zero result is next to impossible, like steel or cement manufacturing, or long-distance
air travel. So this may not be a silver bullet curing
the world of climate change, but it is definitely a technology to be invested in as a tool in
the toolbox to help solve the problem. And with direct air capture able to operate anywhere
where there is air, water, and electricity, every country could in theory, have their
own supply of carbon neutral fuel. In the end, we are not mindless animals who
cannot recognise the effect our behaviour is having on the environment. There are thousands
of people working to solve these problems associated with an ever growing human population,
with hundreds of start-ups using technology for the betterment of humankind. My audience
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    Ozone — O3 — 0.000007%
    Nitrogen Dioxide — NO2 — 0.000002%
    and of that .0314 carbon Dioxide 97% of carbon is produced naturally by the oceans, trees and plant foliage.
    We know that our trees and plants breath in carbon dioxide and exhale Oxygen which we all living things need to survive.
    So someone tell me what the problem is, the Earth has a way of naturally balancing our air so we can all live, so the solution is and has always been stop cutting down our trees which has been happening for the last 100 years.
    When we introduce more carbon dioxide it enables more Foliage and trees to grow, this is how nature balances it self so that we all flourish.
    Take carbon from the atmosphere and the trees etc.. die and we will have less Oxygen.
    This Carbon capture is so stupid that i cant believe that people and scientist believe this fraud.

  • It's NOT CO2, it' not YOU, it's the sun.
    This is another idiotic plan that will have no detectable affect on earths climate, but will have an immediate negative affect on humans. The notion that 4 one hundredths of one percent CO2 in the atmosphere controls the climate is absurd. I implore anyone conducting research on this 1st spend a few weeks studying paleoclimatology and see what natural variations have taken place in the past. Or perhaps you believe that all the natural causes just suddenly stopped for some reason…? It would be most beneficial to see CO2 climb to at least 600-800 PPM. That will do dramatic good for the planet. We are already seeing significant "greening" at 400 PPM, but 800 would be much better for plants and crop yields. Fortunately, due to the logarithmic affect on warming, the increases in CO2 will have almost affect on temperature. This has been proven true by observations as well. So, let's stop pretending CO2 is a poisonous gas, it's plant food pure and simple, and it should celebrated.

  • If we had all electric vehicles and scrubbers on power generation plants most of the problem would be gone! China is the greatest polluter and they are going electric hopefully it will help! Planting trees in the Amazon where they have clear cut would be the cheapest!

  • The peppered moth was adaptation not evolution unless it turned into a bird or something, we have been breeding pigeons for about 5000years and they are still pigeons even with forced adaptation!

  • A source on alcohol producing yeast (prob. S.cerevisae) creating a toxic environment for themselves ?

  • How can this system be adapted for vehicles, where very large amounts of Carbon is released

  • The best way to lower your carbon footprint by a wide margin is to not have kids

  • If you could fund the storage of 1 ton of CO2 with the sale of 9 tons of CO2, you could turn this scheme into net negative CO2.

  • Assumption that anthropogenic impact is the MAIN cause of global warming is not proven.

    "Real engineering", if you are really REAL, then you should present all views on the cause of global warming before finding solutions.

  • Costs of all those presented technologies are forbidding. FT synthesis alone is way to expansive and also with very high energy consumption.

  • More carbon bitching? come on. Use carbon energy sources, enjoy it as the gift it is. This earth we live in requires co2 emission into the atmosphere to operate correctly. Each of us has been designed to expel co2 and plants have been designed to take it in to support life. Stop hating on this important attribute of life. Plant life is THE storage medium, ITS ALREADY HERE, stop looking for another, and use the one you already have.

  • I am all for techie ideas to use resources. But "Humanity's Last Hope" is hyperbolic because CO2 is not a danger to humanity. Stop spreading the CO2 based climate change scam propagated by the IPCC and politicians to separate us from our money. CO2 is plant food, it does not and cannot control the climate.

  • How do I block a specified channel on YouTube?

  • I feel like the idea of reducing carbon emmisions is great but people won't change there lifestyle to make it happen. it's fantastic as long as we don't have to give anything up. I'm just as guilty.

  • Check out William Happer first. Next, I'm still not sure why the lead off was a bit about a moth changing its color due to a PHYSICAL change in the immediate environment and then directly into humans changing the CHEMICAL environment? Talk about mixed metaphors ?

  • Fracking whos f*****g bright idea was that. Like a proverbial frog in a pan of water we jumped in then set the planet on fire to heat the water the futures writen in the carbon & hinde sights a bitch, i wonder if we ever could have balanced the human equation found equilibrium with the planet if at all possible to control carbon in the atmosphere & be aware of our previous ignorance in civilizations past? Whats the decay rate of carbon? How do you send a message to future semi inteligent beying's & have them understand it in there primative growth cycle before its to late. Because lets face it we failed information gets abused at best or warped by religious entity's for power or completely goes over the heads of primative beyings or buried i would imagine? What have we had to study Pyramids, Nazca lines?

  • From a group of retired and highly experienced engineers and scientists from the Apollo, Skylab, Space Shuttle and International Space Station:

    We have validated the model with 168 years of atmospheric GHG data and data on earth surface temperature variations, counting 1850 through 2017. We have used this model to forecast what we believe will be the maximum, but small and non-harmful effects on earth surface temperature, from continued un-restricted use of fossil fuels…
    We expect a world-wide, market-driven transition to alternate sources of energy generation will be completed by 2150, leaving less than 600 ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere..
    Carbon capture is unnecessary.

  • Your such a paid shill, talking nonsense.

  • Nuclear energy and trees. Problem solved.

  • So they're going to capture the carbon from active volcanoes to are they

  • Well we need to do something, so even if it can buy more time we need to try.

  • If you think about it, pretty much all the major problems we have in this world are rooted in our greedy economic system that needs growth to even function.
    It might be wise to tackle that root of every problem by enforcing an economy that works sustainably in the long run.

  • Drone technology to plant trees is the best and cheapest solution to carbon capture. With 10000 drones 1 billion trees can be planted. Just 10000 drones. We make 70 million cars each year. Easily we could plant 1 trillion trees in a year even with gov funding.

  • Humans want to invent another circle of nature, that benefits them while barely keeping their habitat alive. But you don't win an engineering contest against evolution. We must go back. Stop doing things just for the sake of capitalism and plant trees again. Stop taking fossil fuels out of the ground and start harvesting sunlight. This is the time to retreat to safer grounds. Humans are going too far. A mass of individuals, without a common mind. All hustling for their own, insignificant purpose, yet adding up to one big problem.

  • Interesting – that black stuff coming out of the chimneys is not CO2…

  • If the Earth is flat, can't we just take the carbon and throw it off the edge ?

  • Push that narrative….maybe talk to geologists or maybe some biologists….and it's not WE. IT'S CHINA. Unsubbed from this idiot.

  • Shutdown the power plants

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