Carbon Monoxide & the Charcoal Grill

“One of the sources of carbon monoxide is the use of either a gas-fired or a charcoal fired grill inside the house. A
lot of people will think, ‘It’s raining outside I can open a door and bring the grill inside
and use it.’ They don’t realize how much carbon
monoxide is produced by something that’s meant to be used outside such as a charcoal grill or gas fire grill. Even with the doors
open to make-up air at this second produce a whole lot of carbon dioxide
very quickly. And then, of course, when you take the
food off and walk away the charcoal is still burning, still
producing carbon monoxide. The same rules apply when using it as a heat source.
It’s not meant to be used inside. If it isn’t rated or U.L. listed to be
used indoors should never be used indoors.”

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