Carleton University Faculty of Engineering and Design

Carleton University allows you to choose
the area which interests you and get an education that is anything but textbook. By studying at Carleton, you get to be involved in the research which is
being organised all over the world. What separates Carleton from other universities
is its emphasis on practicality in its engineering program. We try and be
relevant to what’s happening in industry, to what’s happening in the real world.
We try to design our labs and our
experience we give students to be really practical and therefore really useful. We’re not theorists; we’re people who
do things in the real world. Carleton offers a lot of out-of-the-box teaching so for example, if we were to be learning
about something we’d actually go out to the field, for example a trip to the aerospace museum to take a look at some aircraft. Get involved. Solve real-world problems.
Build something. Go beyond the classroom. Make things real. My fourth-year project was
an application for the iPhone. I was able to take all of my courses
from first, second, third and fourth year and apply them to what I needed to do learn the
programming language, to write all the requirements, and follow through the
entire step of developing the application
on the iPhone. Another project is the robotic guide dog.
We’re designing a robotic dog which will carry out all
the functions of a guide dog but it will also do more. So, for example, the user
might ask, using spoken language, “Where am I right
now?” and the robotic guide dog would have an electronic compass and GPS
system as well as a voice module so that it could answer the user in speech. The practical side of the classes are what were
more interesting to me: the labs and the facilities and the applications of the theories that we’re learning in the lectures. Learn from award-winning faculty and
researchers to become an engineering leader of
tomorrow. It’s not just about sitting down and giving us information.
It’s about the whole learning process. A lot of our graduates have good jobs here in
Ottawa. When I talk to industry partners that I have and consultants, they keep calling us looking for graduates.
[Sound of concrete breaking] Get the practical work experience you need to
succeed and build connections with industry
experts. Our location in Ottawa, Ontario,
provides unique access to government and high-tech sectors. Many Carleton engineering graduates have
gone on to become leaders in companies around the world. The way I landed a job is, I met the CEO here at networking conference at Carleton University. We talked about technology and how
he got started. MXI does hire Carleton co-op students for a number of reasons. I think one is that they believe in the
quality of education that they’re getting here. We’ve had great experience with Carleton students in the past: well-rounded students not only academically but outside of the
classroom as well. I come back every year because I
enjoyed being here. It’s always great to have a chance to come back to the school once a year. Quite often Bombardier hires students directly out of the program into our engineering department at Bombardier. The co-op placements I had were extremely beneficial. Some of the placements were identical to courses I was doing. It was very applicable and really did give me
the opportunity to see how what I learn in the classroom works in the real world. I’ve done two co-op placements while I was at Carleton. My first one was at Bell Helicopter and
my next co-op placement was with Air Canada. The life on campus is amazing here. Coming to Carleton was the best choice I made. I’ve met some fantastic people here, fantastic profs. I can’t see myself being anywhere else or doing anything else right now. This is where I want to be. Carleton University. Anything but textbook.

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  • @syawhatnowyourtre yeh i kno. hot chick doing phD in engineering. my eyes are playing tricks. lol.

  • @lifematch
    I'm glad the video made you like Carleton, Though i don't think it was supposed to work that way.

  • the girl and guy at 3:18 were presenting their fourth year poster in the same room I was presenting mine. I was just behind them but didn't appear in this video, lol. Their project was really good :D.

  • @stevechuks89,
    there is a Communication Engineering Undergraduate program at Carleton. In that, you take telecommunications courses, mainly in the fourth year. Sysc 4700 is one of them, called telecommunication engineering.
    Good luck

  • I would like to follow Aerospace Ing. I live in South America… but i am planning to start my studies in Ontario next year…. and its really hard to choose…. SO, would you prefer Ryerson or Carleton university? I really like both. (Or maybe there is an other recomended Univ. outside ontario?) thanks =D

  • hey guyz! i have a question.
    i applied to carleton for engineering phsyics and got accepted.
    exactly how much theory is involved in this program compared to the other engineering programs?
    and can i switch engineering programs later, if i want to?

  • EngPhys is probably the most theoretical undergrad program for Engineering lol. Most EngPhys drop to Electrical from what I've seen; it's probably the only thing you can drop to without adding an extra year of school. I can't say for sure, because I'm in the MECH department.

  • i got accepted to mech, can i switch to aerospace later….

  • Yep but you need a cgpa of 10. This means you need to get straight A's in all your courses and they are not easy !!!

  • I just graduated from Mech this June and can't find a job yet.

  • can somebody tell me how carleton's aerospace engineering programs stacks up against UofT's or Ryerson's plz

  • Carleton have the best general engineering program in Canada, with Aerospace, Biomedical, Sustainable and Renewable Engineering being the strongest in Canada and some of the best in North America.

  • For Engineering, Carleton is still your best bet. They have the widest variety and best quality across all the engineering streams of all universities in Canada. (Engineering is Carleton's single strongest program). Also, regarding price, it is less than engineering programs at most other universities before scholarships and tuition discounts from the government.

  • I am coming in 2015 🙂

  • I was in Aerospace Engineering stream A before i switched to sciences. I've chosen carleton over U of T because of the Greenspace. We have strong coop connections here in the capital, and I think that is really important. As to my decision to switch to sciences, it is more of logistical issues for me, nothing to do with the program itself. And yes, they have high expectations and you really need to allocate good chunk of time for studying.

  • I finished the Bachelor's of Biomedical and Electrical Engineering program in 2010 and still haven't found a job yet and so do most of the people who finished the same program even those who did coop. If you are planning to study Engineering at Carleton, stay away from this program. It's useless, well unless you are planning to do Master's but even then a job isn't guaranteed.

  • I miss Carleton University, best years of my life!

  • These programs sound rigorous, but very rewarding!

  • What great programs!

  • Really excited to start in a few days!! Except the "Anything but textbook" thing could have been thought out a little better because there's a textbook in the logo… Just saying.

  • Hey guys, I just got accepted into the mech eng program here, and waiting for other unis to get back to me. For anyone who went here for mech eng, what do you have to say about it? Is this video accurate?

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