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  • Going there in 10 days.Been all over the park but not Cataloochee.Really looking forward to my visit.
    Thanks for the video.

  • Went there a couple of years ago. That road in and out is something else! It was all snowy at the top of it and VERY scary on lane road two way. Hope no one is coming the other way and you have to get next to a drop off edge to pass each other. It is beautiful and in this video they interview an old woman and she was the one who lived in the Caldwell house that you tour there. Kinda neat to put someone's face to the house and how they built it. I love the GSMNP!!!!

  • During these videos if ya'all could mention the nearest campground. Thank you!

  • There's a campground in the park. Google Cataloochee Valley campground.

  • Thank you. Yes, there is a park campground right there in the valley. You must have reservations for the campground. Call 877-444-6777 or go to the National Park Service website to find out how to reserve online (nps. gov/grsm).

  • My husband and I just took our first trip to the Smoky Mountains. We drove there from the north and left to the South. Loved the history and the beauty. This video is the icing on the cake. I pray I get a chance to return one day.

  • I wish I had watched this video before we visited. Now, I want to go back and see the things we missed. We camped at the campground and visited several of the historic buildings (we did not know about the house you hike to and there were no driving maps available when we were there). We also missed Little Cataloochee. We crossed the narrow bridge across the creek, but did not travel very far down the road. Perhaps that was the way to get there. We definitely will return!!

  • Very interesting. Caldwells, Collins, and Gibsons are all in my family tree.

  • I love Great Smokey Mountains, I road my bike (bicycle) from Gatlinburg to Clingmans Dome, I m in love with this region

  • Why would anyone NOT like this! Obviously never been! I took my first trip to Cataloochee this summer, now I've been to the Smokys dozens of times, just never here. I've found my new favorite place though, I think I will start making this my first stop on my trips down 😉

  • I went there once and loved it.  I really want to go there during the elk rut so I can hear those huge guys sounding off in real life, not on a recorded video. I had to opportunity a couple years ago and the government was on shut down and I didn't get to visit :(. I think it will be an fantastic visit.  Anyone know about when the peak rut is?

  • Went here two weeks ago and it was amazing! I was ver disappointed though because there were no Park Rangers present. The graffiti and carving into all of the historical homes and school were heartbreaking! I literally was in tears thinking about it once I got home! I believe if there were more of a presence of rangers here it would happen but would be less likely. The damage is so severe but maybe there is a way to restore this area.

  • They should make all the smoky mountains a national park.So to save the mountains being destroy by the coal mining companies!

  • That was moving. Thank you.

  • Sure was a beautiful place was my first time last year

  • Thank you Great Smoky Mountain Association for this video……We have been there 3 times in 14 years of coming to the GSM …..beautiful

  • is the elderly lady still around?

  • My moms family through her mothers side was from the line of Young Bennett. So happy to have found this video. Thank you!

  • I looove going here

  • Beautiful! Can you help me with a land grant 3477944124 the land I am on is up for immediate destruction?!

  • Beautiful! Can you help me with a land grant 3477944124 the land I am on is up for immediate destruction?!

  • That lady’s stories are a treasure! It makes me kinda sad to think my stories to my grandkids will start with “before there were cellphones”

  • Wonderful stories, wonderfully told.

  • Love this fine Lady, she's full of wisdom, I could listen to her all day ?

  • The Cherokee didn't settle the valley because it was a prime hunting ground. Until the arrival of white settlers.

  • All this beautiful life they had all without Lawmakers, Democrats, Republicans, Doctors, Vaccines, Police they needed nobody but themselves now that we have BIG GOVERNMENT we have homelessness, drug addiction, uneducated kids graduating can’t read with 12 years of Unionized teachers. I wish I was born in 1800 life was way way way more peaceful and you could actually enjoy your life……

  • thank you. my mother was from western Tenn. Obion County. little town called Troy.

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