Caving and Mountain Hiking in the Dark – Romanian Carpathian Mountains

(Trev) Ah, that’s cold.
(Sean) Yeah. (Den) Let’s go. (Trev) It’s packed! (Talks in Romanian) (Vad) Somebody would like or want beans with sausage? (Frank) Me, please.
(Sean) Yeah! Mmm. That hits the spot. (Vad) I can’t.. I just don’t like beans. (Trev) I wasn’t going to have any, but everyone else was I thought that I better had. I’m not usually keen on beans… But these taste like… almost like a bolognese sauce, isn’t it? (Sean) Taste just like Heinz baked beans to me. (Trev) They don’t taste like Heinz at all. (Frank) Noo. (Trev) More flavour in them. (Trev) Good flavours.
(Frank) Mmmmmm. So, much like the other cabana, the other day… … You can stay the night in here. Upstairs. Bed’s upstairs. .. and Vadim says there’s a nice summit further up… … and you can come up and get good sunrises from there… people stay here to get that. But we’ve decided that we’re not going to go up to the summit today… We’ve seen some views, we’re gonna go down into the… (Vadim) Yeah, the cave.
(Trev) The bear cave- ur – ice cave. Hopefully there’s no bears in there. (Vad) or we’ll be….
(Trev laughs) (Trev) Well, we had a nice grub in there…. ..but it got very cold coming out. Cold now. (Trev) Nice views. (Sean) Lovely. (Vad) This mountain… … right there, is called Postavaru. There’s a nice ski resort there If you would like to come and have a nice time in the winter. (Frank) How many times zoom does that one go? (Trev) Seventy. (Frank) Seventy times?
(Trev) Yeah. (Frank) Is it?
(Trev) Yeah. Come and have a look. See? (Vad) Oh, my God.
(Frank) Blimey. (Trev) And then…. neeeeooooowwwwww…. (Vad) Oh, my God! (Laughs) (Vad) Can you do that again? (Trev) Yeah, I’ll go to the cable car thing. (Vad) Oh, my God! (Trev) Now you can see the cable car.
(Frank) Oh, yeah, I was looking on the other mountain.. (Trev) Ping! (Frank) 15 mins down and 15 mins back up. (Trev) Half an hour up. (Laughs) (Sean laughs) Yeah. Sean) F**k! (laughs) I’m filming and walking at the same time… .. almost stacked it. (laughs) (Den) Hello, Sean!
(Sean) Hello! (Den) How are you doing?
(Sean) Very good. (Trev) We’ve got to wait to go in? (Frank) Yes. (Sean) Busy, busy today.
(Frank) Yes. (Girl) …but it’s yours for good. (Frank) No, no. (Trev) You’re tipping it everywhere. (Trev) What are you doing? (Frank) I don’t want to dirty the fork, do I? (Frank) Mmmmm.
(Trev) Nice? (Frank) Mmmm. It’s alright. (Trev) And what is it? (Girl) It’s urm… … You make the bread out of it… that cereal.. ur, whet? (Girl 2) Wheat? (Girl) And, ur sugar, and nut. (Trev) I’ll try. Mmm. Walnutty. (Frank) Walnuts. Wheat. Sugar. Very nice. (Trev) Thats a food that they make for funerals, apparently. Sort of like a porridgy, oatmealy… ..very walnutty tasting. It’s nice. (Trev) Waiting here for a little bit. Five in, five out. I don’t know how long it takes to go in and out. We’ve been here a little while. Your friends gone in now, has he?
(Vad) Yep. So, we’re almost done here now. We’ve been here nearly an hour, ain’t we? (Sean) Hmm. Pretty much.
(Trev) A long time. Getting cold. (Sean) Quite cold. But they’re all Vadim’s friends, by the sounds of it. He knows them all. He probably wishes he hadn’t come out with us now.
(Sean laughs) This better be worth it… For the time we’ve waited here. (Trev laughs) (Vad’s friends) Cheers!
(Trev) Bye! (Trev) Ah, I don’t want to go up there.
(Laughs) Already I don’t want to go up there. He’s off. (Sean) Well done, Trev. You’re in. (Trev) May as well go back?
(Sean laughs) (Trev) What’s happened, Frank?
(Frank) Smelly b*******d! (Trev) He just farted on you?
(Frank) Yeah. (Trev) In a cave? (Trev) No escape.
(Frank) No escaping farts. (Frank) Feeling a bit vulnerable on my… …gonads there. One slip and you land on ya bol***ks! (Trev) Oh, God. I don’t want to do this anymore. How d’ya get up here? (Trev) We’ve got to get back down again, after this. (Sean) Worth the wait, do you think, Trev? (Trev) Yeah, I think so. Spectacular, isn’t it? (Sean) Yeah. (Sean) See that rock above our heads up there?
(Trev) I know. (Sean) What’s holding that up?
(Trev) It’s wedged. (Sean) And that one. ..And that big one above Frank’s head, right now. (Trev) I know. It doesn’t bare thinking. ..’Bear’ thinking. (Frank) Now we’ve got to go down with the rope.
(Trev) No! (Frank) Yeah.
(Trev) How far? (Frank) Down there. (Frank) I don’t like that, I don’t. (Sean) How high is it? (Sean) Ah, that’s not too bad. (Sean) It’s not as high as you think. Go on, Frank. (Sean) Do you want me to go down first and I’ll spot you? (Frank) Nah, you go on. (Trev) I might just stay here. (Trev) Me and Frank are gonna… … We’re gonna stay here. Under these… …precarious rocks. (someone farts) (Frank laughs)
(Trev) Say’s it all, doesn’t it? (Frank) F***ing sh*tting themselves. (Trev) Go down backward, mate. (Trev) I don’t like caves. I get claustrophobic. I don’t like the thought of them rocks looming over us up the top there, above us. I’m aware of them.
(To Sean) You alright? (Sean) See you in a bit!
(Trev) See you soon. (Trev) Be careful.
(Sean) We’re going in. (Sean) Oh, its the end down there is, it? Okay.
(Vad) There is some… (Sean) Some wood?
(Den) Yeah. (Trev) We probably could have got down there, but… … yeah, we woosed out, didn’t we? Bottled it, didn’t we? (Sean) Can you see far? (Frank) Step out the way.
(Trev) Sorry, mate. Ruining his photos. (Frank) Every time I take a picture you get in the way. (Trev) Well, it s the same every time I go to f****ng film you walking down a hill you stop. (Sean) You think you can get through?
(Den) No, that’s it to the end. ..Have a look here. (Sean) That’s it. (Sean) Taking some souveniers. (Crack!)
(Sean) Ooh! (Den) Careful!
(Sean) There’s a rock there! (Trev) You alright? (Sean) Yeah. (Frank) You fell over, did you? (Sean) Banged my head on a rock. (Trev) Well at least you’ve got loads of hair to protect it. (Sean) That rattled my teeth, that did. (Trev) Here’s Vadim. We bottled it, mate. did you notice? (Frank) If I hadn’t got cold and didn’t need a poo. (Trev) Yeah, and I was just really, really hungry. (All laugh) (Frank) So smooth the rocks are. So many thousands of people been in here. (Trev) Yeah. Polished it off. (Frank) They haven’t polished nothing up there, though.
(Trev) No, its rough on the walls. (Trev) Here he comes.
(Den) Yo! (Frank) Yo, baby! (Trev) We’re just about to jump out of the cave. ..Vadim’s there, at the edge. .. He’s off. Down. (Trev) Easier over, like that, or down? (Vad) If it’s easier for you… There.
(Trev) I might go down. (Vad) You can jump here.
(Trev) Yeah. Alright. (Comedy theme starts) (Vad) Careful. It’s a long distance. .. It’s very high. (Trev) Don’t know if I’ve done this right or not. …Maybe I’ll go over. … I planned to go down, but once I was there this seemed the easier route. Now I jump down, right?
(Vad) Yeah, come here. (Vad) Careful. (Vad) Use your hand and… hold on… properly. (Trev to Frank) How did you get down there? (Trev) F***ing tw*t! …I’ve got stuck. Alright, I’m coming! Almost titted that up. I come over that way because it looked easier and I … stuck here. Vadim handed me down. (Trev) It’s dark now. (Trev) Don’t ask me to do that again. (Laughs) Note to self. I knew it before, and now I’ve confirmed it… I don’t like caves. So now, we’ve got to go back up a big hill… get to where we was, to go down the hill. So we’ll soon warm up. Thank you Vadim for showing us that. Another experience. Another way of showing me what a woos I am.(Laughs) (Trev) Well… … that wasn’t too bad coming up that hill was it? Was better than I thought it was…
(Sean) A lot warmer now. (Trev) Yeah, warmed up. So we’ve got two hours… get back down. We should do it in less time than that. Hopefully, the sun doesn’t go down too quick. (Sean) We’ll be walking the last bit in the dark, I think, maybe. (Trev) It’s getting a bit eerie now. It’s getting dim. And ur… ..We’re in the woods.. ..we’ve got a fair way to go… ..but it’s been a really good day. (Trev) Vadim says that this is why… …this mountain is called ‘Big Rock’. It’s a very big rock. That was really hard work, actually, getting down there. You can see why. Really steep. Really dusty. (Frank) Can I get a group one down here? (Trev) We’ll all get down for a group shot and I can take a freeze-frame out of it, alright? (Trev) Shall we all shout… ? …um… where are we? Oh, Romania.. ROMANIA 2019!! (Vad) YAAY!!! COME TO ROMANIA!! (All laugh) (Trev) Lets do it on three.
(Sean) What are we shouting again? (Trev) Romania 2019.
(Sean) Oh, yeah. (Frank) ROMANIA-
(Trev) On three. (Sean laughs)
(Frank) Oh. (Trev) One… two… three! (All) ROMANIA 2019!!! (Trev) So… ..Some sort of cave… ..and, I don’t know if you can make that out – some sort of… ..somethings gone up in there.. What do you reckon, a lynx? (Vad) Maybe my friend. (Trev) Yeah (laughs) Yeah, could be. (Sean) When do the wolves come out, Den? They’re nocturnal, aren’t they?
(Den) I don’t know to be honest. (Sean) They come out when it’s dark? (Den) When they’re hungry. (Sean) When there’s foreigners wandering in the woods. That’s when they come out. (Den) That is the right answer.
(all laugh) (Fart!)
(Trev) Oh! (Sean) What was that noise, Trev?
(Trev) I just cogitated. (Trev) Barely see anything here now.
(Sean) Barely. (Sean) Head torches are out! (Trev) Yeah, it’s getting really dark now. So, ur… We lost a lot of time at that cave, waiting for them… .. that group… …to go in… but it was worth it. It was good fun. I can still just about make out… …the route. It can’t be that far. (Trev laughs) They’re already over! And here we are. Back… .. at the start. Enjoy that everyone?
(All agree) That was an adventure. Good day. Another full day hiking. Romania. What was the mountain called, sorry? (Vad) Piatra Mare!
(Trev) Piatra Mare. Or if I was to say it myself Peeattra Mar- ee. Big Stone! ..and the ice cave… …and the cabana… And that was Romania. Going home tomorrow. Stay tuned for more of these adventures. Don’t forget… ..this is all the build up to the Himalayas, so, hopefully… ..more to come. (Trev) Alright, thank you very much. I really enjoyed that. (Vad) Yeah, thank you. (Trev) Thank you, Den.
(Den) You’re welcome. Hope you enjoyed it. (Trev) You two guys have been legends. Got us through this. Shown us the ropes. (Vad) When you want to come to Romania, just give me a sign. (Trev) Frank, enjoyed it? (Frank) Oh, man, yes. Can’t wait til next time. (Trev) Sean? (Sean) Yes. Loved it. every second. (Trev) Was awesome, wasn’t it? (Sean) Although, we’re getting the zip wire down, next time. (Trev laughs) We’d have been back hours ago. Thank you ever so much for watching. Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe and… ..we’ll see you soon… cheers. Arrivederch!

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