Centennial College: Environmental Technology

♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫ Ashley Sandoval – Student: I chose this program because after completing my degree at university I found that I really lacked the practical skills needed to excel in the professional environment. I knew that Centennial offered a great program for environmental technology after doing my research. Chantel McKie – Stucent: I saw the Environmental Technology Program and I was thinking no way, we actually
get to go on excursions! So, that made me want to go in to this program. Carol Preston – Faculty: Environmental Technology is a three-year Advanced Diploma. We’re preparing our students for the workforce and a really wide range of possible jobs. I’m really interested in the environment,
especially preserving it. So, this program encompasses a bunch of different areas from biology, to chemistry, to civil engineering and it really incorporates all those
three disciplines into the environmental technology field. We went to Rouge Valley, so we actually went to the Rouge River and we went to you highland creek which is located right in Morning Side Park and we collect water samples, we can
actually analyze them in our chemistry class. Brian Zingula – Student: This summer, Centennial College sponsored myself and my classmates to visit the Walkerton clean water centre. It’s a world class facility, they have a pilot water quality treatment plant It gives between 12 and 24 students the opportunity to go stay at Walkerton and for three days hands-on training and everyone who is able to go just finds it fabulous and really reinforces their desire to get into that industry. So when I actually go for a job and actually going for an interview I’ll be able to actually put forth the
knowledge that I learned here and i’ll actually be able to do titration, and what ever the employer wants me to do, I do feel comfortable with the knowledge that I do have to do that. ♫♪ MUSIC ♪♫

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