Centre for Environmental Sustainability and Remediation | RMIT University

RMIT’s Centre for Environmental Sustainability
and Remediation takes a collaborative approach
to tackle environmental issues that impact local and international communities. Our team of environmental scientists, social scientists and engineers
is working with Australian and international industry and research entities,
to minimise the impact of land, water and air pollution.
Our research is explaining environmental processes, the nature of pollution, and degradation,
And our findings are helping to inform state and national government policy
and practice. Research facilities based at RMIT’s Bundoora
and City campuses include state-of-the-art analytical equipment
for testing a wide range of organic and inorganic pollutants,
metalloids and particulates. EnSuRe offers a transparent, outcome-oriented
approach with access to a diverse team with broad abilities. Environmental Sustainability and Remediation. Working together to ‘ensure’ the future
of our planet.

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