Christopher Nolet – Environmental Sciences

So my name is Christopher Nolet and I’m
a fourth-year student right now and I’m actually originally from Quebec
and when I was looking at the university programs I came to Guelph on one of the university tours and I found it was really interesting because when I did my prior to degree
which was in in college actually in Montreal it was
mostly just sciences and I really like the policy and the economic basis it was basically
trying to use Sciences and Economics and merging it all together it is really fun to see how all the
disciplines come together and I found this really a good
opportunity right now in the marketplace so out so I ended up choosing Guelph. I
actually came to visit six times before ending up here so I just really wanted to make
sure it was the University I wanted and the food here really swayed me as well as the townhouses which it was
really really nice compared to all the other Universities. As for academics it’s really
interesting on my first trip to Guelph I met a couple of my professors and
spoke to them at the the biology building and crop science building as well and
they talked a lot about their current research right now And it was really really quite interesting
how they’re using economics and trying to value non-market
goods so basically like water quality marshes
for the sequestration of carbon dioxide phytoremediation and all sorts of other ecosystem
services so since I came from Quebec I had to apply
as a transfer student and it’s not exactly all that easy
because your credits aren’t 100%
transferable they kind of have to look at them and then figure out what how they would
transfer over to university credits at Guelph and I actually ended up getting a lot of
really strange and bizarre credit transfers like I had a bunch of architecture courses
that were transferred to religion courses here so even if you have three years of a
college degree you can only get up to a maximum of one year worth of credits but even then you might not get a full
year’s worth the credits because some of those classes just won’t be able to
transfer over so that’s one thing to keep in mind. I am
involved in the French club because I’m from Quebec I just thought it
would be interesting to join the French club and I join there in first year and I was basically the finance coordinator that
was there and I basically run their budget and figure out how much they can
spend on each evert and keep track of that and then in the second year I became
the president of the club that is pretty interesting as I worked on organizing
also some events and it was with one of my friends that was a
master student at the time in the French program and she started
out and a genetrics program here to so even in the French club there’s people
from all sorts of different backgrounds there’s actually quite a few science students and barely any bachelor of arts so there’s a nice mix there so even in those tailored clubs you give meet a lot of different people so that’s one of the great parts of the
University of Guelph is that it’s kind of a small campus and there’s just people all over the place in
different backgrounds you can learn a lot so it’s nice to share like that

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