Civil & Environmental Engineering: Creating Safe Water | Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

[Music] one of the things that I’m proud to say that I’m using my civil engineering degree to do is to help one of the almost 800 us communities that have combined sewer overflows within their city’s sewer overflow community is one that utilizes their sanitary system to also convey stormwater the problem here is that when you have heavy rains that combined sanitary and storm water float gets into our rivers and streams the proper management of stormwater allows it to get back to its natural habitat instead of being collected and then dollar spent on treatment so I’m utilizing my degree to help those communities eliminate those combined sewer overflows to clean up the streams and the rivers and the creeks civil engineering education isn’t just about water or pipes in the ground but it’s about problem solving to be a good problem solver you have to identify what tools you have that could then solve that problem I feel that ROS teaches you how to utilize those tools and find which tools are the right ones for a given problem because in your career you’re gonna switch jobs companies positions but as I look back each job I’ve been able to use what I’ve learned in order to be successful [Music]

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  • It's been a while, but at 0:52 I think the professor is applying Bernouli's Principle to a Venturi tube — am I right? Glen van Alkemade, BSCE '86.

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