Climate Change and Global Warming – Advanced English Listening

What are your thoughts on climate change? In the past few years I’ve noticed the weather
becoming more and more unpredictable. In my country I think that the summers and
winters and getting longer, while the springs and autumns are becoming shorter in length. I think climate change is largely due to humans
emitting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. As the world becomes more developed, and as
industry and transport release more and more gas, our planet is slowly warming. It’s affected some people because the ice
caps are melting, sea levels are rising, and some islands in the Pacific ocean are sinking.

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  • If global warming was a problem, the equatorial areas would be deserts. On the contrary, the equatorial areas are rain forest areas.

    Plant more trees to reclaim the deserts caused by deforestation. Plants need more CO2 to give you food and oxygen. More forests will also lower the sea level.

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