Climate change Q&A | Ask the experts

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  • Love how biased this report is. Would have loved to see at least one person representing the other views about climate change instead of 3 commentators preaching climate change propaganda. Climate change is real. Always has been but to the extent it’s being preached I believe is called fear mongering

  • Bla bla bla bla they don't do anything were just slaves and pay tax


  • Well, it only took about 2 minutes to politicize this discussion. I would recommend Mr. Wortmann refrain from name dropping when referring to using climate change as a potential weapon. This panel should be focusing on the topic of climate change and not who might benefit from it politically.

  • If this is true… Then why is Canada going to bring in hundreds of thousands of immigrants from low carbon footprint lifestyles to our high carbon footprint cold climate conditions?

  • As an American, I found it strange when Trump was mentioned. Is Trump a large talking point in Canada?

  • The science taught in school from kindergarten on is an anthropocentric understanding that trees and rocks and biomes have feelings and we must nurture our relationships with them to develop our own enlightenment. If you try to discuss chemistry you get "organic is best" but not methane, ethane, etc. Discuss geologic process you get NO knowledge of glaciation, warming and cooling cycles outside of the effects of human presence, how much of the Earth is even land is beyond most 'educated' adults. Ask about how sea level rise has effected the significant ports and harbors of the world over the last 200 years, (not much actually), and you get Venice is flooding (yes but due to subsidence more than sea level rise). Ask why their models don't seem to fit any natural outcome, THEY will walk away in anger and disgust. Hard to even teach them.

  • VERY BIG PROBLEM METHANE IS A BIG BOMB , every day coming 200.000 new polluters to this planet. Nobody will stop this and oil is used more and more. So take your health insurance cards, possessions, money, credit cards, language skills, diplomas and fancy titles. In 10 till 12 years you can burn it with the rest of this planet

  • Can we control climate? How many governments can even run a balanced budget???

  • ….And there we have it….. "Wealth distribution needs to occur".

  • Ask the experts
    OK CBC

  • Lame… again… we could nuke Canada out of the world… and it wouldn't change a thing.

  • Simply wrong on the behavioural change that the carbon consumption tax will effect. Consumers will not suppress consumption if they know they will be receiving a rebate. Basic Behavioural Economics….

  • So 8000 years ago this planet was over three degrees hotter then now, and we are in fact getting colder and colder all the time..we are going into grand solar minimum cycle 25 upcoming and we will freeze. Anyone above Portland Oregon? Well good luck planting any foods. Australia just recorded the coldest day ever in the northern part..we are in big trouble people and they don’t want you to’s bullshit and you better get a greenhouse and learn to grow your own food or you are more heading to the supermarket to buy three days worth of groceries..2025 is the absolute end of growing anything in least outside.

  • wealth extraction from the western middle class to the globalist elite.

  • I live in a rainforest that no longer gets enough rain. The coastal rainforests of British Columbia are slowly dying. Thank you for this discussion.

  • Nice sensible discussion. Having everybody stand up, as though there weren't enough time to lie back in big fat comfy chairs, was a nice touch. Thank you, CBC.
    The comments section, even free of Russian trolls, is still a strong data point for representative rather than direct democracy.

  • Honestly, if climate change is actually a real problem the government should just set aside some money and aggressively invest in Nuclear fusion R&D tech, Plant some trees, regulate some problem areas (already done), and slow down immigration. That's all they should be doing. No carbon tax. Wind and solar just aren't going to cut it; and drastically altering the economy with higher costs is dangerous.

  • Will these people stop at nothing?? Invoking Trumps name to instill more fear is really lowball..

  • When a doctor comes up to you and says you have a 1% chance of living and that is what we want to look at. That is what IPCC modified result are telling you so we will sore past 2 degree C fast and all this talk is not going too be good enough fast enough. They do not want to believe this will happen so fast and there planning is all will take to long.

  • I live in a housing co-op at the foot of Bathurst Street that’s a 3-minute (or less, if you’re younger) walk from Lake Ontario. I’ve lived here for about 30 years. For the first time, in all that time, I’m starting to worry about our safety here. The lake is getting higher and higher, the chances of massive runoff from the north are getting more and more certain. Yeah, climate change impacts ARE in our backyards now…

  • And nobody knows that CO2 is a plant nutrient.

  • Increased tornadoes, floods, etc. is false. Look up the facts.

  • God Bless the CBC
    i believe that the Climate catastrophe/apocalypse is so serious that it will transcend Politics.
    Politics will not solve this "Money Problem".the real problem is one of "enforced mentality" , and that crimes of poverty will dominate OUR future Lives. i.e. driving without liscense,rent,food theft,parking fines, littering, …loitering, etc

    "When the Laws of a Society no longer reflect the Realities of the Day, Change will occur"
    Canada needs a New Plan,
    Canada's Future does NOT depend on Oil, however We DO need the Money, and what i found MOST interesting about this discussion was the LACK of interest in "Holding People Accountable" At what point can we go get the BANKSTERS who did this on purpose for Money?
    at what point is it NOT ALL RIGHT to promote anything else than"Get your boots done up and GET READY" mentality.
    it is not as if , … you might lose some money, it is more like THE END OF MY WORLD, … and at that point YOUR Laws will no longer reflect MY Morality
    get ready

  • Climate changes because of solar activity, man dont make winter and summer.

  • Will the 'experts' admit we are in the beginning of a new Grand Solar Minimum. Or is that not in their catechism?

  • It is getting colder and colder every winter. My nature gas consumption is a solid evidence.

  • What, no mention of CERN or HARPP?

  • Trump’s already said there was no such thing as climate change. Period. Why is Canada still discussing it?

  • Climate is cyclical & planet driven! the current climate is nothing like it was back in 1649 = GLOBAL CRISIS WAR ! CLIMATE CHANGE CATASTROPHE., that was 160 years before Industrialization,
    QUESTION ! If as is claimed that Co2 is causing the climate extremes now, what is your answer to those climate disasters back then?

  • Man Bear Pig just wants to get you!

  • That would be one of my points, that government($) which ever one($) they would be, will likely have the audacity to take credit for helping matters when really they simply mitigate heat waves/drought, storms/floods etc. on cities directly only to exacerbate other parts of the world immediately and lets not forget… the condition of the planet as a whole.

  • I can’t believe my taxes from the oil field is funding this dog sh*t 😑

  • Great segment!

  • If Canada stop the sale of all oil to USA it would probably contribute to a huge difference to carbon reduction to the world.
    But , but, but, but, but saying something constructive and actually doing it are actually very different by our elected
    big mouth$ Elites$.

  • And yet geoengineering is still ongoing! LOL! Climate change is a big HOAX!!!

  • The atmosphere contains about 78.09% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.04% carbon dioxide and even tiny amounts of other gases plus a varying amount of water vapor. Of that 0.04% carbon dioxide it is estimated about 0.3% is caused by human activity, which means 97% occurs naturally. Given the fact that carbon dioxide is not a very good greenhouse gas. I think it's perfectly fair to say that man-made global warming is a hoax and belongs in the same category as flat earthers, Bigfoot and alien abductions.

  • Unfortunately..

  • Utter BS from the Scandinavian. No one says gas is $2 per liter today, I’ll skip the trip… Not working in the lower mainland..


  • Why do some Contrails expand out into giant clouds that block out the sun , and some don't ?

  • Last winter was cold as hell not sure where this clowns where

  • Just sue the company so hard into shutting down

  • I have three questions:
    1) What, exactly, has the climate changed from?
    2) Over what span of time was the scientific method** implemented and how many points upon the globe were observed?
    3) Where can I find the recorded science (the implementation of scientific method**) that was used to determine that the climate has indeed changed/is changing?
    *Scientific method is defined as a method of procedure that has characterized natural science since the 17th century, consisting in systematic observation, measurement, and experiment, and the formulation, testing, and modification of hypotheses.*

  • You can remove Canada from the planet and will have no effect on the earth and the unattainable CO2 reduction targets.
    Its now easy to see how future wars will be started. Globalist governments vs Non.

  • Thank you for doing this show! Very important!

  • To reduce our carbon footprint to 2005 levels less 30%, we could reduce our population to 2005 levels of 32.24 million then find 30% efficiencies. Winter is not going away and will probably be getting colder through our next solar minimum. To achieve this, with a healthy natural growth rate of approximately 100,000 people per year, we could export about 555,000 carbon consumers per year to warmer climates until 2030. We can save the planet.

  • Way to go Ulrich! Legendary Professor!

  • I was aware of global warming since public school in the 1960s. I did a science fair project on pollution. I know that is it a problem. I also now know there are other substantial factors but IMO it is now already too late to do anything about it. I was also aware of geoengineering in the early 1980s. Keep up the facade for the sake of the bleating sheep.

  • 'Empower' people? I'm a dispossessed Indigenous person. It's laughable.

  • Is there a chair shortage in Canada?

  • Interview Paul Beckwith.

  • Climate change WILL be changed if we just LET it change ITSELF! That's so easy to do: Just keep on keeping on doing what we're doing, mankind will then fall extinct, and THEN after we're all gone, the climate will definitely go back to normal. No worries…

  • stop shipping and flying people everywhere and stop burning rain forests and chopping them down and plant more trees sorted.

  • All the Carbon Tax should be used for Renewable Energy infrastructure Period.

  • The recently concluded Modern Warm Period didn't even recover enough to
    approach the temps during the Medieval Warm Period. Were the English
    growing wine grapes in the Midlands? Did Greenland suddenly become
    hospitable to farming and the dairy industry. Funny I haven't seen any
    great English vintages or Greenland butter or hams showing up in the
    > The Grand Solar Minimum has begun. Are you ready for the cold, crop failures, harsh weather, floods, famine, war, mass migrations,

  • The recently concluded Modern Warm Period didn't even recover enough to
    approach the temps during the Medieval Warm Period. Were the English
    growing wine grapes in the Midlands? Did Greenland suddenly become
    hospitable to farming and the dairy industry. Funny I haven't seen any
    great English vintages or Greenland butter or hams showing up in the
    > The Grand Solar Minimum has begun. Are you ready for the cold, crop failures, harsh weather, floods, famine, war, mass migrations,

  • For those who think they are smart, here is a question for you……
    How does the milankovitch cycle affect the earth's climate?

  • It's a disgrace to be a Canadian. We aren't leading to stop climate change. We are still supporting corporations. There needs to be a separation of corporation and state. People fighting climate change aren't talking about stores open seven days a week burning fossil fuels that have their lights on. It's no different than plastic bags etc. I can honestly see the end coming. People are addicted to shopping, even if they aren't shopping. It bothers people that if the stores are closed, what will they do if they need something? It's simple plan ahead. Use your cell phone to remind you of items that you need ahead of time. Another lying propaganda lie told to people having stores open seven days a week creates work. Have you seen everything open seven days a week to create work? One example in my area are letter carriers they work Monday to Friday delivering mail at a good wage. Retail workers work low income and there shifts are spread out in a seven day cycle. It's easy to take advantage of low income people when you pay them poverty wages. It's easy to be open all these hours , because of low wages. Now that people think they need something open all the time baffles me. Life hasn't improved for the workers. The public has been scammed. Families no longer have time to be together and our planet is suffering the consequences as well. Everything from lights to clear cutting etc has to be changed. We are in a climate breakdown. Animals are becoming extinct. More diseases, wild fires. I honestly see the end coming and it bothers me. It bothers me that all the people speaking out about climate change don't even discuss store hours. I guess they are scared of losing support. Just remember a majority of people can be wrong about anything. So corporations & the media have people believing the majority of people love to shop seven days a week. We have been lied and scammed so many times over shopping hours it's hard to know what everyone thinks. If we don't change our ways and soon mother nature will do it for you. We'll have no store hours. Storms will knock out power, food will be scarce . The writing is on the wall. I know I have a challenge to change your mind. It's like convincing a alcoholic to give up beer if he doesn't want to. But it can be done. People once believed that Harper was a good Prime Minister , and he was voted out. So there is always hope that the majority will wake up before it's too late. If you agree isn't it time you also take a stand? Your silence is helping these corporations destroy this planet. ( My comments to all the people fighting Climate change)

  • CO2 = Plant Food, not pollution. It is literally the most important compound to Life second only to H20. All our oxygen ( the waste product of photosynthesis) is completely dependent on CO2 levels existing at higher than .5% of the atmosphere. This proportion has been much higher in our prehistoric past before any industry. Don't get conned by the Carbon-Taxers, people, or next thing you know it might be the air and water itself that you have to pay for to satisfy governments' profligate spending and borrowing.

  • CC is a hoax these fanatics are just trying to use it on us. And control us. Usually liberals. And get money for the lies!

  • The only time the elite push a narrative this forcefully onto the serfs is when they wanna levy unreasonably higher taxes but don't want people to start shooting at them.

  • More evidence…..

  • We must create a carbon economy to manage this issue, run and regulated through the market and enforced by the government. Making it expensive (for producers) to pollute the atmospere with C02 and other greenhouse gases we can use that levy and put the $$ back into the public through clean energy rebates, education, systems, and infrastructure.

  • They wouldn't let me post. Unknown error. To bad I know the truth.

  • We need coal burning cars!

  • Funny how the one thing that could help save at least some of us is the same thing that could cause our demise, MONEY!
    It will cost this or that much to do this to fix things, that's too much so we will have to die.
    Society in it's designed is flawed and so how do we expect to stop any of this?

  • projection

  • I never understood This Climate Change , the climate has everything to do wit the will of God , man has mistreated the soil the air we breath everything pretty much ,so now the actin as thou they can control the climate Smh!!! Guess for those tht dont know God ,he's Real n everything is his from the Heaven n to this earth he control it all not Man ,so Vain are we of this generation but the bible speaks of this n here it is as we be told ,its funny to me wen all these countries speak on climate change ,am I missin something ???

  • The only crisis is the money being wasted . Climate change is a lie.

  • Climate change, and man-made climate change, this is part of the global United Nations guidelines to tax everyone so extremely high and the gasoline to be so extremely high that no one will be able to afford to ride in their cars which is all planned out. we are eventually supposed to ride around in electric buses, electric trains and maybe even electric bikes. The wealthier are the about the only ones that will be able to ride in electric cars. Sustainable living, United Nations guidelines, over the next 10 years laws will be passed locally getting everyone off the land in rural areas urban areas and shoved into designated cities where where all live in stack and pack houses. by 2030 the government's get involved to make sure every law that has been passed is enforced.Since lab-grown meat just pour protein over a cell or a sample and produce 80,000 hamburger Patties which one cannot taste the difference from real meat. Farmers & ranchers will also not be needed! Native American Indians in digital people will also have to move off the land. Green New Deal, still part of the United Nations guidelines. 5G technology takes place soon worldwide.monitoring everyone on the streets as well as in your home's through the use of your smart meter and smart appliances and electronics. Justin United States 20,000 low-orbit satellites beaming down radiation upon us and 20 billion iot dots will make all this happen. One World banking system throughout the world reset globally rising up to a cashless Society fully in control of everyone. two countries I believe have not signed one of them is North Korea, 164 Nations signed recently to accept the United Nations no borders and has to accept Millions upon millions of immigrants throughout the world to make everyone diverse, no Sovereign countries or nations will exist. I'm not making this up it is out there lots of great books. Also the agenda 21 agenda 30 and agenda 63 which I am referring to at the beginning with sustainable living the green New Deal. signed by just 180 Nations back in 1992 leading to this one world order also called New World Order, Global New World Order. Study deep teach others 1 out of 26 is supposed to survive. Good luck

  • Aerosol stratospheric injections Chemtrails whatever you call it they're already using it every day over our heads. Big businesses for universities,

  • It take 60 years 2014 the sun was closest to the earth in 30 Years it'll be farthest from the Earth another 30 years it comes back to the Earth and then repeats! and after they've text you and taking you off your land and out of your car's still say look it's working! Trump did not agree upon this climate change.

  • People don't want pollution or climate change.
    People also don't want a Carbon Tax.
    Find another way. PERIOD.
    Or get out of office and let someone else come in that can sort through the B.S…find out what Canada can what extent, and do it.
    Government has plenty of revenue streams.
    No one talks about all the Marijuana tax money.
    Trudeau is always 'investing in Canadian's futures' …billions in deficit and no solutions??

  • How many jobs would be created if we build sewage facilities for ships ? To keep them from dumping into the oceans . The seas and oceans aren’t dumping grounds and we could do something worth while with all those carbon tax dollars . EH!

  • Here's my question:
    How many climate scientists are funded by special interests who have nothing to loose and all to gain from a climate change scheme? Probably +/- 99%.

  • Now its a catch 22 to try and save mankind. The feedback loops have already been reinforced. This is a worst case scenario of course, so lets just carry on. All it really took was book written by an environmentalist to raise awareness and stop the use of DDT back in the 60s and early 70s. This even bigger crisis is staring at us right in the face, and very little is being done about it. Holy cow, did I even mention plastic?

  • The South American valcano that stoped air plains from flying bumped tuns of ash into the air droping the global tempiture by half a degree for 6 mounts . So why dont we use ash in tanks in jets to realise at altitude to block sun light and furtlise sea plants.add iron to also help furtlise see plants.. plant more some thing .

  • Patriots remember these carefully staged "news" clips. Time to obstruct all msm. If u see one shopping verbally harass them. If you see them at a mall parking lot, block their vehicle. If you see them at a school, verbally attack them. When the time comes they will all be hung for treason as they deserve. MSM ARE ALL TRAITORS AND SUB HUMAN SCUM THAT NEED TO BE ERADICATED.

  • If America and the EU was to outlaw electricity, gas, coal etc, and put us into a new dark age. You wouldn't make any measurable change in climate change. Fact. In the 60's & 70's it was global cooling, in the 90's through 2015, it's global warming and now it's always "climate change". Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center says our atmosphere is losing heat energy and they "see a cooling trend”.

    "The new NASA findings are in line with studies released by UC-San Diego and Northumbria University in Great Britain last year, both of which predict a Grand Solar Minimum in coming decades due to low sunspot activity. Both studies predicted sun activity similar to the Maunder Minimum of the mid-17th to early 18th centuries, which coincided to a time known as the Little Ice Age, during which temperatures were much lower than those of today."

    "Global warming", "climate change", whatever they want to call it. It's all just a "Global Tax Scam"!. Fact.

  • No amount of money can slow or stop climate change. Ask a paleoclimateologist about precession. Every 26k years the earth completes one axis wobble, which plays a direct role in massive climate change. There is also a 500 ft difference in sea level between temperate latitudes and equatorial latitude, which also changes due to precession. These are scare tactics to manipulate voters. Humans do affect climate change, just as drops of water in cup.

  • Bla bla bla. These experts don’t have a clue. Abrupt climate change is going to wipe us out within the next 20 years. Near term Human extinction is inevitable.

  • I’m very glad to see more attention being given to the subject of ‘artificially induced climate change’. Adapting will require supreme intelligence and tremendous resolve: the same two qualities that could have prevented this debacle. Ah well, at least the new improved version of Homo sapiens (in the distant future) won’t have the temptation of vast easy access fossil fuels to play with that we did. Combined with the lessons they can have learned from us, there’s hope for them.

  • The climate change industrial complex. hand over your money or else…

  • Aiming for 1.5 deg warming is completely unambitious. If we put our minds to it we could get 5 deg+ of warming and I can wear shorts all year round.

  • "Pass It On"
    They both wanted to. There is no verifiable evidence that fossil fuel CO2 has caused any "climate change".

  • The Chemtrails are government approved climate change.

  • To the pedophiles at the CBC…could you please take down your "Drag kids" spot on CBC Kids? My tax dollars shouldn't be paying for your smut.


  • Haha I love the comment section of this CBC garbage. You can't comment on their articles without providing your entire personal life to them! Au revoir soon CBC!

  • The Earth isn't meant to last forever. Have some beers and go down with the ship.

  • If you're looking for specific information, here's some time markers to jump ahead in the video:

    0:40 – Is it possible to "reverse" climate change?

    2:17 – Geoengineering and the weaponization of climate change

    4:10 – The disproportionate impact of climate change on the poor

    6:20 – What caused flooding prior to the carbon rise?

    8:24 – How will the carbon tax fight climate change?

    11:21 – Insects migrating and potential diseases

    17:26 – Melting permafrost and what's changing in the Arctic

    20:32 – Dealing with the climate change skeptics

    23:50 – How to encourage emitters like China and India to act

    27:15 – How do we make multinational corporations pay?


  • The overwhelming source of co2 in the biosphere is volcanoes and termites.How can my confiscated tax dollars deal with that?

  • Climate Bonds issued by the government or the chartered banks would provide provide the capital necessary for public infrastructure and private loans for climate initiatives. It worked for WW2

  • None of the panelists is an economist or climate scientist.

  • Climate Change is a Marxist Scam!

  • Climate change is the current pretext to justify halting use of the land resource. Building upwards and ceasing expansion outwards causes home prices to skyrocket and places the lifetime earnings of citizens extracted through rent squarely into the hands of the International Socialists. Within a generation a nation is turned into a vassal.

    A similar campaign half a century ago employing agricultural land as the pretext caused home prices to launch from the ten thousand dollar to the million dollar level while at the same time making million dollar an acre land unfeasible to farm.

    Each time another tract of land is “protected” the public cheers. Those most affected tighten the snare on their own demise. Thousands of homeless in each city. All of the property on this planet was promised to the chosen few, together with the increase that it yields. It is being redeemed.


    Preserving farmland inspired a movement to protect all land from development instead of making forestland that we have in abundance available for housing. Homes that were $10,000 to $60,000 with the average price about $22,000 rose to multi-millions as a result of the artificially created shortage. A mile width over a short distance near cities would eliminate the housing shortage permanently. Saving a forest is ill conceived. Nature ignores man’s pronouncements and continues on its usual course of cleansing by fire to make way for new growth, as it has been doing since time immemorial.

    A generation unable to become established lives for experience that soon devolves to taking drugs.

    Civic governments reap a bonanza from property assessments generating billion dollar surpluses. This is “invested” in the equivalent of municipals that return $3 in forty years time for each $100 spent on acquiring them now. Young people work two shifts daily in order to keep a roof over their heads, one that they will never own. A third of the world away a hill of sand it transformed into a metropolis.

    Citizens have been conditioned to view National Socialism in which the economic output of its population benefits their own country as anathema and evil.

    Economic distortion arising from land policy acts like a cancerous tumor destroying its host.

  • Q: what must have been the scale of fossil fuel exploitation to turn the tide of the last “known” ice age?
    Q2: who perpetrated the fossil fuel exploitation there & then?

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