Climate Change: The View From MinuteEarth | #OursToLose

Carbon monoxide is an invisible gas, and it’s
poisonous, so we put ear-splitting alarms in houses to warn us of its dangerous presence.
Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide are also invisible gases, but without un-ignorable
alarms in place, they’ve been allowed to cause rapid and dangerous changes to the climate,
oceans and ecosystems on earth. Here’s what that looks like for us, the MinuteEarth team,
where we live around the world. I’m Henry, and in the dry Rocky Mountains,
drought and wildfires are becoming more frequent and dangerous, so we’re spending far more
resources to protect our businesses and homes, and far more days inside them each summer
because the smoke is too thick to safely go outside. I’m Kate, and those same droughts in the Rockies
mean that less water makes its way down the Colorado River, causing Lake Mead – which
supplies water to me and 20 million other people, to drop to record low levels. I’m Ever, and here in Venezuela droughts also
threaten the Guri Reservoir – and all the hydroelectric plants that depend on it, putting
more than 60% of our electricity generation at risk. I’m Emily, and in New York City, our biggest
problem isn’t too little water but too much: right now, we’re still recovering from Hurricane
Sandy while also trying to fortify the city against the even fiercer storms and bigger
storm surges of the future. I’m Omkar, and storms are also becoming
more of a problem in Mumbai, India, with larger surges from the ocean and more intense rainfall
on the land, like the record-breaking meter of rain that fell in 24 hours in 2005, destroying
homes and killing more than 1,000 people. I’m Alex, and here in Cambodia, increasingly
unpredictable monsoons threaten the livelihoods of the rice farmers and fishers who make up
half the population. This year the rains were late, which damaged young plants and lowered
the productivity of the rivers, contributing to a 50% smaller catch than last year. I’m Peter, and in Minnesota, warmer weather
means less snow and ice for our winter sports and tourism and threatens the survival of
our northern forests and many of their creatures. Some of these experiences might sound familiar
to you, or perhaps you have your own story about what climate change looks like where
you live. The question is: how big will we let those impacts become? If we’re going to act, we have to act now,
to keep the effects of climate change as small as possible : so share your perspective with
your political representatives, favorite businesses, family and friends, and get them involved.
Since these gases are invisible, we need to make ourselves as visible as possible so the
leaders of Earth can see that we, its citizens, want our nations to agree to a legally binding
limit on greenhouse gas emissions. To make that easier, we put links in the video description
to help you find your representative’s contact information. And at the very least, you can
add your name to The Mega Climate Petition for a 100% Clean World. We made this video as part of the #OursToLose
campaign – please share your own climate stories with the #OursToLose hashtag. Let’s
raise the alarm about these invisible gases!

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  • HELP PLZ…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Here in kentucky we see litteraly it feels about 10 degrees hotter in f°. And in late may its in the 80s and 90s unlike last year where it gog that hot in july. And the ohio river floods more. Plus we a huge part of kentucky lives in a bowl shape so its harder for gases to escape

  • This is a nice awareness on global warming

  • more heat waves than ever 2 this summer so far!!!!!!!!

  • I live in Rhode Island and Thunderstorms are more frequent, It rains more, Summer is Really hot, and when it rains it rains heavily


  • hi i'm from Algeria how can we imrove our culture about climate change ?!

  • I live in the netherlands. Sooooo. Please safe me.

  • Humanity's gonna kill itself…. ye~y

    just kidding. it'll surely try to find a way before it's too late 🙂


  • Yoooo I’m also from Venezuela!!!!!hey there!!!!

  • I live in Chiapas, south mexico, an area with mountainous rainforests, the place used to be known as lush, temperate and humid, home to ancient cultures and incredible ammounts of fauna and specially flora diversity, in the last two decades or so things has changed very rapidly, forests have grown dry, died out or cut down, species have dissaperared or gone extinct, more and more wild(and also purposed) fires are seen trough the landscape every year, their smoke and ash covers the sky thicker and for longer, lands erode quickly damaging important infrastructure as hydroelectric dams, roads, even whole towns, natural disasters seem to strike more often, mud slides, heat waves, cold waves, thunderstorms, floodings, even tornadoes! (people here never experienced one before, this lands and what lives on it porbably have not experienced this for several hundreds of millions of years) last year we had a severe drought, no more than a couple of weeks worth of rain while before the 90s it was known to rain all year long, our whole southern coast is in peril of sea reclamation along with all of our fishing industry, sea tourism and small and large settlements along a stretch of 270km and about 30km inland

    Try to imagine all the places around the world in similar conditions or worse, climate change is a huge problem for earth's biosphere but much more of a problem for us that entirely depend on those lands, resources and infrastructure to continue being a civilization

  • I'm in Minnesota

  • Thank u for including Mumbai, India in the video…

  • I'm in Canada it's to hot hotter than the last

  • i live in the Netherlands and im pretty hot

  • I’m at Malaysia and not to much water because it’s hot ????????????

  • In the philipenes we keep putting trash every were side walks drains every were.

  • Here in the pacific northwest our winters have been getting rainier and our summers have also been getting longer

  • my state is literly on fire….

  • In Poland it is almost impossoble to see snow in winter

  • Im from warsaw and is more storms then after

  • I'm in Malaysia and it is so hot and not beautiful


  • one time i was in canada in the middle of dec and there was NO SNOW! 1 like one snowflake

  • I'm in Nigeria
    And climate change
    Is leading to more frequent and heavier floods in rainy season

    And hotter and dryer dry seasons

  • I am from Nepal and there is melt of Himalayan glaciers

  • Im form Vietnam and Is more trees at Vietnam and trees helping to lessing greenhouse gasses

  • I live in italy and my problem is not too many people but too less

  • Help the lakes in malaysia is drying out, less water in malaysia = pricier water in singapore

  • In Qatar every thing is execpt one thing its Hot and Cold Depending on the month

  • I live in Cambodia and I never knew a Cambodian can a join a 2 million subs channel

  • #OursToLose I live in CNMI, and at my school yesterday was horrible. When we were going home, the water was way beyond sticking on the soil. On the asphalt, it lifted the dirt and dirty stuff onto the top of the water. Also, my mom brang slippers because I was wearing shoes that easily get wet. (I HAD SOCKS ON KAY?!) I was talking to my mom, and she said something like: "I almost got wet from the water." I really was scared. Plus, since CNMI is near Philippines, we have the same season start and end. My mom said the rainy season lasted August-september. FOR THE LOVE OF ADOBO IT WAS OCTIBER 4th!!!??!

  • Who is watching in 1999

  • I lived in Minnesota

  • There is no one from any African country, where droughts are getting more intense and frequent or is it that you people think climate change doesn't affect Africans

  • I live in Canada and it's colder than normal. 2' of snow in Calgary last week (October. 3 2018 ). Keep explains to folks that it isn't happening!

  • we r killing this plannet

  • #OursToLose I live the area where the California wild fires were happening and places like Santa Paula are recovering from it

  • Bigger hurricanes in Florida

  • Britain has floods

  • uh climate change? it's getting too cold in the winter, and to hot in the summer and spring is hella more rainy then it usually is and fall is basically our normal winter.

  • Here in the Netherlands there's less snow each winter and every summer seems to be hotter and hotter. This year it even came close to 40 degrees celcius, which feels pretty terrible with the humidity here. The entire country also happens to be below sea level, not looking forward to problems with rising sea levels..

  • In Britain 2018'a summer was one of the hottest summer ever and 2017 we had the most snow in a years!☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ I have global warming #OursToLose

  • 1.Climate change is real
    2. It is mostly caused by humans

  • This year in Calgary it is cold but there is just less snow and it snowed later then it should of had.

  • Hi in lebanon Apples and trees and fruit are hurt by the 40% less snow this year.

  • Hey, Omkar i'm in India, Bangalore and I sometimes get no fresh air to breath.


  • In Mongolia at summer it is very hot but in winter it is cold and smokful

  • im gonna join the minute-earth team! im gonna make a scratch alternate called minute-earth Scratch!

  • In Canada it's almost Christmas and it still hasn't snowed

  • I live in new York and my problem aka climate change is we are so close to the east coast of north America so many people dies because of floods

  • nice propaganda by the way 😀

  • !!!!!! Hi

  • Guys. I live. In pilipins in putatan

  • I am aaiez and every winter me and other people in Toronto and Montreal Experience floods every year

  • I live in Delhi it's a difficult task because of air pollution

  • If the snow is melting on top of the mountain how can you say you have less water coming form it ?? (0:48). Next time you observe something can you first understand why it is then come with it as an argument ?

  • Hey Alex I live in Cambodia in siem reap and I know that problem but my friends don't care about it but I do I want to make things better and helped you in Cambodia

  • oh and one more thing I'm trying my best to make more trees and plants so there's more rains just watch a video that one of the Minotaur people made it thank you you're welcome and plus I'm trying my best so don't judge me

  • Plus everyone in middle-earth and Alice to I will wish to you good luck for helping the environment and videosand I really like your videos so please make a lot of them like this one this one is the best video I've ever seen

  • This won't influence someone who couldn't care less about any of these people.

  • Legit the climate changes all the time. I mean during the ice ages what stopped heat from coming in? Isn't plausible that climate change is more solar related

  • It's like Christmas eve day!

  • Stop fooling the innocent people with this bull crap

  • So sad this channel is a stupid left wing communist propaganda of paranoia

  • Yay Thomas Malthus!

  • aku tinggal di indonesia fan masalah kita di jakarta adalah banjir terus

  • I feel you Henry here were I live in California its like a never ending drought. Until it started raining like CRAZY!!! For the past 3 and a half weeks. – Zenebech Jeffrey McCutcheon

  • In UK we are noticing raising sea levels, Less Orcas and that is all I know

  • I live in the Philippines and we haven’t gotten any rain in over half a month now, we need to save water whenever we use any of it. This is in the specific area where I live though, and some people might be unaffected here in the Philippines. its more fun in the philippines

  • I live in Philippines the temperature is hoter than last year because last year is rainy since may 5 2018

  • In London climate change is making summer hotter and wetter and winter colder and drier

  • Almost the same…I live in the warmer part of Canada the highest it got was 23 Degrees…My Body Is a lot warmer too!,Rarely Any Snow But in winter. i doubt i would come again here this year and on!

  • My mom was born in cambodia.

  • Hi! I am Raven, here in the Philippines, the rising climate temperature change the minds of my people from bad to worse, causing to elect our current president now. This threaten the freedom and human rights of our country. A military and political invasion from China due to political incompetence of the newly elect actors and the death of our iron lady also threaten us. And a severe potential economic depression is after us too. So counter climate change efforts won't help us solve our problems. Hahaha!

  • Hey I didn't knew you had an indian as a part of your team

  • I live in Australia mate and people think I have a great life with kangaroos but it’s getting hotter and it threatens my house because I live near the bush which the increasing bush fires can destroy my home ????????????? which the worry of waking up to a raging fire or coming home from school to see a black mess we’re my house was ???????

  • No problems in Sydney and rest of Australia,seems perfectly normal to me,only just a bit more hotter

  • It used to be cold in Wakefield England but now it’s getting hotter and hotter

  • I live in Washington and climate change makes windstorms are becoming much much stronger

  • Earth is just trying to remove humans

  • I have an idea to reduce car pollution. (I'm only a kid, no one listens) How about we just use bikes! I mean, they are way cheaper, easily accsesible. I mean yeah, if you are going somewhere far but does it matter? You will have stronger legs and you will see more sights. Baggage problem? attach a little cart. Rain? Take an umbrella and attach it. Plus, one car could be melted into multiple bikes. Car wheels cut up into more wheels, fudge electric cars, bikes are the past, present and future.

  • I rest my case I

  • I live in indonesia and climate change has make the temperature hotter than I used to back then. The temperature keep rising between 0.2 to 0.3 ℃ (32.36 to 32.54 Fahrenheit) every decade which makes the temperature 2.5 ℃ (36.5 Fahrenheit) hotter now in 2019 than 100 years ago and until now were still battling the rising of the ocean and the shorter amount of time of wet season decreasing crops and food as a whole. I just hope is not to late to make the earth a more habitable place for us and all life on Earth.

  • Hi,my name is Jess and I live in Malaysia. In Malaysia it can be as hot as a Sahara or as cold as normal weather.
    This has cost strokes and death in Malaysia. It is also sucking up more electricity because we most likely turn on our air conditioner when we feel hot.
    It is also causing global warming and draughts. Many ( billions ) young , small plants died in the 2018 January ( until March) weather. It has caused me to eat less vegetables because that would make it more worse as it ( the plants ) need time to replenish and grow.
    And now as I am typing this in 2019 May, I really hope that this does not happen again. I as a human living on this earth support #OursToLose

  • this video helped me cheat in my test

  • I'm a stranger off the internet who you probably shouldn't be stalking and Where I live it flooded 2 weeks ago but just a few years ago was in a horrible drought

  • I live in Ahmedabad Gujarat India,where summers do generaly go 40+ celsius,but in 2016,18 may it went up to 50 celsius.
    generaly the january lows at Ahmedabad are 12 ,but in 2018-2019 winter it went down to 10 and record low 8 happended in
    decades.Summer 2019 is not too hot for Ahmedabad(44-46),but it feels realy hot.Also in March 2019 where tempratures are
    moderate (slightly cool)for this city,but in 2019 one day was being cool and one day warm.Also monsoon is gonna arrive in a
    few weeks so,I will update later on monsoon will last till early September.

  • I am from India! But in Kolkata

  • The “law of cause and effect” is always at play. When you run counter to a universal law, there are always consequences. There are different categories of universal law, such as those in physical science and quantum mechanics. An example of such is ‘thermal blanketing’ by greenhouse gases as described by the interplay between physical science and quantum mechanics:

    Note: The ‘Absolute Law of Cause and Effect’ is popularly known as the Law of Karma. For a group, it’s called Group Karma.

  • its not much differnt here our seasons are hot hoter and hotest

  • While it can be said that the climate is changing, we cannot simply say that because of fossil fuels, the earth will become so hot that no life will exist in the near future. There are multiple factors that come into play for climate change. Examples of this are the ancient Mayans and Ancient Rome. They both had hot times throughout their history, but they weren’t really the cause. It could be that this is only a phase.

  • In Malaysia , we get lots and lots and lots Vitamin D4 as we have a low supply of trees and that equals to lots of sunlight.
    In January 2019 till March 2019, it was so "warm" that i honestly felt like dying and comparing to December 2018 i got so so much tanner then i used to be.
    It was so warm that almost 45 schools had to cancel the co-curriculums and let students of 4-5 minutes early.
    We live on the earth and its our only lively planet in the solar system, so if we continue to rot , spoil , use and waste our precious Earth we might all perish and Earth might perish too. Our Earth , #ourstolose

  • For lebanon you can contact parliament representative Mrs Paula Yacoubian

  • I live in California and it's hot

  • The summers are a bit hotter causing some minor droughts. Interestingly, the winter seems to be a bit delayed, too.

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