Climate change: understanding the facts (Vostok ice core)

Hi Alex here. Is climate change
really human-made? There’s been a lot of research and
reports published over the years and I don’t blame you if you don’t want to
read it all so here is what we know for sure in 3 minutes. Let’s get drawing! It all
started in 1998 when an ice-drilling project was
undertaken in the Russian Vostok Station in
Antarctica. The project yielded the deepest ice-core ever recovered giving access to
ice that was 420,000 years old at a depth of 3,623 meters. It supplied data about atmospheric
composition and climate through 4 climate cycles. So here
is how it all works: the formation of the glaciers results
from the transformation of water into ice during this process which can last thousands of years
sediments air and rocks are stuck into the ice
making millions of layers one above the other in chronological
order. Over the time, the glacier becomes a million page
history book with the last chapter on the top. The
deeper you drill the older the compounds are. The ice core gave access to climate data including local temperature,
precipitation rate, wind strength, etc. but also and this is what we are interested in here the ice core provided direct records of past
changes in atmospheric trace-gas composition
thanks to their entrapped air inclusions. Then it was
possible to determine the levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane (CH4) at a given time so here is what global temperature and
atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane look like over for climate cycles 420,000 years So you can clearly see the four climate cycles and you also see that they have very
similar spikes and patterns there is clearly a relationship between
temperature carbon dioxide and methane. The upper and
lower boundaries up the three variables are tightly
constrained which is typical a self-regulating system. Our body is also
a self-regulating system and does something similar in a way: when
you exercise your body sweats as a way to regulate
its temperature well on Earth when concentrations of
carbon dioxide and methane go up global temperature goes up too. Now here is what happened with the concentration of atmospheric
CO2 since 1960: it increased by about 70 parts per
million that is more than one part per million
each year indicating significant human
perturbation in the self-regulating of Earth since the beginning of the
Industrial Revolution As this concentration is now way over the upper boundary noted during the
last 420,000 years and as the Earth seems to be a
self-regulating system well we can expect the global temperature to increase as well and we are already
seeing this worlwide. Since the Vostok research was published more recent ice cores were performed by
the European Project for Ice Coring in Antractica (the EPICA) they provided data for the last
800,000 years and confirmed the findings in Vostok so as the Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change simply puts it in their 2013 report: “human influence on
the climate system is clear” and we can safely say that we human
beings are responsible for climate change So please subscribe to learn more about
sustainability through short animation videos and thank you for watching

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  • Alex, I shared your video links with several LinkedIn groups totaling more than 83,000 members about two weeks ago.  Hopefully you saw a spike in your viewership as a result.  Keep up the good work!

  • uuuuh, this video is a bit problematic.
    it ignores the lag of CO2 seen in the ice core. and your example of body warming and sweating is the wrong way around.

    1. the lag. past deglaciations seen in the ice cores were caused by the Milankovitch cycles, so temperatures rose before GHG's rose.(deniers love that part) so the GHG increase was a reaction to the warming, a positive feedback. it amplified the warming.
    today we are increasing the GHG concentrations and this causes warming. tis is not directly the same of what we see in the ice cores. (also in the past glaciations, most of the warming came from GHG increase)

    2. body sweating. Sweat is a negative feedback. it counters the warming of the body. what we see in the ice core however is a positive feedback, its more like, body warms and do to that you sweat less and your body warms even more.

    you should probably extend this video a bit.

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  • Climate Change and global warming – is it natural or man made ?

    Recent global temperature data show that over the past century there has been about a 1 o C rise in global temperature There is some dispute about this rise,  but let's just accept it.  Climate change activists claim that the rise is man made, due to an anthropogenic increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. from automobiles and such.
    However, such a change is not statistically relevant since the vostok antarctic ice core data

    shows that over the past 400,000 years, a 10 o C rise in temperature repeatedly occurs at about 100,000 year intervals (ending ice ages) and the feared 1 o C change occurs all of the time, tantamount to being approximately the standard deviation in temperature variation.  So the temperature cycling has gone on for so long, it cannot have anything to do with automobile fumes.  It appears to be perfectly natural. Some attribute it to orbital forcing as the earth changes its inclination to the sun, which we are powerless to stop.

    So before we pass legislation in a misguided attempt to change this natural oscillation in temperature, I suggest that we educate our congressmen about what Mother Nature has been doing. You can't fool with Mother Nature.

    Dr. Roger B Clough NIST (retired, 2000).
    See my Leibniz site: https://[email protected]/RogerClough
    For personal messages use [email protected]

  • Global Warming is a fucking scam!

  • Correlation dose not mean causation. Carbon and Methane most likely went along with temp, not because of it!!!

  • When you display the so called "human perturbation of CO2" as a blue line launching up and to the right you're misleading people to think that the whole of ATMOSPHERIC CO2 increased at that level.  Why not have scientific integrity and be clear about what a small portion of total CO2 human-caused CO2 represents?

  • ¡Gracias!Muy ilustrativo y fácil de entender.

  • What causes the "natural" spikes?

  • Wow. Vostok data clearly shows we are well within normal Interglacial cycle with temps, even if temps went up by a degree or two from where we are now. And you somehow manage to ignore that.

  • co2 follows temp according to the ice core analysis no sane person disputes the fact. The only straw warmists clutch to trying to defend man made disaster theory is to describe a co2/warming loop where warming begets co2 which in turn begets more co2 and on it goes till we fry. Problem is the warming stopped – several times – obviously this loop is fantasy co2 ain't the driver.


  • This video is laughably unscientific and amateur. Why not be honest and state the facts and data, not how YOU interpret the data.

  • Great work, Alex. It's astounding how this very important set of findings is ignored! Keep up the good work!

  • You leave out the fact that temperature drives both C02 and CH4. C02 and CH4 lags temp by 800 years;

  • +Sustainability Illustrated i posted a serious question about a year ago and just realized today that I never received an answer. I am not a climate change denier. I am trying to make sense of the data presented here. Why does no one address the fact that the ice cores clearly show a cyclical change in climate, long before the industrial revolution and current population booms? Won't the planet just go through another ice age?

  • After looking at the climate change ice core record for the last 800,000 years you come to the conclusion that it is all man-made? It looks like we are at or near a high point in the temperature cycle and soon, in geological time, we will begin a descent to an ice age. Is there a compelling reason to believe otherwise?

  • Homo Sapiens (modern man) have only been around for 200,000 years.  The Stone Age ended around 10,000 years ago.
      2,000 years ago there were only 170 million people on the planet.  The Industrial  was only 200 years ago.

  • Several ICE AGES have come and gone. Covered a lot of the earth. Why did the ICE melt?

  • Quick question…if the earth had a self regulating system….wouldnt it want to get colder to trap the excess in Co2?

  • It just looks like a regular cycle, it will just go down again won't it?

  • Wait a minute. At 3.15 the young man shows a massive up tick in temperature that goes way above the previous inter glacial 120k years ago. This is NOT true. Average global temperatures have risen just over 1C since the end of the mini ice-age at the beginning of the 1800s and based on the scale of this graphic that temp up tick is equivalent to the total temp range of the current ice age (including its inter-glacials), which is about 10C . The last inter-glacial was and is still warmer than the current inter glacial. So why show such a massive temp rise which as he says 'we are already seeing this worldwide'? +10C? This Video does not show that CO2 is driving temperature and it is not scientific to simplify such a complex and open system as the worlds weather, which incidentally can be characterized by not one but several climate types. As temperature increases there are a multitude of things that will also increase particularly sea level and evaporation and rainfall. If CO2 is the main driver then what is making that increase and decrease as it has in the past?

  • Your statement of the increase of 70 ppm of CO2 since 1960 implies 1) All the CO2 came from mankind; 2) All of the resulting global temperature increase is from that CO2 increase. Do you have any proof for these implications?

  • since the vostok there has been several more core samples taken every single one backs up the 800 year lag phenomenon CO2 only rises 800 years after the temp rises. there is no evidence that CO2 causes warming

    look up Milankovitch cycles and insulation forcing of the earths changing tilt which means more solar radiation

  • You are full of shit!!!

  • Climate change isnt caused by humans. Now go make out with soil.

  • So what needed the cooling cycles 400,000 years again?was it my car?hmmmm not sure.maybe the earth goes through these cycles on its own?or the true source of heat the sun?maybe solar flares?because there are some really hot days,where does that come from did carbon levels raise for a week when we get heat waves?

  • Wrong! Like others have said, CO2 does not drive climate, it has a 800 years lag behing temp changes. CO2 level was much higher in the past, more than 3 million years ago… The red temp graph, at the end when you say it's much hotter now is wrong, temp are up 0,8 oC in the last 100 years not +8 oC !! The temperature was higher during the medieval times and colder during the little ice age witch ended around 1875. The earth has a natural cycle and humains cant change it, its going the get very cold in the future, that is the only certainty! CO2 is food for plants, that's why they pump it inside greenhouses growing, up to 1000 ppm!

  • What? Clear?
    I teach this subject and would disagree on this "clarity" STRICTLY BASED ON THE INFORMATION YOU ARE PROVIDING.

    *If the temp lags the CO2, (according to this, and other sources), we haven't seen a proportional uptick in temp that would reflect the uptick in CO2.

    That simply hasn't happened yet. It's predicted, but hasn't taken place.

    Also, I've heard that the vostok sample revealed that CO2 lags behind upticks in temp. You didn't mention that.

    *I'll move on to another video source for my students. This is bunk.

  • Just check this out

  • NOTE:Yes there is NATURAL Climate change. But NONE OF THE Carbon WE Humans/Animals are producing Will destroy the EARTH….. Period. End of discussion. This Guy works for Al Gore!
    ALSO: This Leaves out the Impact of Solar flairs and Meteors showers that effect the earth more that Co2.

  • LIAR.  Intentionally misrepresenting the FACTS because the FACTS  do not support the agenda of the climate change hoax.  The temperature rose PRIOR to the c02 increases.

  • According to the heat graph we had much warmer periods. Then we currently are at right now.

  • Your references are the climate change panel/committee? This isn’t compelling enough or trusted. CO2 drives photosynthesis? Remember that, that input that makes trees produce oxygen?

  • This is B.S.

  • Is this how typical IPCC scientists work? You have three curves. From the similarity, you conclude that one is the cause and the other is the effect. What if it is exactly the other way round? Without any further analysis, you declare one as the cause, because it suits you. But you have more in your curves. You see a steady decline of temperatures over 90.000 years and then you see an extremely rapid increase of temperature. As far as I know, you have neither a satisfactory explanation for the decline, nor for the rapid increase. Furthermore, you have a periodicity of 100.000 years in this curve. IPCC scientists already published, that the Milankowic cycles cannot serve as an explanation. Do you have another explanation? So I ask again, is this your typical method of approaching problems? Other fields of science would consider this as insufficient work.

  • You're not even close to draw such conclusions based on your argument it would suggest we are approaching the cooling off portion of the naturally fluctuating self regulating dynamics of our mystical planet.

  • dude you are open liar

  • What you said is WRONG, temperature goes up first , then the CO2. Is the way around.

  • The Earth is a rock. It doesn’t have a self regulating system like we do when we sweat. This is simply junk science. Global warming is based on junk science.

  • This is a joke. Climate has been changing on the graph, you show the CYCLES and your conclusion is "we Human beings are responsible for Climate Change" AH AH AH ! this is clearly a joke. Also, CO2 changes after Temperature have raised, not the reverse. How do you explain that Al Gore got that wrong in his graph??? Clearly there was manipulation, this should give you a clue that there is political ploy here.

  • You’re backwards and wrong. CO2 follows temp and not the other way around.

    Warm water releases CO2. Cold water holds more CO2. Think of a hot flat beer vs a cold carbonated beer.

    Thus the as the global temps rise, the oceans release more CO2. And when the global temps cool, the oceans can absorb more CO2.

    CO2, man made or other wise does not drive global temps.

  • Huh, wait a MINUTE, .. The Vostok data only says there's a correlation, but never said that it was the CO2 driving the temperature !! It's the temperature driving the CO2 ! Look it up. And don't tell me what the IPCC / GIEC say, because that's not in their interest to say that temperature drives the CO2, they want it the other way around. Why ? because they have more power that way and politicians like it that way also.. so they can all TAX us more. The climate change is cyclical and was there way before civilisation arrived !! There have been MANY glaciations and MANY warmings. Actually the current levels of CO2 compared to the long history of Earth, is at the lowest level, combined to the fact that CO2 is not even 1% of total greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, it's water vapor that's more than 95% of greenhouse gases. But then they'll tell you, oh but the CO2 will generate a positive feedback chain reaction .. Well, it's just a theory and if you look it up a bit, you'll see reality : It's not all scientists (geo-physicists, climatologist etc..) that agree !! And no, it's not 90% either, sorry. But hey, if you're a scientist and you dare say that you don't agree with the IPCC and the politicians (they want votes and they want carbon taxes), well it's harder these days to get .. funding !! So you better shut up and just say you agree with their CO2 theory and that mankind is the main cause for climate change. The sun radiation cycles ? Not important they say. The Milankovitch cycles ? not important they say. The complex nature of Earth ocean currents and cycles ? Not important enough they say. No, CO2 is the main factor they say and they'll TAX you for it. Oh you say, they'll tax companies only ? Well my friend, if you think the companies will pay the bill, you forgot that they'll only pass on the bill to … YOU. And all that by the way, just because some scientists have what they call a THEORY that's dynamite on paper. Cheers !!

  • Classic bait and switch technique used by Michael Mann and here. Using historical records of ice cores is a good data set. But when you start mixing in actual present data to come to your goal corrupts your theory. Not all gases remain in the ice core sample from a particular historical time. So 100K years ago when the ice core shows 500 ppm of CO2 it could have actually been 1000 ppm.

  • Hard to believe that Man Made pollutants can change the results, when clearly, what's happening is historic, long before man even had ANY input.
    Furthermore, Man's input is less than 9% of ALL know Climate Change ingredients.
    Climate Change caused by Man Kind = A money making Tax Scheme, in other words, it's one Huge Hoax!

  • We produce 35 times as much CO2 now than 100 years ago but the temperature as not augmented 35x as much since then. This is because CO2 follows temperature, not the opposite. How can you do research for your video and ignore this logic. It's honestly scary

  • Thiz always frustrates me. When one looks closely at the data on that 400000 year graph, you can see that carbon spikes occur 700 to 3000 years after the warming spikes. It's just dishonest use of statistics, insisting that the data show carbon spikes commensurate or preceding temperature spike. The relationship could not, under any circumstances, be causal.

  • CO2 volume lags behind temperature change in the Vostok sample. Increased CO2 catalyses plant growth and increases humidity producing cloud cover ( however increased CO2 will also constrict the pores releasing moisture in some species ). Cloud cover reflects sunlight reducing direct temperature. The Earth will regulate herself as she has done to a greater extent before. Are we able to adapt is the question.

  • Either way we can't control the weather no matter how smart the comments section thinks they are with fancy corny cheesy words

  • To those who believe that we have any effect on the changes that our climate is going thru.
    Let me inform you that it is not in our hands or in our power to change these things, but it is in the hands of the Lord.
    He is the One who has set the cycles of the sun and the earth and the time in which they act.
    Do we have the power to influence the sun?
    Can we stop the poles from shifting or movement of the earth’s equator ?
    These are the signs that the time is near for His coming.
    A time to set our lives right with the Lord.
    Can’t you see that the Lord is showing us how frail our life is? That our goals should be knowing Him, having a relationship with Him.
    The Lord is shutting down His creation. Can we stop it?
    There is a new beginning coming, the return of the Son Of God. Will you be ready???

  • Propaganda. Took the vostok data & pissed on it. This is a clear case of not being able to interpret data and rhythms.

    The rise in cO2 levels post dated the notable increase in global temperature by a couple hundred thousand years. You've been sold a bill of goods that carbon dioxide, natural to respiration & life on earth itself, is noxious and causing the world to destroy itself. The world that's been here for hundreds of thousands upon millions of years before our small little industrial boom blip on the timeline. Our earth will be fine, it's the state of our open borders dying country you all should take up arms about.

    By the way, look up operation starfish prime. We literally tried to nuke our own atmosphere and still couldn't vaporize it.

  • How about the periods in geological history when it was 4,000ppm carbon dioxide? Temperature was much the same….they don’t like talking about that part

  • Why didn't he mention we are about to start another ice age? The trend is in the very chart he posted. We might be adding extra co2 but the climate is changing because we are at the tail end of our interglacial period

  • You should have stopped at 2:38 because when you sited your fake data you lost the story. Humans are not responsible for climate change you ignorant fool.

  • Over the centurys there have been so many cults that arise and control the minds of the gullible – all lead to death and despair. When a theology major with political dreams (and zero science credentials) named Algore started this cult, I nver imagined the effect it would have on other political zealots to seize it and use to take control of civilization. Its terrifying.

  • Complete misinformation of the data…

  • Why do these guys lie when the data is clear… there are two sides to every story but with every story there’s only one set of facts.


  • Love Communities For Our Future Generations
    Our mission is to build new models based on cooperation, creativity, and love. We will put forth and share knowledge and solutions that will enlighten and alter the course of history that is now leading to an irreversible tipping point and our extinction. There is nothing more important, so let us work together for our future generations.

  • Don't forget that CO2 has been in the THOUSANDS of ppm in ancient times and life thrived. Fact.

  • He is trying to make us ignore that fact that CO2 go s up because the temperatures went up … CO2 follows the heat curve!

  • It smells like fucking misinformation in here. ?

  • You are so wrong

  • The sun is a ball of gas. Do you think it's going to remain the SAME throughout the years?

  • Did you know that according to current research and top scientific statistics the digital age has spawned the largest explosion of Dumbfucks ever. According to the information gathered at the north and south poles thru drilled out ice cores (check below), the top scientists on the planet have cocluded that in its 4.5 billion years of constantly changing climatic existence this planet has never had or seen such a large spike in Dumbfucks ever.
    Dumbfucks are the only reason the climate changers talk about changing the planet's climate. The Dumbfucks are the only ones who believe all this dumbfuckingshit about being able to change the climate and the next scam will be the earth is spinning too fast (oh no!!) so let's slow it down for money or we'll all die. Currently actual retards (fact) are being groomed and well rehearsed to say all this to the dumbfucks. Dumbfucks will believe that anything and everything is going to happen tomorrow or in their dumbfucking lifetimes but more like tomorrow……dumbfuck politically correct schooling has moulded their dumbfucking brains into soya soft red panic buttons. The dumbfucks take themselves too dumbfucking seriously….zero science and 100 % feelings and copious tears shed on trendy water resistant cell phones in dumbfucking safe places make dumbfucking thinking easy. The era of the dumbfucks….the ice cores are revealing that this is the first time in global history this has occured.
    We should do something about these dumbfucks.
    Real science is a dumbfuck's self and auto guided chosen enemy. A self triggering mortal enemy. In 2019 true science was poured down the gutter by a retarded child to wild dumbfuck cheering. Saddest.
    Sent your money yet ??

  • Synapsis: Ice cores allow us to see historic temperature and CO2. There is a correlation between CO2 and temperature. Here are some graphs. Here is a cute analogy of the earth being like a person sweating when they get hot to illustrate self regulation and then jump straight to humans did it. More junk propaganda.

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